The Role of IV Nutrient Therapy in Chronic Disease

The Role of IV Nutrient Therapy in Chronic Disease

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IV therapy is a relatively new method of delivering medicine to patients with its popularity taking off in the 1950s. It is a quick, effective way to administer fluids as well as medications. It has helped save lives by rapidly administering life-saving drugs, such as antibiotics. IV therapy is a safe way to administer high doses of vitamins or minerals to the body as well, as they can be delivered right away to cells which can uptake them for use.

In contrast, when a nutrient is taken into the body by mouth, it is broken down in the stomach and absorbed by the small intestine and then enters the bloodstream. Vitamins are not absorbed well in the GI system. The percentage absorbed goes down with any level of GI dysfunction like low stomach acid, bacterial dysbiosis, malabsorption, or inflammation. On top of the potential GI dysfunction, our world is more toxic today than ever before. We are exposed to constant insults including poor food quality, infections, chemicals, pollution, alcohol, and heavy metals.

With all these factors, it is no wonder that there is an increase in chronic diseases in our country. These can range from chronic pain, chronic hidden infections like lyme disease, autoimmune conditions, hormone imbalances, diabetes, and cardiovascular disease. The body has an increased demand for vitamins and minerals so it can detoxify these pollutants and regenerate healthy cells. This is where IV therapy comes into play. Mega doses of nutrients can be given safely, and the body can be rapidly repleted. It helps the body deal with stress, detoxification, immune function, cellular functions, life extension, and regeneration.

IV Vitamin C

IV Vitamin C is a very common nutrient given to patients. Vitamin C is an antioxidant that fights free radicals. While we do get it from our diet, our body is under a lot of stress that can deplete levels of this nutrient. When given intravenously, it is very safe and very high doses can be administered. For most people, a modest dose from 5-20 grams is enough to make an impact. However, there are cases where 50 or even 100 grams of vitamin c can be given in one session for immune support. Acutely, it can be very helpful for colds and flus. Vitamin C can also benefit anyone dealing with chronic diseases, and even chronic allergies will respond to higher doses of vitamin c.


Another IV is Poly-MVA, or lipoic acid mineral complex (LAMC). It contains complex molecules that can enter a cell and work on the mitochondria to create energy. Like Vitamin C therapy, this therapy has multiple benefits. It has been shown to be protective for the neurologic and cardiac system. It also promotes DNA repair, protects cells against toxins and helps improve quality of life measures. Because it helps produce energy in the cells, it helps with fatigue levels and overall well-being.

IV Glutathione

Glutathione is the body’s most powerful antioxidant and has an affinity for the neurological system. Since many chronic diseases are a result of oxidative stress, glutathione is easily depleted in patients. It can help repair and regenerate cells and tissues in the body, specifically if neuropathies are present. Since treatments and chronic diseases can deplete many other nutrients, it is best to give glutathione with a nutrient IV. Many nutrients are necessary cofactors to help the body recycle glutathione, which makes it more effective.

Myers Cocktail

Having proper nutrients will help with quality of life measures such as energy, pain levels, and mental functioning. These formulas are also rehydrating as well. Many people are chronically dehydrated and never realize it. Nutrient IV formulas can vary widely depending on the practitioner. Many nutrient IVs are labeled as a “Myers cocktail”. This was pioneered by Dr. John Myers, MD. He used a standard mixture of nutrients to help a variety of complaints successfully.

Nutrient IVs can include any and all the following nutrients: B complex including B12, vitamin c, magnesium, calcium, zinc, trace minerals, selenium, and amino acids. Many times, people are using oral supplements and not feeling the effects. Having a series of nutrient IVs can be a great boost in nutrient stores. As the cells get replenished, many people will notice that their oral supplements have a larger effect day to day.

IV nutrient therapy can support a person safely through managing any chronic disease. While none of these therapies are a replacement for standard treatment or curative, there are many studies demonstrating the efficacy of these treatments in supporting the body. IV therapy is a great addition to care while dealing with chronic illnesses and for building a strong foundation and improving quality of life.

Dr. Carissa Fioritto, ND, RN is a licensed Naturopathic Physician practicing at Collaborative Natural Health Partners, LLC. She is an in-network provider with most major health insurance providers and is accepting new patients. Please call 860-533-0179 to schedule an appointment.