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All Your Questions about Spirituality, Energy and Health Answered!

September 2, 2016

I am grateful for the opportunity to help people experience the world I feel we are moving through and stepping into. This column is question and answer format to provide those interested, a chance to ask questions about spiritually, energetics, health and life. How it can all come together in a grounded, functional and applicable way, so the reader can navigate life with peace, joy and compassion in a world that is changing so fast.

Every month I welcome you to submit your mind, body, spirit questions directly to me at or through my website at

Q: I’ve been hearing quite a bit about vaccines both positive and negative. What have you seen in your practice and how do you approach addressing this?

A: It has only been over the past few years that I have been actively aware of vaccine related issues in the human body. The scope of this response is not to offer definitive answers or tell you what choices to make, but to help you understand what I have been finding, how I have been addressing it and some options to look into so that you are able to make informed choice.

The following is an example of how I came to noticing vaccine influences in people’s health. A few years ago a client came in with her son who was diagnosed with moderate autism. The symptoms of autism began to surface very shortly after his first round of vaccinations and became progressively worse in the months to follow. She did a great deal of research on autism and what was thought to influence its onset and began following various dietary and holistic treatment protocols to begin helping him. The dietary changes helped with some of the symptoms. Holistic approaches of IV chelation therapy, hyperbaric oxygen chamber treatments, various supplements and cranial-sacral therapy also helped, but only to a point. Initial and subsequent blood tests for metals was indicating that the levels were decreasing but not fully clearing.

When I begin working with him the focus was to release presenting physical, emotional, and energetic traumas as well as any environmental and chemical influences to him as a whole. As he began releasing the various forms of trauma from the systems, it was easier for his body to release the toxins and their influences. About six months into treatment a blood retest for metals was done showing levels had significantly decreased. We began noticing improvements in behavior, motor improvement, decrease in ‘stimming’ and improved eye contact.

I was having a conversation with a healer friend/mentor of mine and we began talking about vaccines and the potential residue that can remain in the body. He was sharing how vaccine residue consists of not only the microbe of focus in the vaccine but the possible additions of antibiotics, chemicals/metals, and animal by-products that may be present in the composition and how, if these items begin settling in the body, they can significantly affect those areas.

For me all things have an ‘energetic fingerprint’ and vaccines are no different. Once I become aware of this fingerprint the necessary energy fields and/or frequency ranges can be created to release them from the body and energy fields. As the vaccine residue is cleared, the affected areas are then checked for damage and imbalances, which are then corrected energetically and the natural frequency of the affected areas are re-established. Once this occurs the areas begin to function in their natural state. The toxins may not always be cleared at one time. The greatest influence affecting the rate of release is how quickly the individual’s body is able to release without creating a Herxheimer Reaction (a short-term detoxification reaction in the body) as well as how stable the systems are and the ability of the systems to move through the changes without creating more stress to an already stressed person.

Once this new information was brought into the treatment protocol, more affected areas became apparent. As these areas began to clear, physical damage was corrected (through energy work, homeopathic and herbal remedies and supplements). Held emotions in the brain, body and energy fields were released, as well as birth and other physical traumas. With these additional focuses, significant changes were observed at home, school, and with the social skills therapist he sees regularly, who specializes in helping children with autism.

As this child continues to heal he is now able to catch-up and progress developmentally. I say this because the areas of the brain that were being influenced by the toxins are areas of development (mental, emotional, physical motor) that were not able to naturally develop when, and at the rate they could have naturally. His systems are playing catch-up. Meaning he is now rapidly moving through stages of development at age ten that would have been experienced at ages four through eight.

This is just one example of how things can be addresses by looking beyond what is known to expand into more of embracing and walking into ‘what Is’.

Ron D’Amico has been supporting people in the field of holistic health for more than 25 years. He has grown to become an accurate and effective healer with his own developed forms of energy healing that support all levels of life – mind, body, spirit and soul. He holds a BS from Springfield College in Health and Fitness after which he created a personal training business with a focus of functional fitness, conditioning and post-rehab for chiropractors and physical therapists for more than 10 years. After many years of trying to resolve his own emotional and physical issues through traditional methods of medical care with little to no success, he began searching in the area of complimentary health. His practice focuses on addressing the root cause(s) of what created the imbalance within the person. By addressing the mind, body, energetics, spirit and soul, the healing process is awoken and the person is guided to become actively involved in their own healing journey. Ron D’Amico can be reached at

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