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The Amazing Benefits of Stem Cell Therapy

August 26, 2020

Stems cells are progenitor cells, meaning that they have the potential to morph into any type of body cell from nerve cell to cardiac cells and everything in between, upon maturation, and under specific conditions. These cells function either to replace old, diseased, or dead cells, which is commonly known as regeneration, or may undergo a process of change, or differentiation, generating completely different cell types. Stem cells originate from different places within the body such as bone marrow, amniotic fluid which is the fluid filled sac surrounding the developing fetus, and embryonic stem cells which derive from developing embryos. Another source of stem cells are from adult “pluripotent” or rather adult cells that can be genetically engineered to display embryonic stem cell properties. This may sound like a script from a Sci Fi movie, provoking many ethical questions and concerns regarding the nefarious potential of this form of therapy.

What is Stem Cell Therapy?
The popularity of stem cell therapy is quickly expanding in the arena of anti-aging, regenerative medicine, and beyond, producing remarkable results in tissue repair, cognitive decline, energy production, muscle building and thus improvement in strength. The cosmetic benefits range from wrinkle reduction, firming and tightening loose skin, to improvements in erectile dysfunction. Stem cell therapy also has benefit in the treatment of Alzheimer’s disease and cancer.

The ethical concern associated with stem cell therapy can be averted by choosing modalities for stem cell generation that do not include genetic modification or fetal tissue fragments, but represent more conscionable, less painful, non-invasive methods of stem cell production such as prolonged and intermittent fasting. The process of conducting a water only fast for a period of five days or more generates a process called autophagy, the body’s way of self-cleaning by ridding itself of old, diseased and dead cells, followed by regeneration of new stem cells. However, prolonged water fasting is not for everyone, and can be extremely dangerous when attempted without medical supervision.

Photodynamic therapy, or light therapy, is another form of therapy for generating new stem cells. There are many phototherapy devices on the market. Some of the more popular devices are the JOOV light and BEMER. Photodynamic therapy requires frequent treatments to produce favorable results and can be quite costly to either purchase the equipment for home use or locate a facility that offers these treatments. If you are unable to make the time and financial investment in photodynamic therapy, there is another more cost-effective option for stem cell regeneration using light waves. Not only is this option affordable, it is extremely convenient, consisting of the application of a small transdermal patch applied topically to specific meridian points on the skin and left in place for 12-hour segments. Results are often immediate and can range from improved sleep to pain alleviation, all without any painful needles or drugs.

A Drugless Patch: How Does it Work?
The patch contains GHK-Copper peptide (Tripeptide glycyl-L-histidyl-L-lysine), a naturally occurring substance in the body and is at its highest concentrations in blood plasma, saliva, and urine during youth. With age, the concentration decreases. The peptide is released from body tissues during cellular injury, repairing and regenerating damaged cells. A study shows the biological response modulating benefits of GHK-CU peptide by its ability to inhibit the over expression of certain genes known to increase aggressiveness and spread of certain types of cancers. Additionally, GHK-CU is indicated in cellular regeneration, reducing inflammation and oxidative stress within the body. This patented transdermal technology was developed by David Schmidt and has been successfully used for over a decade. This technology is registered with the FDA as a medical device. The copper peptide is contained within the center of the patch. The peptide complex does not enter through the skin, but when the patch is applied to the skin it absorbs thermal energy, a form of light energy which is reflected through the skin, reducing inflammation and oxidative stress, and regenerating cells within the body. Although results cannot be guaranteed, benefits are reported as the following: improved sleep, improvement in energy, firmer skin, improvement in skin tone, pain reduction, thicker hair and enhanced wound healing.

Submitted by Yvette Whitton, ND of Adonai Optimal Health and Wellness in Madison. To learn more about how stem cell therapy in the form of the GHK-Cu skin patch technology, can transform your health and improve the quality of your life, contact our office at (888) 655-8489. Adonai Optimal Health and Wellness is a result based Integrative practice specializing in chronic disease and cancer. Transdermal patches are also available to enhance weight loss. Invest in your Health and achieve optimal health through affordable, painless, and convenient stem cell therapy.

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