Man-Made EMF Radiofrequency Radiation: Natural Protection from Electropollution

Man-Made EMF Radiofrequency Radiation: Natural Protection from Electropollution

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Our bodies and brains generate electro-magnetic fields within us and around us. We live in the Earth’s natural magnetic field and from the beginning we have been dependent on this environment. However, we have now created a vast global network of man-made electromagnetic fields – the greatest polluting element in the earth’s environment. The human body electric and the Earth’s body electric have been damaged.
~ Wireless Radiation Rescue – Safeguard Your Family from Electropollution,
Kerry Crofton, PhD (2011), quoting Robert O. Becker, MD, a leading bioelectromagnetics expert.


Especially with the recent introduction and anticipated increased presence in Connecticut of the 5th generation (5G) mobile network, there is no question that our computers, cordless phones, cell phones and cell phone towers, and microwave ovens are all here to stay. There is also no question that ongoing, repeated exposure to the low-energy radiofrequency radiation from these devices’ man-made electromagnetic fields (EMFs) can seriously undermine wellness. To live as safely as possible with this ubiquitous invisible pollution, it is prudent to learn more about it and the ways to guard against its harmful effects.

What is EMF Radiofrequency Radiation?
EMFs exist naturally in the bioelectrical human body, including in the cardiovascular, neurological, and muscular systems, and the Earth’s electrical energy enables the body to maintain these orderly electrical frequencies. Like the body, its organs, and the Earth, every energy source has its own electromagnetic frequency, and is either ionizing (able to destabilize atoms, the building blocks of all matter, weaken DNA, and damage cells; includes X-rays and ultraviolet rays) or non-ionizing (microwaves, cell phones, TV, radio, power lines, and ELFs/Extremely Low Frequency EMFs).

While the body’s and Earth’s natural EMFs support good health, some prominent experts maintain that exposure to man-made EMFs can harm the body by increasing the electromagnetic toxic load. These EMFs include “dirty electricity,” unusable electromagnetic energy resulting from interruptions in the flow of normal 60-Hertz AC power that flows from many electrical devices as they operate (including WiFi, dimmer switches, and power lines). The six key exposure factors that determine the extent to which man-made EMFs can undermine health are: 1. Ability to Cause Harm: according to many eminent scientists (including one that the cell phone industry itself hired in the 1990s), current government safety guidelines for wireless communications are irrelevant and obsolete (they are based solely on whether a 200-pound male’s short-term cell phone exposure caused acute thermal effects, such as shocking or burning; many studies have shown damaging effects from frequencies far below those originally tested); 2. Intensity: the power of the devices; 3. Proximity: how close to the body the devices are being used; 4. Duration/Frequency of the use of each device; 5. Individual Vulnerability: fetuses, children and teens with thinner skulls and developing brains, the elderly, and cancer survivors and others with compromised immunity, are most vulnerable ; and 6. Combination of Factors 1-5: the more of these factors that are present, the higher the EMF toxic load and the greater the risk.

Proven Health Risks from EMF Radiation
Though all scientists do not agree on how EMFs affect the body and many do regard them as too weak to cause harm, there is ample scientific evidence that even low-level EMFs can: (1) interfere with the messages that cells receive and send; (2) rupture cell membranes, allowing contents to spill out and toxins to enter; (3) damage DNA, cellular genetic material, and its directions to cells in a way that can generate disease; (4) create oxidative stress and free radicals that compromise immunity, cause aging and disease, and reduce the body’s ability to heal itself by suppressing the production or activity of antioxidants (melatonin, superoxide dismutase/SOD, and glutathione peroxidase); (5) cause leakage of the blood-brain barrier, which protects the brain from toxins and ensures its retention of cerebrospinal fluids; and (6) increase “stealth” stress on the body that can increase the risk of heart disease, hypertension, high cholesterol, diabetes, digestive problems, and reproductive issues (erectile dysfunction, infertility, miscarriage, poor sperm quality, and birth defects). Hundreds of studies have shown that EMF exposure may be associated with decreased brain/memory function, neurological conditions (sleep problems, tinnitus, learning disabilities, ADHD, autism, Asperger’s Syndrome, MS, ALS, and Alzheimer’s and Parkinson’s diseases), cancer, and childhood cancers and emotional/behavioral problems.

Protective Steps You Can Take NOW Against Man-Made EMFs
Although it would seem that the existence and anticipated increasing intensity of EMFs does not bode well for the general health of our society, the good news is that there are many simple measures that can together greatly reduce their harmful impact. Below are just a few ways to start protecting yourself and your family.

Protective Dietary Supplements

Minerals/Electrolytes: The chronic stress that EMFs create in the body and its cells quickly uses up daily mineral stores. Taking mineral supplements can strengthen otherwise compromised cell walls to maintain their osmotic pressure and pH, which protect cells and their membranes from viruses, bacteria, and ultimate destruction. They are also critical to the formation of the powerful, critical antioxidants glutathione and SOD.

Some of the most important mineral supplements include: calcium (holds cells together; leaks out when EMFs break through cell membranes); magnesium (supports absorption and retention of calcium; anti-stress nutrient that promotes healthy nerves, muscles, arteries, bones, and blood circulation); phosphorus (ensures healthy cell membranes and cell communication; critical for energy (ATP) production and proper genetic function; found in most foods); potassium (with sodium, ensures cellular membrane stability and cell communication); selenium (chelates heavy metals/mercury; antioxidant and required for the production of glutathione); sulfur/MSM (critical to glutathione’s ability to neutralize and promote expulsion of free radicals and toxins); and zinc (essential to proper cell function, maintenance of glutathione levels, and immunity).

Antioxidants: Studies support taking these nutrients to protect the body against the free radicals and oxidative stress (which damages cellular proteins, lipids, and DNA) that EMF exposure is known to produce: (1) Melatonin: electropollution is known to greatly diminish this hormone that crosses the blood-brain barrier; important for glutathione and SOD regulation; five times more effective than glutathione in neutralizing extensively damaging hydroxyl radicals; linked to cancer protection; (2) NAC (N-acetyl-L-cysteine): an amino acid and sulfur compound that boosts the immune system; needed to make and replenish glutathione; (3) Vitamin D3: facilitates cellular communication and activates the immune system; (4) Whey Protein: one of the richest sources of cysteine, glutamic acid, and glycine, the three amino acids that comprise glutathione; contains multiple immune enhancers; (5) Alpha Lipoic Acid (increases glutathione; rejuvenates other antioxidants that become free radicals after latching on to unpaired electrons to combat free radicals); (6) CoQ10/Ubiquinol: critical to cellular energy production and ability to convert fats and carbohydrates to fuel; and (7) Milk Thistle: high in silymarin, which increases glutathione and SOD levels; supports cell repair, calms inflammation, and detoxifies the liver.

Lifestyle Changes

These are some key protective lifestyle changes you can make right away to reduce EMF damage: (1) Cell Phones (and all other electronic devices, where applicable): whenever possible, use a landline instead; use the speakerphone and use only a hollow air tube or wired headset; don’t speak on the phone with the antenna within 6 inches of your body or carry it near/on your body; sleep with it either on airplane mode/off/with battery removed and/or in another room (use a battery operated alarm clock instead); keep it fully charged and charge it only when off and 6 feet away; use wired access rather than WiFi when possible; keep off whenever possible; and use outside of confined metal spaces and near windows, with the device closest to the window; (2) Detox Your Bedroom: remove all electrical/non-battery operated devices (TVs, radios, cordless phones, heating pads, electric blankets) and unplug unneeded lamps; move the bed at least 3 feet from the electrical wiring in the wall; keep wireless baby monitors at least 6 feet from your bed and the crib; change fluorescent lights to incandescent bulbs; use free standing fans instead of ceiling fans; and (3) Earthing/Grounding: to restore your essential connection to the Earth and absorb its negatively charged electrons, connect with its naturally healing energy by sitting, standing, or walking barefoot outdoors, or using indoor grounding devices, for 30 minutes daily/routinely.

Dietary Changes
Maintaining a healthy diet is one of the most important ways to prevent EMF damage. Regularly consuming an abundance of these common superfoods with high ORAC (Oxygen Radical Absorbance Capacity) scores [ideally, a total of 5000 ORAC points/day] will increase the antioxidant levels in your body, reduce your pain and inflammation, and enhance your overall immunity: cinnamon (267536); dried oregano (200129); ground turmeric (159277); pecans (17940); walnuts (13541); cranberries (9090); artichokes (6552); red kidney beans (8606); blueberries (4669); and asparagus (2150).

For additional protection, also include these foods in your diet:
Wild Alaskan salmon; olive oil; medicinal mushrooms (shiitake, maitake); garlic; and cruciferous vegetables (kale, broccoli, cabbage, Brussels sprouts; collard greens; cauliflower).

Like all other forms of pollution, it is impossible to avoid electropollution from EMFs. But it is NOT impossible to arm yourself against it with preventive measures. The more you do now, the better you will protect yourself and your family in the future.

The statements in this article have not been evaluated by the Food and Drug Administration, are for educational purposes only and are not intended to take the place of a physician’s advice.

Submitted by Erika Dworkin, Board Certified in Holistic Nutrition®, Owner of the Manchester Parkade Health Shoppe (860.646.8178), 378 Middle Turnpike West, Manchester, CT, www.cthealthshop.com, nutrition specialists trusted since 1956. Erika is available to speak to groups including on Zoom.

All statements in this article are practice or scientific evidence-based and references are available upon request.