Organic, Effective Skincare at the Spa and at Home

Organic, Effective Skincare at the Spa and at Home

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Perhaps you have hard-to-deal with issues such as acne, wrinkles, Rosacea, or hormonal blemishes. Maybe you have aging skin, combination skin, or super-sensitive skin. Maybe you just want a brighter complexion. And/ or perhaps you are mindful of the ingredients, knowing that 70% of what you put on your body is absorbed into your body.

“Some of our clients choose OSEA skincare products because they’ve had a bad reaction to commercial skincare products,” says Melissa Martin Wallace, esthetician and owner of Anew You Skincare & Wellness Center in Avon. “Others are concerned about the short- and long-term effects of chemicals. Some are committed to organic living for their own sakes, their kid’s sakes, and the planet’s sake. And frankly, many just love the feel, the effectiveness, and the fresh, clean scent of the products.”

Whatever your reason, OSEA is a beautiful choice. Their products are certified organic, they’re vegan, gluten-free and cruelty-free, the containers are biodegradable, the daily skincare system is simple, the results are immediate, and all products are fully guaranteed by the company.

Melissa discovered OSEA at a spa in Bora Bora, while on her honeymoon. She liked it so much she decided to carry it along with her SkinCeuticals line – the only two lines she believes in enough to offer. Adding OSEA made Anew You one of the only spas in the area that offers certified organic products.

Immediate and Lasting Improvements

OSEA’s effects are immediate; within minutes, the skin softens and tones, and luster is restored. Daily use refreshes, restores and revives skin. And it’s a simple system. Regardless of skin type, gender, race, and age, mixing and matching a few products is all you need to see results.

“Our clients get addicted to theresults from the OSEA seaweed facial,” says Mary Blair, esthetician. “This treatment is so nourishing! It feeds the skin and makes it softer and smoother immediately, even on sluggish, clogged, resistive, and prematurely aging skin. The OSEA facial rehydrates and plumps skin – so important for summer skincare. It’s great for fine lines and wrinkles and lasting nourishment. It really helps with that summer glow!”

OSEA’s philosophy is built into their name: OSEA stands for Ocean, Sun, Earth, and Atmosphere. And some of the most important components of their products are seaweeds, which are eco-responsibly, hand-harvested from some of the most pristine waters in the world, off the coast of Patagonia.

Purity, Quality, and Effectiveness

OSEA uses specific kinds of seaweed, which slow the aging process and protect skin from harsh environmental factors. Seaweed is one of the richest sources of vitamins, minerals, amino acids, enzymes, trace elements, calcium, magnesium, iron, manganese and zinc. Seaweed also is rich in fatty acids that strengthen and maintain the quality of healthy cell membranes. All the seaweed OSEA uses is USDA-certified organic, and it’s kosher, as well.

Other good-for-you ingredients include aloe vera leaf juice, shea butter, and essential oils, to name a few. Anew You Skincare clients who’ve compared OSEA ingredients to the ingredients in their department store skincare products have been known to switch on the spot

What’s Not in OSEA Products

OSEA never uses synthetic fragrances, GMOs, petrochemicals, parabens, sulfates, animal by-products, phthalates, synthetic color, petroleum, nanomaterials, or PEG compounds.

The website states “…we have formulated each and every one of our products without these harmful and all too common skincare ingredients. We believe that safe cosmetics are your right and our earth’s rightful due. We don’t do anything that pollutes or harms our planet because that is where we find our most effective ingredients. We are committed to providing customers with extensively researched products designed for their purity, quality, and effectiveness. We develop our products with only the purest ingredients, proven and technically advanced formulations to restore skin to its highest level of health and appearance.”

In 2002, OSEA was the first company to sign The Compact for Global Production of Safe Health and Beauty Products which launched the Skin Deep Report. Since then, more than 1100 companies have joined OSEA in pledging to phase out the use of toxic chemicals in all beauty products.

“I want to leave this planet a cleaner place than when I arrived. (Like being a good house guest) I also want women to be able to use the safest cosmetics possible. Remember 70% of what you put on your body can be absorbed into your bloodstream. I want to raise the consciousness of women so they use safe cosmetics, it’s not just about beauty – it’s about their health.”- OSEA Founder Jenefer Palmer

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Mary Blair is an Esthetician at Anew You Skincare & Wellness Center, LLC, a day spa,in Avon. Mary has been helping people look their best for 17 years, training and working at leading spas in New York, Massachusetts, Georgia, and Connecticut. In addition to receiving her degree from Brio Academy of Cosmetology, Mary has trained at AVEDA Institutes, has studied Ayurvedic advanced massage and facial training, and has earned her certificate in aromatherapy. Mary loves what she does, cares about her clients, and strives to make every customer feel pampered and special. In addition, she loves the science of skincare, and welcomes the opportunity to create customized yet simple homecare regimens to help her customers achieve their desired results.

Anew You offers skincare, anti-aging, massage, and specialized treatments to enhance natural beauty. Their progressive, natural, non-invasive, results-oriented treatments heal, rejuvenate, and prevent. Learn more and read testimonials at anewyouskincare.net. Anew You, 16 Ensign Drive, Avon, CT 860-284-9730. Melissa Martin Wallace founded Anew You in 2007. She and her staff have created a soothing, holistic retreat where people come to relax and renew. Hours are Monday through Saturday by appointment.