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Why BOOSTIE™ Is the Perfect Food!

Why BOOSTIE™ Is the Perfect Food!

Thirty-one years ago, my journey to the foods I currently eat started with a premenopausal breast cancer diagnosis. Thank you, G-d and the universe, for the wake-up call!

At the time of the diagnosis, I was a disciplined exerciser. I included five 45-minute cardio workouts and four 45-minute strength training workouts weekly. I was featured in a national magazine in the category “Fit, Fabulous, and Over Forty.” I was taking tons of vitamins, supplements, and powders, but I believe because they were all processed, they were not working for me! So, I looked good and ignored the fact that I didn’t feel good.

Now, at the age of “very close” to 78, I am proud to say, ”I feel fabulous!” What do I mean? I wake up every morning and live every day pain-free! I have not had even a sniffle in the years since I developed and enjoyed BOOSTIE™.

My family and friends were and are very interested in the reasons.

First and foremost, what we eat is the most important factor in our health. Ask any physical trainer, nutritionist, or natural healer, and they will agree. Exercise is essential, and we must be active, but the foods we eat are even more important.

The readers of Natural Nutmeg know this!

Every one of us follows a different healthful eating style. Some of us eat vegan, vegetarian, pescatarian, paleo, keto, Mediterranean, gluten-free, lectin-free, carnivore, dash, macrobiotic, or raw. Many of us focus on eating non-processed, organic, hormone- and antibiotic-free foods. The choice is very personal and should be based on how the foods make our body feel.

BOOSTIE™ Fits Every Eating Style
My mission for BOOSTIE™ is to make healthy eating easy. This is quite a mission to accomplish in light of the fact that most Americans think that an organic protein bar is healthy.

We all experience very busy times in our lives, so we sometimes need to be able to eat quick-and-easy food that will benefit our bodies. I wanted to offer a food everyone could enjoy – and BOOSTIE™ fits these criteria!

Most of my knowledge about food was acquired during the thirty-one-year journey that started with my cancer diagnosis. I studied hard. I ate and observed how various foods affected me.

BOOSTIE’s ingredients fit every eating style and are very beneficial for our health. How do I know? I have not been sick one day since I started incorporating BOOSTIE™’s one ounce of food five days a week.

BOOSTIE™ Testimonials

  • Dr. Ev says, “My LDL dropped 40 points in one year. The cardiologist was shocked!”
  • Helen says, “My daily joint pain disappeared after one week of eating BOOSTIE™. I no longer have to take pain meds.
  • Amira says, “I’ve noticed a significant improvement in my overall well-being after incorporating BOOSTIE™ into my diet. It has positively affected my microbiomes. BOOSTIE™ has not only enhanced my digestive health but has also boosted my energy levels and mood. Also, my skin completely cleared. I lost 35 pounds! BOOSTIE™ has nurtured and balanced my internal ecosystem, leading to a healthier, happier me.”
  • Leah says, “I feel protected from illness when I eat BOOSTIE™. I haven’t been sick since I started eating it! I enjoy BOOSTIE™ five times a week. I love to eat the RASPBERRY in a smoothie and the NAKED in yogurt.”

BOOSTIE™ Is Healthy AND Convenient
People “in the know” understand that the value of BOOSTIE™ is that the nuts and seeds are sprouted—the only type of nuts and seeds that offer a powerhouse of nutrients. I also added cacao nibs for additional nutritional value. Each ingredient was chosen purposefully and with intention.

BOOSTIE™ NAKED (our word for “plain”) is rich in a long list of vitamins, minerals, micronutrients, plant protein, fiber, and omega-3s. The NAKED contains electrolytes because the ingredients are rich in magnesium. However, the RASPBERRY and PINK LEMONADE electrolytes versions contain the amounts I need for my great health. I used the best quality powdered electrolytes I could make. They are low in sodium and rich in other essential minerals.

I offer these flavored versions for intense exercisers, athletes, and people over 50. Why? We need them! If you are in one of these groups, your great health depends on them. Electrolytes are crucial for many physiological processes, including hydration, nerve function, muscle function, pH balance, blood pressure regulation, heart function, and kidney function. They are minerals that carry an electric charge, enabling our body to quickly absorb and utilize the water we drink. Maintaining the right balance of electrolytes helps ensure that your body’s systems function optimally.

In addition to being healthful for us, BOOSTIE™ is super convenient. Being single and living alone, I often don’t feel like cooking after a long day. I add PINK LEMONADE or RASPBERRY to good quality plain yogurt, and I am eating a complete meal! And because BOOSTIE is nutrient-dense, I am satisfied and full. When traveling, I – and the entire BOOSTIE™ community – feel comforted knowing we can eat real food anytime. We offer a BOOSTIE™ sample pack of six so you can conveniently decide which you love the most!

Goldie Rose holds an MS in Special Education/Learning Disabilities. When struck by premenopausal breast cancer thirty-one years ago, she started on a journey of getting and staying healthy. To her, being healthy means no diseases, no prescriptions, no over-the-counter meds, and zero pain. Her journey led her to a personal food plan that included clean and incredibly nutrient-dense food—her great state of health interested family and friends. BOOSTIE™ is an essential food in her anti-inflammatory daily eating program, and she began packing it, by request, for her family and friends. Desiring good health for all, her company was born.

Visit: www.BoostieYourHealth.com, email: Goldie@BoostieYourHealth.com, or call 800.988.7541 for more information.