How I Healed Myself From Lyme Disease and Mold-Related Illness

How I Healed Myself From Lyme Disease and Mold-Related Illness

In 2017, I was a Division I athlete playing tennis at the University of Connecticut. I was at the top of my game, playing in the top doubles spot and number two for singles. At the beginning of my sophomore year, I moved into a house off campus with three of my teammates. I was so excited to be living with three of my closest friends! The house had visible mold in a few rooms, but not knowing much about mold, I assumed as long as it was cleaned up, everything would be fine.

Within two weeks of being there, however, I started to have bouts of severe apathy. I was always intense on the tennis court, so this behavior was uncharacteristic. A few more weeks passed, and I began to experience anxiety, brain fog, confusion, sleepless nights, and panic attacks when I drank alcohol. After eight weeks of living in the house, my symptoms were so bad that I left school so I could figure out what was going on with me.

After visiting a doctor, I learned that the mold I thought nothing of was a significant concern. I discovered I had a genetic susceptibility to mold exposure. I tested positive for five different mycotoxin strains, Lyme disease, and Babesia. I was started on antibiotics and a binder.

When Traditional Treatments Aren’t the Answer
Approaching six weeks on the medications, I had an adverse reaction to the treatment, which caused me to become even more sensitive to everything, including food! I became even sicker. Looking back, my illness led me to the most important quest of my life. How can I heal my body and become the best version of myself in the process?

In my hyper-sensitive state, the only place I felt like I had control of was food, so I started there. I conjured up a level of discipline in my eating I didn’t know I had in me. I ate very simply, and I began to feel better. Around the same time, I started working with a family friend who is a brilliant life coach. In our sessions, we explored communication, looked into old patterns, and did exercises where I visualized what my future would look like when I healed myself. Each week, I untangled more of the web that was my identity. I was learning how my thoughts and feelings created the reality unfolding around me and impacted the health of my body.

It’s All Connected
Doing this work piqued my curiosity about spirituality. I noticed that when I had an emotional breakthrough, my physical health would improve. I was fascinated by this. In the past, when I experienced energy work, it helped with my symptoms, but I didn’t understand that if I could change my energetic blueprint, my physical body could change as well. I was starting to put together the pieces of the puzzle that would allow me to heal.

I realized that my energy, emotions, and mood had a direct impact on my physical body. I became aware that the words I spoke out loud, and even those in my head, had energy and could affect my physical well-being. Reflecting, I always held myself to a high standard in tennis, which helped me succeed on the court, but simultaneously, it worked against me because I was often too hard on myself. This illness forced me to learn compassion. I couldn’t push my body through this – I had to love it every step of the way.

Genetic Testing for Better Health
About a year into this journey, I was given an opportunity to explore genetic testing for myself. It helped me understand that if I could use the knowledge of my genes to support my nutrition, it could profoundly impact my health. Implementing the supplements recommended to me based on my genetics allowed me to take another leap forward.

Through this work, I drastically improved my health. In 2021, I was able to move to Arizona on my own to finish college in person, something I only dreamed about in the throes of my illness. Since then, I have continued to become healthier. This past September, I played a tennis tournament, where I spent six hours on the court. I experienced lasting energy and no health symptoms. The next day, I woke up feeling great and able to play two more matches.

Mind, Body, Spirit
I am completely healed from my illness and continue to do the inner work. In the past year, I attended four meditation retreats. Meditation has become an indispensable part of maintaining my health and well-being. Although very difficult at times, this healing journey has led me to realize my purpose in life: to help others heal.

There are no limits to the healing we can achieve, especially when we go beyond the physical and address the emotional and spiritual aspects that play into our health. I hope that my journey and experiences can inspire you to see what is possible when we engage the mind, body, and spirit in the healing process. Implementing lifestyle changes based on our specific genetics and activating the natural wisdom that lives within each of us is the path forward in the evolution of medicine.

Jacob Appleton, Co-Creating Genius from Within, uses a blend of science and spirituality to help his clients achieve their health goals. His personal experience overcoming mold toxicity and Lyme disease taught him the importance of healing on a physical, mental, emotional, and spiritual level. He uses genetic and lab testing, mindset work, meditation, and intuition to help create the best customized lifestyle program for you. You can learn more about him on the Creating Geneius Podcast, where he dives into these topics and more! He can be reached at 860.878.2464, via email at: jacob@creatinggeneius.com, or on Instagram and Telegram: @jappleton15.