You Don’t Have to Suffer with Daily Chronic Pain

You Don’t Have to Suffer with Daily Chronic Pain

When we are outside enjoying the pleasant weather, we are more vulnerable to strains and sprains from gardening and outdoor activities. Injuries may be new or reactivated. This is also the time of year when allergies and asthma can be problematic. One wonderful solution to these and many other problems is the Bowen technique.

Bowen technique was developed by the late Tom Bowen (1916-1982). After serving in World War II, he returned to his home in Australia filled with a desire to alleviate human suffering. During the day he worked as a chemist, while at night he began to study the effects of gentle hand movements on the human body. In the early fifties he left his day job to begin practicing his new therapy full time.

My first encounter with Bowen was when I attended a conference in Australia in 1990. For years, I had been experiencing daily chronic pain sustained after several serious injuries. Up until that time, nothing could alleviate my discomfort. Since I had always made it my policy to experience first-hand any new therapy or treatment before introducing it into my practice, I signed up for a Bowen session at the conference. I left the conference pain free and remain so to this day. I knew, without any doubt whatsoever, that Bowen must be brought home to the United States and to my practice.

The Bowen technique is a series of light, gentle, rolling connective tissue moves(touches), which stimulate nerve impulses to create soft tissue relaxation. However, it is not massage. Muscle tension and strains are relieved and normal lymphatic flow is restored without the need for deep pressure. There are frequent pauses between sets of moves to provide the brain and the whole body to integrate the adjustments occurring on a cellular level. Often, scar tissue softens and adhesions release with this very light work. The balancing of muscles, tendons, and ligaments help the bones to realign themselves. Nearly everyone reports a pleasant, relaxed state and a deep sense of well-being and ease. It is not unusual for patients to fall asleep during treatments.

Bowen therapy is completely safe and appropriate for newborns, pregnant women, the elderly, chronically ill, and trained athletes. Patients are asked to wear loose-fitting clothing when coming in for treatment. Expect to lie down first on your stomach and finish on your back. When necessary, treatments can be applied while sitting. The energetic component of Bowen assists the body in readjusting itself over the following 5 to 10 days after a single treatment. This makes it very convenient for individuals, giving them more time to carry out normal routines instead of coming in repeatedly within a week for physical therapy.

Infants and toddlers can be treated even while roaming around the room. I have often treated toddlers who have fallen. One example is a child who fell on his head while jumping on his bed. When he came in to see me he’d already been experiencing seizures for six months. Every time he became agitated he would have a seizure. No medication had helped him. In reality, he had misaligned his neck in the fall even though X-rays had looked normal. After his first Bowen treatment, his seizures were less frequent, down to six times a week. After his next treatment, the seizures ceased. The gentle Bowen moves allowed his body to realign itself, returning it back into balance. Similarly, when an arm or leg is in a cast, treating the unaffected limb stimulates faster healing on the compromised side.

Internal psychological shifts are common yet not necessary to evoke an emotional response. This is often very helpful for people who have been sick for a period of time and are really worn out from being ill. An example is people suffering from chronic consequences of tick borne illnesses. By allowing the nervous system to reset and improve the lymphatic flow, the patient’s innate healing abilities are rejuvenated so they can return to a much healthier state.

Since integrating the methodology of Tom Bowen into my practice in 1990, I have had the privilege of working with hundreds upon hundreds of patients who have benefited from his techniques. My observations assure me that my practice has been enhanced by its implementation and that the results speak for themselves.

Dr. Kathleen Riley has been practicing in Connecticut for over 30 years. She re-ceived her Naturopathic degree from Bastyr University in Seattle, Washington and certi-fication from The Bowen Therapy Academy Of Australia and is an Associate Bowen Instructor. She enjoys treating pediatrics through geriatrics for acute and chronic ailments, including tick born illnesses. For more information, visit: http://kathleenrileynd.com or contact her 860-665-1254.