Experience the Power of Quantum Healing

Experience the Power of Quantum Healing

Have you ever wondered what your life’s purpose should be? Or if you are living the most authentic version of yourself? Have you wondered if there is a past life connection to someone in your current life? Or if the physical pain you feel in your body is the result of some past physical trauma and can be healed and released in this lifetime? These are some of the burning questions that some people have when seeking a quantum healing session. These are some of my favorite sessions to facilitate and are my most popular services to date. We never know what will come through during a session, but everyone walks away with something gained.

What Is Quantum Healing?
Quantum healing is a unique and wonderful hypnosis technique that was perfected by the late Dolores Cannon, who is renowned for this particular past-life regression technique. She, Edgar Cayce, and Brian Weiss are but a few of the individuals who put this technique on the map. As an individual is brought into a deep meditative state, we are able to access the subconscious to resolve any physical, emotional, or spiritual issues. Each client also gets a recording of their session so that they can listen back to the key insights and guidance given. I am currently training in Beyond Quantum Healing to include so much more in my future quantum healing sessions (future and interdimensional lives, for example).

As an intuitive healer, it is my life’s passion and purpose to guide and assist others through various parts of their journey, during their most pivotal periods of growth or their darkest hours of emotional suffering. I have been practicing the Quantum Healing Hypnosis technique since 2020 and practicing out of The Colonic Institute in Avon since 2022, with the other wonderfully talented practitioners in this beautiful and peaceful space.

What Can You Expect at a Session?
Even before you come into the office, I will gently guide you in the process and let you know what you can expect. On the day of your session, you will be met with care from the moment you walk into our serene setting. I spend time with you, learning about your life’s journey and what you seek guidance and insight around. Then, while on the massage table, I help you into a deeply meditative state whereby we can begin to do past-life regression work. From there, we then move into accessing the higher self or the superconscious as a means to gain clarity around your questions. We then conclude the session with more time to debrief and ground yourself before you are headed out the door.

Some of the clients’ takeaways include, but are not limited to, powerful shifts in perspective and attitudes, tapping into one’s purpose, clarity around more effective coping skills and creative pursuits, insight into optimal dietary needs, and releasing physical and emotional trauma symptoms.

Some Recent Testimonials from Quantum Healing Clients

“Thank you, Rio, for the deep dive quantum healing session I had with you last year. I am still going back to what I learned about myself and pondering this life and other life journeys that connect me to my higher self-purpose. I have spent more quiet time with myself and coming to know what I really need and want from the next decades to come. I walked away with a more valued sense of me.”


“It was a very informative session! I had no idea what to expect. It made me realize that we have the answers within us, and when we actually take time to quiet life around us and tap is, we can hear our own intuition or higher self very clearly. Rio was very calming and informative throughout the process, and she wanted to make sure I felt completely comfortable and safe during the session.”

— Tracey

Rio Comadurn has been practicing the Quantum Healing Hypnosis technique since 2020. She is a certified quantum healing practitioner, sound healing practitioner, Reiki Master, certified clinical hypnotherapist, and Licensed Clinical Social worker. Check our website for my contact information to book your quantum healing session today!

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