Rejuvenate Post Summer Skin with a Peel

Rejuvenate Post Summer Skin with a Peel

Post summer is an ideal time for a peel treatment. It will immediately improve your skin in so many ways from lightening sun damage to cleaning out clogged pores. There are many types and brands of peels available. I will be referring to the SkinCeuticals brand of medical grade peels, which range from mild to strong. SkinCeuticals offers advanced skincare that is rooted in research and backed by science, which is personally important to me. I have been using the SkinCeuticals line of professional and at-home products for almost ten years and have seen significant improvement in my client’s skin and my own.

It is worth noting that peels should always be administered by a trained professional and should never be purchased online or performed at home. Also, please do not associate peels with the Sex & the City episode we all remember where Samantha looked horribly burned with her skin falling off in sheets after having a peel. That is not at all what happens. Those types of peels are rarely given anymore, as laser technology has replaced them.

Q: What is a peel?
A: A peel is an amazing treatment that immediately rejuvenates the skin. It is used for anti-aging and for correction. A chemical solution is applied to the skin and its purpose is to remove dead skin cells; stimulate collagen remodeling; improve hyperpigmentation, fine lines and wrinkles and skin texture. It is one of my favorite treatments because it provides immediate gratification, which is what we all love! But, with subsequent treatments, it provides long term anti-aging benefits for women and men, teens to adults.

Q: Aren’t chemicals bad?
A: The word chemical is scary for many and can prevent people from receiving peels. Most chemical peels are made up of acids, which are naturally derived. Glycolic acid comes from sugar cane, lactic acid from sour milk and salicylic acid from wintergreen. Yes, they are chemicals, but so is just about anything in our homes. If you think about it, anything formulated by a chemist is a chemical, including the hydrogen peroxide and ibuprofen you use.

Q: Why would anyone want to have a peel?
A: Everyone should have a peel! They improve the skin dramatically and quickly! Peels are an important part of any skincare regimen. They are such a simple solution for anyone interested in anti-aging or acne issues. Results are seen immediately after one treatment, however, a series of 4-6 is recommended if working to correct a specific skin issue.

Q: What does the peel do?
A: There are different types of peels for different skin issues. Some people may have acne issues, some hyperpigmentation (dark spot) issues, some clogging, some fine lines, some all of the above. Most peels decongest pores, hydrate skin, reduce photoaging (fade dark spots), improve skin texture and radiance, reduce fine lines and wrinkles, and support healthy collagen levels for firmer skin.

Q: What will my skin look like after a peel? Should I be nervous?
A: No need to be nervous at all! Your skin will look amazing! Some people have minor visible peeling a few days after, but there will be no snake-like shedding after our peels. With our treatments, we provide pre-exfoliation and post light therapy, which squelches peeling and redness, leaving the skin radiant with a healthy rosy glow.

Q: Are there any drawbacks to having a peel?
A: I wouldn’t say drawbacks, rather precautions. After a peel, direct sun should be avoided for at least three days. Depending on the degree of peel administered, some people may experience light peeling for a few days after a peel, but nothing that isn’t manageable.

Q: What should I do after the peel?
A:Post-peel and everyday skin home care is important. Specific products should be used for optimal results. Cleanser, toner, serum, repairing or correcting moisturizers and SPF are all important pieces in taking the best care of your skin. It only takes a few minutes each morning and evening to apply the products and trust me, your skin will definitely thank you!

Submitted by Melissa Martin Wallace, esthetician and owner of Anew You Skincare & Wellness Center located at 16 Ensign Drive Avon, CT. Anew You Skincare & Wellness Center, was founded in 2007 by Melissa and she has been in the skincare industry since 2001. She and her staff focus on providing natural, non-invasive, customized treatments that are good for your health and your appearance! They are committed to strengthening your skin health and your overall well-being through the use of excellent quality products, backed by science and results. They offer extraordinary services that produce amazing results.

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