Unwrap the Gift of Reiki

Unwrap the Gift of Reiki

Every so often, I hear a proclamation for a specific product, book, or technique that helped catalyze positive change and desired results in a person’s health, relationships, and life. I listen, check in with my inner self, and then decide if what has been presented is appropriate for me.

Sometimes, I must suspend my current view of reality or belief system to allow space for the new. Being aware of my walls and then choosing to maintain them or not is a process that reveals myself to me.

When I first learned of Reiki, an ancient system of hands-on healing, everything about it pressed into the walls of my reality. My walls were soft due to several years of studying holistic health, so some concepts Reiki holds were familiar, such as it being holistic in its healing – meaning its healing addresses the whole person, as opposed to addressing only the symptoms of imbalance and disease. The whole person is more than the physical body; a person’s mind, emotions, and spirit are included and honored in holistic healing.

Another familiar point of connection between previous holistic study and Reiki is the absence of a magical anything that is going to “fix” a person without personal commitment and, if needed, make lifestyle or conceptual changes. Whether the medicine is homeopathic, chiropractic, allopathic, yoga, herbs, acupuncture, Qigong, nutrition, or flower essences, it works with the body and the being to bring the organism back into balance. From this place of balance, the body heals itself. And so it is with Reiki.

The Importance of Trust
With Reiki treatment, healing energy comes through the Reiki practitioner’s hands and into the recipient’s head and body, connecting with the recipient’s innate healing wisdom. The person receiving Reiki determines the amount of healing energy received through their openness and need level. This aspect of Reiki pressed into my wall of trust – surrendering and trusting a source greater than myself. Trusting that all I, as the practitioner, need to do is be willing to serve as a conduit for Reiki, and allow and trust that the recipient is receiving the perfect healing they need.

Each time I open more in trust, I relinquish another bit of control. Fortunately, surrendering through the gift of Reiki is gentle and supported with unconditional love.

What’s Love Got to Do With It?
We need the energy that surrounds us to be alive, just as we need the air that we breathe. Reiki is translated from Japanese as Spirit-Guided Universal Life Energy, chi, ki, or prana. This is the breath of the Creator. Reiki is a concentrated dose of Spirit-Guided Universal Life Energy, also considered unconditional love.

This teaching brought me smack into my wall of worthiness. Reiki has helped me immensely in my feelings of self-worth. I am worthy of the gift of unconditional love. As I open more fully to this truth, I release the erroneous belief that I need to perform, achieve, or prove myself worthy of receiving. Instead, I know that I am worthy to receive because I exist. It is my birthright.

I have learned to trust the beauty of simplicity. Somewhere, I picked up the interpretation that complexity, technology, and difficulty proved valid. Through the practice of yoga, I learned to honor the power of simplicity. When Reiki, in its simplicity, was presented, that wall had been softened. Reiki’s technique can be called the no-way-to-mess-it-up style. Simplicity is a solid foundation. Reiki is supportive in helping build a solid foundation within oneself based on the truth of oneself.

Reiki for Healthy Relationships
Being a practitioner and giving Reiki treatments to others, including animals, is one expression of Reiki. Receiving Reiki from a practitioner is another. A third application of Reiki is giving yourself Reiki treatment. Self-Reiki is the basis of this healing system. To fully embrace the healing potential of Reiki, giving self-treatment is ideally a daily practice, though Reiki can also be quite effective when practiced less frequently.

It was at this point that I bumped into the wall that held the detrimental belief that giving care, time, and nurturing to myself was selfish. Hidden behind the curtained partition of this wall was the unspoken contract I made with each person that they would take care of me. What a painful setup for feeling victimized, disappointed, and resentful in relationships with others and life.

Life and relationships have clarified and become more enjoyable because of my self-Reiki practice and my ability to take responsibility for myself and my needs. With confidence, I speak my needs, trusting that I am worthy of being heard and receiving what I need or desire. Giving to others comes from a healthy place of abundance within myself instead of my neediness.

Reiki feels deeply relaxing, comforting, and restorative. It is a wonderful way to support my whole being and my health. Reiki also allows me to connect with my higher self. The mind quiets during Reiki treatment, and answers and solutions float easily into my awareness. My mind feels clear, creative, balanced, and peaceful following treatment.

Reiki is supportive. There is no judgment. Regardless of your path, process, or lifestyle, Reiki moves with you. No belief system is necessary to practice Reiki. Reiki supports you in becoming your potential.

Feelings of gratitude bathe me when I acknowledge Reiki in my life. If your inner self is telling you to receive Reiki treatment and or to attend class and learn how to treat yourself, go for it! Open yourself to this simple and magnificent system of natural healing. The gift of Reiki is here for all of us, just waiting to be unwrapped.

Ann Moureau has been practicing Reiki for thirty-three years and teaching Reiki for twenty-four years. Because of the healing she has received through Reiki and experienced through her health, personal, and spiritual growth, she is inspired to offer this profound gift to others. Ann’s holistic studies and teachings include yoga, meditation, Ai Chi, and Shinrin Yoku (Forest bathing).

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