A Conversation With Pain – Relief Expert Jacqueline Kane

A Conversation With Pain – Relief Expert Jacqueline Kane

Collinsville-based Low Back Pain specialist Jacqueline Kane has been working with people in pain for decades. Using a variety of techniques, such as Bowen therapy, massage, emotional freedom technique (EFT/Tapping), and others, she helps clients release chronic physical and emotional pain patterns and gain lasting relief.

What’s the Biggest Misconception People Have Around Pain?
It’s that pain is only physical. Not true! Pain has both a physical and emotional component, so trying to treat physical pain only leads to lots of time and money wasted on treatments, often with poor or no results. The truth is, your pain IS in your head. Ancient civilizations knew this; the early Greeks and Romans advanced the idea that the brain played a role in producing the perception of pain. We have to relearn the concept of physical pain after years of barking up the wrong tree.

Why Does a Better Understanding of Pain Matter?
The National Institutes of Health estimated that the cost of health care and lost productivity was $560 to $635 billion in 2010 dollars. This is a major problem on a societal level. On an individual level, chronic pain over time makes people feel less active, energized, and alive. It begins to affect every aspect of who they are and what they experience.

When I first started, I worked with hundreds of clients on pain relief. The clients presented with low back, hip, and shoulder pain, which improved during sessions, but there was more going on, and it became clear that other factors were causing or exacerbating pain. The pain was kept alive by the thoughts, memories, emotions, and beliefs about the source of the pain, whether it was a car accident, fall, or other traumatic event. This emotional aspect contributes to daily pain, keeping it alive, increasing limitations, and curtailing activity with a long-term risk of disability.

Why Does EFT/Tapping Work for Physical Pain?
Based on research in non-pharmacological treatment of pain and more knowledge about the emotional aspects of pain, it’s proven that the reason you have pain may have more to do with what’s in your body AND your mind. The exciting part is that there are new ways to heal that are not widely known and that are achieving great success with no side effects.

EFT, also known as tapping, is one technique that I have learned and used with my clients to bring full-spectrum healing of body and mind. The results have been excellent for many clients.

Can You Give Us an Example of How EFT Works for Physical and Emotional Pain?
Sure, I can tell you about Lucy. Lucy suffered for years with pain in her hip after being hit by a drunk driver in a devastating car accident. As I used my “6 Months to Pain-Free and Energized” system on her body, I asked her about the history of the pain, its duration, how much she’d spent on relentless treatments, and how her pain always came back. Lucy not only told me about her physical pain, but she got agitated and angry about how irresponsible the car driver was. “He could have really hurt someone…that driver should have known better!”

Lucy then continued describing her alcoholic mother and how tumultuous the experience with her was, causing even more angry expressions. The angrier she got, the more her pain escalated.

It was evident that Lucy’s hip pain had deep, strong emotional ties to anger that Lucy was unaware of. She had not released her emotions, so she was unable to release her pain.

I guided Lucy to start a healing process of forgiveness toward her mother by creating compassion. Lucy realized that holding onto the anger was holding onto the pain itself. She spent time and money on appointments and treatments, seeking relief and finding it temporarily, but the pain always came back. Relieving the anger was the key to relieving the pain – and stopping the cycle permanently. Once we were able to do that, Lucy resumed her normal activities, stopped taking drugs, was able to vacation, and saved more than $5,000 in a year on medications she no longer needed (with her doctor’s support).

What Could a Client Expect from You?
We would begin with a complimentary Real Pain Relief Strategy session to identify your pain pattern, contributing factors, and the source of your pain. Together, we would create the strategy, using my proven “Get Out of Pain” system, that feels right and addresses your underlying pain patterns. We will get to the root of the problem, not just deal with the physical manifestation of the emotional issues that may be causing the pain.

Jacqueline Kane practices at 111 Main Street in Collinsville, CT. For more information, call 860.307.0232, email: Jacqueline@JacquelineMKane.com, or visit: JacquelineMKane.com.