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Empower Yourself With the Akashic Records

Empower Yourself With the Akashic Records

Would you like to tap into the boundless knowledge of the Akashic Records? Before we reveal the optimal method to access them, it’s essential to grasp some fundamental concepts about their existence and purpose:

What Are the Akashic Records?
Akasha means Space/Spirit.

“Akashic” is derived from Sanskrit and refers to the primary substance. The Akashic Records, known by various names, such as The Book of Life, The Cosmic Mind, The Universal Mind, The Collective Unconscious, The Collective Subconscious, and The Soul Records, encompass the past, present, and future knowledge of all things. Every manifestation in our universe originates from and will eventually return to a plane of information not part of our visible reality. This dimension, known as the Akashic Records, contains pure information about what has been, what is, and the potential of what is to be.

The Akasha holds a record of every soul across all lifetimes, in all times, and in all places. It encompasses your soul’s history – where you’ve been, what you are facing now, and how it relates to your current life’s purpose. Additionally, it documents all our collective experiences.

The Akashic Records are a valuable resource for anyone seeking to understand the bigger picture, find the purpose behind current events, comprehend the past in this lifetime, or uncover their soul’s past. They serve as a resource for the soul.

Some believe the Akashic Records are the Collective Unconscious, providing a means of connecting with the divine knowledge of your soul in this moment.

Who Is an Akashic Records Session For?
The Akashic Records are available to everyone and have the power to help those seeking healing on multiple levels – emotionally, mentally, and energetically. There are moments in our journey when we need perspective, clarity, or confirmation of our path. We yearn to be seen, guided, and embraced by the Light of Acceptance, Love, and Understanding. In the Light of Higher Guidance, we feel unconditionally loved and acknowledged in our pure essence.

When you learn to connect with this force, you will be able to:

  • Discover hidden knowledge and use it to improve your life
  • Participate in active healing of both self and others
  • Recognize your deep connection with all living beings
  • Influence the very fabric of existence with your mind
  • Easily understand your soul’s purpose
  • Uncover profound levels of creativity and clarity of thought

What You Will Receive in a Cosmic Session
A 75-minute session with me, being present – which is my greatest agency for supporting your transformation and growth. Each Cosmic session starts with setting intentions and getting clarity on your goals for bringing more ease into your life. We’ll cleanse the space with sacred sage, turn on soothing music, and settle in with aromatherapy. Then, I will cut your negative energy cords with Shamanic Reiki.

Next, I’ll open the records and channel them from the masters of the records. From here, I usually work by energetically scanning your body, and as I pass through different chakras and body areas, the information comes through. The intention of each session is to offer an integrative healing experience relevant to what the individual needs to understand that is most relevant to the NOW, present-moment unity consciousness.

The rest is magic.

After the session, we pull an Akashic Record Tarot card, which always finishes telling your story. Then, we’ll have a quick check-in and discuss ways for you to continue this work at home. I follow up within three days to check in and see if anything needs to be addressed.

These sessions are not to be used in place of therapy. I am not a psychic (I work in the present moment), and I do not offer past-life regressions (past lives for me are visited to gain clarity in the present). What I do offer is healing toward a more peaceful, joyful existence.

Heather Whitehouse strives to live her life’s purpose in her Sacred Mountain Ayurveda Healing practice. Her life has been about curating and cultivating, first as Director of Education at an art museum and now as a healing practitioner. During the last few years of her museum career, she started focusing on Ayurveda, an ancient healing modality. It was what her dreams had been – a way to move into the healing world. Manifestation at its best, she believed her dream life into existence. She spent every penny she had to take a three-year course with New World Ayurveda and Shamanic Reiki and then focused on her newest passion – being an Akashic Record Practitioner, which she has been doing since 2020.

Contact Heather at 203.605.2541 or visit heatherwhitehouse.com for more information.