Skin Refresher “101”

Skin Refresher “101”

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Taking care of your skin is so important – and so easy!, Once you start, it quickly becomes a daily routine, just like brushing your teeth. However, sometimes we need a little guidance in deciding what regimen is best for us. This is where your esthetician or skincare professional can be helpful.

Time is sometimes an obstacle for people who can’t follow a daily skincare routine. If you really think about it, it only takes 3 to 4 minutes to properly do the minimum three steps; cleanse, tone and moisturize. It’s really not a lot of time to get great looking skin!

Affordability is another reason people don’t take care of their skin. Yes, quality skincare products are more expensive than over-the-counter products from drug stores or department stores. Quality products do much more for you such as actually clean, tone and moisturize your skin! Over-the-counter products are of lower quality compared to professional products. This topic could be discussed in a separate article, but for now, suffice it to say that the difference can be summed up as a result of a lower percentage of active ingredients, additional marketing costs, and perhaps a company trained professional (think marketing again) recommending the company’s products.

If you are only going to do three things to your skin in the morning and again at night, they should be to cleanse, tone and moisturize. Adding serums and exfoliators are excellent for your skin but try not to get bogged down with too many products. Your skin can only accept a certain amount of product and the rest is really just wasted.

Cleansing is the first very important step in taking care of your skin and it is done to remove dirt and debris that has collected on it during the day. There are different cleansers for different skin types. Check with your esthetician to be sure you are using the proper cleanser for you. You should really use a quality cleanser as the ingredients will be good for your skin. Most quality products also remove eye makeup and this saves you a step. Massaging the cleanser for 2 to 3 minutes is sufficient before rinsing off. Washing with soap is too harsh and water is not harsh enough. Beware of over cleaning or over stimulating the skin, with the use of brushes for example, as this can damage your skin.

The next step is toning. Toner is often overlooked yet it is a very important step. The toner, available for different skin types, should always be applied right after cleansing. If you do not currently use a toner, I challenge you to use one for a month and see the changes in your skin. Toner balances your skin’s pH level which is interrupted after cleaning. It brings the skin’s pH back to its normal level so it doesn’t overproduce sebum. It also hydrates your skin which is important for all skin types. It’s an integral part of skincare and should not be skipped.

The third and last step is moisturizing. All skin types need to moisturize, yes, even oily skin! And you guessed it – there are different moisturizers for different skin types. Again, consulting with your esthetician will be helpful to you. The role of the moisturizer is to hydrate and seal the skin. The moisturizer keeps the skin hydrated and traps the water that’s already in your skin so it doesn’t evaporate. This gives a smooth and soft feel rather than a rough and cracked look. For best results your moisturizer should be changed as the seasons change. Your esthetician can help.

There is so much to talk about skincare yet it can be easy and rewarding when you see how much your skin has improved if you follow the three steps: cleanse, tone, moisturize. I’d love to hear about the changes in your skin once you begin your new regimen!

Melissa Martin, Certified Esthetician/Owner, Anew You Skincare & Wellness Center, Avon, CT