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Living Awake in the Real World, A Shaman’s Perspective

September 2, 2016

I’m all about living awake, however, I understand that we all, me included, live in the real world. We have children, jobs, husbands, wives, parents, friends, mortgages, rent, car payments…the list goes on and on. We live in the real world with real situations and real issues, challenges, and hopefully even real happiness. It would be so nice to be able to go away for a year or two and live in an ashram, travel the world, learn to cook from a master chef, wear a bikini without a single dimple on my a**! We live in the here and now. We are in the here and now. We are the here and now.

And yet, most of us live unconsciously, asleep, and either in the past or in the future. We are living surrounded by energy fields and bring in or cast away energy which then creates our lives…daily. My job as a modern-day shaman is to guide you through to living awake in the real world here and now.

I was just reading the Goop blog by Gwenyth Paltrow and there was an interview about another shaman, Durek. I mention this Q and A blog because it is most likely the most succinct description of three different types of energy: physical, emotional, and spiritual; how it affects us in our daily lives and the shaman’s role in guiding us through to living awake. It’s worth repeating here:

“There are different types of energy sources: some are physical, some are emotional, and some are spiritual…Physical energy is generated by the response of the environment—what you take in by nourishment, and what you expose yourself to as far as chemicals, compounds, and electrical currents. These energies are either giving to your body or depleting your body. In scientific terms, these are known as free radicals, EMFs, and toxic chemical compounds that are breaking down your body’s system, and contaminating it with low-grade food, bad air quality, and environmental pollution.

Mental (emotional) energy is based on electrical currents, which are stimulated by knowledge and data that affect your neurological system, your neurons, and your nervous system. If the mental stimulation you are receiving is not of the same quality as the high-frequency current that releases certain congruent chemicals in your body, it will create an adverse effect on your emotional quality as a human being, therefore infecting your endocrine system, your hormonal system, your immune system, and all other organs and tissues that are in your body.

And then there are the spiritual energies… Shamans have returned to help facilitate this lost information. Your world is made up of spiritual energies: the ones that are in lower form are based on fear, guilt, judgement, doubt, shame, hate, and anger; the ones in the higher energy forms are based on love, compassion, bliss, elation, playfulness, joy, ecstasy, pleasure, and every higher vibration that connects you to unconditional love and acceptance. There are spirits that support those energies—as human beings, we see it as duality, while in the spirit world we see it as a choice. It’s very simple, but you’re either creating or you’re destroying in every aspect of your life, from how you are with your children, to how you are in your relationship, to conversations you’re a part of, to what you’re taking in visually, to what you’re eating, to how you connect with yourself and the inner conversations you have with yourself.

Shamanism is about simplicity, and spirituality is, too. If something is not simple and takes a lot of time to figure out, well, I think you get the picture. When you are not honest about what you really want, and when you compromise or make adjustments to who you are in your truth, spirit doesn’t support the lies that you tell yourself, you do. As a shaman, it is my responsibility to identify the energy sources that are affecting your life, to make a comprehensive understanding of them, and to decide how we are going to expel these poisons from your system, change your belief system, and put you back in space in your life so that you are operating at your highest level.”

When we are operating at the highest level life hums along. Life is good! When we change our belief system life opens up. Life is good! When we expel poisons from our lives magic happens. Life is good! When we put space back in our life it moves into the highest vibration. Life is good!

I was recently in Italy visiting my sister and my niece and nephew who live in Rome. And I realized something as I looked around me. No Starbucks cups. No looking down and texting. No silence. Eye contact everywhere. And peeking into the corner cafes people were standing up and enjoying their coffees even if they were in a rush. The ones seated were even more leisurely drinking and eating a bite. They were enjoying the present moment.

Yeah – I’m sure they have bills to pay, worries about family, vacations, jobs, houses, cars, wives, husbands, kids, lovers, ending or starting relationships.

And at that moment.
At that very, very precious moment…
Life was about being…Not doing.

Juliette is here to help you find your path. Your path to cups-of-coffee-on-the-veranda-in-the-silence-of-the-morning kind of happiness. Your path to unrelenting joy. Her approach isn’t about eating well or meditating daily. It’s about the whole package. Today, Juliette works with clients from all walks of life which include; Hollywood celebrities and insiders, musicians, and CEOs of major corporations. Juliette works with clients on a one-to-one basis as well as in group sessions. A gifted guest speaker and teacher, Juliette is the author of The Four Tenets of Love chosen by Barnes & Noble Small Press Division for national distribution in their stores. Visit her website at:

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