Tools To Take Charge of Your Health

Tools To Take Charge of Your Health

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Have you ever felt like you need a “tune-up?” Health and body need a re-boot? Are you feeling less than your best? Chalking it up to working too hard, your age, too much to do? Improving your health with an approach that looks at you as a whole person: body, mind, spirit, physiology, diet, and stress can help you find where you have lost control of your well-being. Looking at a person’s health and function as a reflection of the whole person will lead to more long lasting success of treatment. The goal is achieving better health, well-being and active function that lasts.

Some symptoms such as fatigue, joint or back pain, low energy, brain fog, or trouble sleeping could come from many different sources and need individual strategies to make improvements. Sometimes only changing the diet is not enough, sometimes nutritional supplements are not enough, sometimes just bodywork is not enough, sometimes counseling is not enough. An Integrative Manual Therapy integrated approach looks at all aspects of a person. Knowing all the pieces of the puzzle shows people how their health and body can improve. Below are two case studies of patients we recently helped regain their health and active function.

Case Study 1:
A professional active woman in her 30’s was looking for more answers and a whole-body approach to health. She had headaches, low back pain with driving, right knee pain with sports, low energy after work, and a slow continuous weight gain. She had tried multiple fad diets for two years with no success and has always done gym workouts 4-6 times a week. She wanted to drive and play sports without pain, have no headaches, improve her menstrual cycle, lose weight, improve bladder function and to have energy after work and on weekends.

A thorough evaluation looked at all aspects of health. Blood work showed low grade inflammation and infection, genetic markers for MTHR which causes poor detoxification, a need for more balanced Omega-3 oils, and immune and adrenal insufficiencies.

A full body evaluation showed poor posture with tightness in the neck and back, which can be a result of adrenal stress. Flattened ribs could indicate cardiovascular issues. Tight joints in the low back and leg could cause low back pain, pelvic floor pain and bladder problems.

Chinese tongue diagnosis showed poor immune integrity and leaky gut issues. A history of PMS symptoms indicated impaired liver function and kidney strength.

A targeted approach was designed to address body structure, improve inflammation, adrenal stress, and digestion.

Treatment Plan: An IMT Wellness Center Program
An IMT Wellness Center complete program provides an individual plan to address all aspects of health and function. Evaluation through an Integrative Diagnostics approach applies a whole body process to find and address the underlying root cause of each problem and how to improve them. Addressing how to quickly reduce things that are causing pain or symptoms in the body lets the healing process begin. Beginning diet changes and bodywork together gives a person more immediate changes and improves their conditions.

If possible, reducing bad habits in the diet is best, as a poor diet can destroy our health over time. A Functional Medicine approach of removing food that promotes inflammation, and is neurotoxic and immune disrupting sets a stage for health. If the person is dealing with multiple health challenges, we recommend eliminating the following foods from the diet: gluten including all oats, processed sugar, peanuts, and almonds. Often people notice improvements in pain, bloating, and digestion within a short time. Adding in healthy foods such as dark green leafy and multi-colored vegetables, and introducing fermented foods helps feed the body better. Supplements for food poisoning/gut flora imbalance and drinking a therapeutic green tea for mild detox helps beyond what diet alone can do.

Body movement and structure are examined through manual therapy. Bodywork is an important component to correct tight joints, muscles and fascia beyond what yoga or stretching can achieve. The alignment and flexibility of the body affects health and our ability to be active and function at home and work. An Integrative Diagnostics evaluation applies a whole body process to find and address the underlying root cause of each problem so that treatment is targeted for the individual. For example, low back pain may be caused by limited joint mobility in the low back or leg, scar tissue in the pelvis, or inflammation due to allergy. Each cause would be treated differently to get improvements.

A program is then customized for the person. Other treatments can include using pulsed magnetic field therapy and Natto frequency light therapy which help reduce pain and increase energy. Custom shoe orthotics can help to reduce low back and knee pain. They can help to decrease stress and help energy conservation, making walking, running and other activities easier. They can help prevent injuries by aligning the foot and leg properly.

Showing people how to take charge of their health gives them tools to use to stay healthy. An education program includes information on health and well-being, how to detox properly, how to do an elimination diet, what foods are good for you, how to cook gluten-free, health coaching for making and eating fermented foods, eating out at restaurants gluten-free, stress reduction, imagery, and custom IMT exercises for your home.

Case Study 2:
A man in his 50’s was in the hospital for two weeks for fatigue, collapse and weak muscles. He was diagnosed with diabetes and had a lab value for Hemoglobin A1c of 13.9 (normal is less than 5.7). Starting the next month, he decided to take control of his life. He retired early from a stressful job, implemented some diet changes and started running. He had a knee injury and needed meniscus surgery and then had a lifting injury and tore his biceps muscle. He tried supplements and homeopathy. A few months later, he worked with a health coach and made more diet changes.

Six months later he was seen for an IMT Wellness evaluation. He wanted to continue to improve his health and body. He had pain in his right knee, right shoulder and right elbow.

Body evaluation showed poor posture was affecting his spine mobility. Without flexibility of his spine and right leg, there was strain on his knee that made walking and running painful. Muscle spasm and joint tightness were causing the shoulder and elbow pain.

Other diagnostics showed a leaky gut, and toxicity of the liver, pancreas and spleen. Repeat blood work showed his lab value for Hemoglobin A1c had improved to 6.3. He had a total weight loss of over 50 pounds since the previous fall.

Adding IMT bodywork, targeted supplements and custom orthotics improved his pain and mobility. He progressed to be able to walk for 2 miles for exercise, he was “feeling like a million bucks,” and “everything was coming together.”

Overhaul Your Health and Body to Feel Your Best
You know when you are not feeling your best and cannot live an active vibrant life. Finding the source or the underlying cause of an issue lets the treatment have the quickest changes. Our bodies are the house that everything has to happen in. If our doors and windows don’t open and close, it is hard to bring in new material to make things happen.

The key to improved health and feeling better is to address you as a whole person. Many people don’t realize how many aspects of health and pain and mobility they can improve. Building a better foundation sets a foundation for long lasting health. It is empowering to feel more like your old self and in charge of your health again. Whatever age you are, your goal is to be the healthiest you can be, and to do the things you want to do.

Thomas Giammatteo, DC, PT, IMT,C, PhD is the Medical Director of IMT Wellneess Center, offering an Integrative Manual Therapy approach to total body health. He is the Dean of the Connecticut School of Integrative Manual Therapy. He continues to develop new courses in Integrative Manual Therapy on bodywork and nutrition for topics such as Concussion, Detoxification, Cardiac, and Grief. Nancy Ortolani, PT, IMT,C is the Clinical Director at IMT Wellness Center. She has practiced and taught Integrative Manual Therapy for over 20 years. People at the Center are seen one on one for evaluation and treatment in a comprehensive approach. For more information, please visit our website: www.IMTWellnessCenter.com, email: info@IMTWellnessCenter.com or call 860-561-2286.