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You Can Have it All in Life

You Can Have it All in Life

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What does it mean to live our life with purpose and make conscious choices that will guide us towards health and happiness? For many of us, we wake up every morning with aches and pain, and various stresses that follow us through our day. It can feel like we never actually get a break.

What if we knew the process to achieve happiness and health? Would we follow the path? Or would we choose to stay where we are because the path seemed too difficult? In theory, or in a storybook, we might think that we would all choose the right path and make conscious choices. But in reality, for many of us, it’s hard to believe that we could get to the ‘pot of gold’ at the end of the rainbow.

Hopelessness has affected all of us at one time or another. The cure to hopelessness is faith—having faith that everything will work out well. The knowingness that we will get there and that we deserve to be happy and healthy. The process of faith begins with the belief in ourselves. The belief that we are special and here for a reason. Each of us has been given a unique gift or talent that we bring to this world. By combining our unique gift with the desire to service humanity in some way, we can live our life’s purpose. When living life on purpose, joy and financial abundance flow into one’s life experience.

If you knew that you could not fail, would you leap knowing the net would appear? Fear is one of the biggest blocks to work through, but overcoming it will change your life. The mind is more powerful than we can imagine. Our thoughts become our beliefs and our beliefs ultimately become our reality. How do you think and speak? Do you often complain? The more attention that you give something, the stronger it grows. Begin today to appreciate what you have and be eager to see what your future can hold. As you begin to transform your perspectives, your life will begin to shift. Your actions will come into alignment and guide you toward a purpose filled life.

First Steps to Having It All in Life

Step 1: Change Your Thoughts
If you want to live a purpose filled life, the first step begins within. Begin today to change the way you speak and think. Shift the focus from what you do not like, to what you do. Practice as much gratitude as you can.

Step 2: Write Down a One-Year Goal
If you were living your ideal life a year from today, how would it look and feel? Write a specific description of your life a year from now. When finished, observe. If you see yourself joyful, what can you do to create joy in your life now?

Step 3: Visualize and Feel the Changes You Wish to See
Once you have a specific description of what you want to do or how you want your life to be, begin to visualize yourself in an actualized state. Like watching a movie in your mind, see yourself living your dream and generate as many positive feelings as you possibly can. Commit to visualize daily.

Step 4: Feel the Energy!
To live a life with purpose, it is important to eat and live a clean lifestyle of whole vibrant foods. When we eat foods of this nature, we promote our vitality and the health of our body. We can actually feel the difference when we eat certain foods that are energetic as compared to other foods that are ‘flat’. When we use our intuition to choose the right foods, we feel more energetic. In fact, every choice we make in life can promote our health if chosen with inner guidance and intuition.

You cannot change the past, but you can begin to create your future by choosing thoughts, emotions, and actions that are in alignment with what you truly desire. Life is not about luck, but alignment. Begin today by focusing on feeling good and seeing your life as you want it to be. Follow the above steps and experience firsthand your ability to have it all in life. You can do it. Believe it.

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Kristen Werblow, MA is a Certified Professional Life Coach, an inspirational speaker, writer, and the founder of Balanced Living Now. Her own personal struggle and successful transformation gave her the key to unlocking a life that is full of joy, health, success, and fulfillment and she is passionate about helping others to do the same.

Dr. Ayelet Connell, PhD is President and owner of Integrative Wellness & Physical Therapy in Bloomfield CT. Ayelet is a Physical Therapist and Certified Integrative Manual Therapist and has taught courses all over the world in Holistic Physical Therapy. Ayelet is also a local of this community and integrates a healthy lifestyle at home with her wonderful family.