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    You Can Have it All in Life

    What does it mean to live our life with purpose and make conscious choices that will guide us towards health and happiness? For many of us, we wake up every morning with aches and pain, and various stresses that follow us through our day. It can feel like we never actually get a break. What if we knew the process to achieve happiness and health? Would we follow the path? Or would we choose to stay where we are because the path seemed too difficult? In theory, or in a storybook, we might think that we would all choose...

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    Living Awake in the Real World, A Shaman’s Perspective

    I’m all about living awake, however, I understand that we all, me included, live in the real world. We have children, jobs, husbands, wives, parents, friends, mortgages, rent, car payments…the list goes on and on. We live in the real world with real situations and real issues, challenges, and hopefully even real happiness. It would be so nice to be able to go away for a year or two and live in an ashram, travel the world, learn to cook from a master chef, wear a bikini without a single dimple on my a**! We live in the here...

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    All Your Questions about Spirituality, Energy and Health Answered!

    I am grateful for the opportunity to help people experience the world I feel we are moving through and stepping into. This column is question and answer format to provide those interested, a chance to ask questions about spiritually, energetics, health and life. How it can all come together in a grounded, functional and applicable way, so the reader can navigate life with peace, joy and compassion in a world that is changing so fast. Every month I welcome you to submit your mind, body, spirit questions directly to me at or through my website at Q:...

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    The Colorful Side of Collards

    Unless you grew up in the south, collard greens may be at best mysterious and at worst misunderstood. Most people think of them as a southern specialty that involves hours of cooking with a fatty smoked meat. This association has perhaps contributed to collard’s unfortunate reputation as being tough, unappetizing, and unhealthy. But the reality is far from the truth. While long cooked greens in the southern tradition are a highly flavorful dish, quick cooked collards can be equally delicious and may be more nutritious. Collard leaves need only about ten minutes to cook. Stems, will take longer. Like...

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    Making an Educated Decision on Childhood Vaccinations

    “What’s your view on vaccinations?” It’s a question I receive commonly in the office, and I love the opportunity to share a comprehensive, balanced perspective with my patients. The truth is that there is so much information currently available to the public, from a wide variety of sources, and often with no shortage of strong opinion. As a naturopathic physician, my goal in the office is always to offer a clear lens of perspective, with consideration for the medical literature and my own clinical experience. For those parents with some concern or hesitancy regarding immunizations, I offer a wealth...

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    10 Things Your Pediatrician Might Not Explain To You

    I have worked in Pediatrics for over 20 years. My education and experience in Western medicine has been invaluable. I know where it excels and where it has its limits. My trainings and experience with holistic and integrative medicine in this later part of my career has provided me with more depth on how to assist in achieving optimal wellness for my patients and families. The following are my opinion of 10 topics that are part of a regular day in a busy Pediatrician’s office. I know this very well, because I once also failed to make these recommendations....

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    Death is the Greatest Illusion of All

    I had the pleasure of sitting down with James Van Praagh last month to talk with him about life, death, mediumship and the state of our world today. James is a pioneer in the field of mediumship and one of the most celebrated and respected spiritual teachers working today. He has brought a mind-full awareness to the subject of “communication with the dead” into the public psyche for the past thirty years. James is known as a “survival evidence medium,” meaning that he provides evidential proof of life after death via detailed messages from the spiritual realms. I’ve also...

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    Finally Wise Up to the Weight Loss Industry! Excerpts from the new e-book, just released by Drs. Frank Aieta and Diane Hayden

    It’s FINALLY happening! We are realizing that consistent and maintained weight loss comes from making lifestyle changes that incorporate eating healthy, prepared whole foods and being active with moderate exercise and moving our body daily. Gone are the days when we thought we could just exercise off the pint of Ben and Jerry’s or the six slices of pizza we just ate. Gone are the days of eating prepackaged foods from some fad diet in order to lose weight and then gain it all back six months later. We are finally wise-ing up to the weight loss industry! A...