Shift from Struggling to Conceive to Empowered Conception

Shift from Struggling to Conceive to Empowered Conception

The journey of bringing a soul into your life is more intricate than we have ever been taught to believe. Conception is not just a physical and biological act—you are cultivating a relationship with the soul of your baby. And this relationship starts long before you get pregnant.

Your Soul’s Journey
There are two important factors that most doctors won’t ever bring up:

  1. Your energy.
  2. Your connection with the incoming soul (your soul baby).

When you are on your conception journey, your entire life comes up for review. You are working with, clearing, and healing your own personal energy and at the same time connecting with your soul baby. These two factors not only affect trying to get pregnant but can also interfere with the process of adoption. Many times, an adoption arrangement can fall through or issues arise around a surrogate. The energetic blocks surrounding the experience are the same.

But there are ways to empower yourself.

When your energy is clear and in alignment with your soul, you can conceive. When you become a vibrational match to your soul baby, you are ready to bring your child into this physical world.

Bringing your frequency and vibration into alignment with your soul baby is one of the key steps on the conception journey.

There are ways to improve your reproductive health before you try to conceive. Keep in mind that physical ailments have energetic roots or misalignment.

Are you having health challenges or pain? Take notice of what in your physical body feels off. Explore the energtic root to that issue. For example, if you have a knee problem, ask yourself, “What will it take to increase my ability to forgive quickly so I can move on with my life?” Even when an issue seems unrelated to your fertility, it could be the very thing blocking you. Releasing this challenge will raise your vibration.

You can connect with your soul baby before, during, and after your conception journey. The relationship changes along the way because the soul has a different awareness during each phase.

Unexplained Infertility. Let’s Stop Using This Term!
Although there are times when medical assistance is necessary for conception, energetic blocks can form in your body preventing pregnancy. The diagnosis or term “unexplained infertility” should simply not be used. Just because you were diagnosed with unexplained infertility doesn’t mean you’re infertile. It means you haven’t conceived YET!

Just the word infertility by itself can cause fear and emotional blocks. Just because your delay cannot be determined in medical terms, it doesn’t mean you’re infertile.

There is no time frame for this very sacred event.

It’s time to start talking about how energetic blocks can be formed by feelings of guilt and shame…but can also be addressed and healed. The guilt around a past abortion can cause a delay in conceiving, not because you are being punished, but because you are carrying shame. The same is true regarding trauma from childhood and adolescence or a toxic relationship. Even the energy from past partners can cause blocks.

The ARC Process (Acknowledge, Release, Connect)
Your conception journey begins with your desire. The moment you decide to have a baby, the Universe starts shifting and bending to make that happen. You are co-creating this experience with life so get involved early in the journey. This is what empowered conception is all about. In this process, your entire life comes up for review. You must acknowledge your past.

You release all the things that are blocking you, that no longer serve a purpose, such as guilt, shame, fear, trauma, and control. Energy healing work, journaling, and meditation can be helpful tools. Work on changing your perspective of your past if you feel you are struggling. Allow this process to show you the things you need to address and heal. This is a gift.

Finally, connection…with your soul baby, with your higher self, and your guides. You don’t have to believe in all of these concepts, but I guarantee you a beautiful shift if you stay open to them.

You will gain clarity around what you need to shift. When you shift from “struggling to conceive” to an “empowered conception” not only will you increase your fertility, but you will expand your personal view of this life and your future life as a mom into something magical.

How to Shift from “Struggling to Conceive” to an “Empowered Conception”
You don’t have to embark on this journey on your own. Whether it’s with me or another conception catalyst, you can expand your experience, feel supported, and heal. All the tools below are part of the process to help co-create bringing in your soul baby!

Prepare your energy for conception (Heart, Mind, Womb):

  • Shift to the belief in your heart to you are meant to be a mother.
  • Let go of what the journey should look like.
  • Prepare your mind while opening your connection to the universe.
  • Prepare your womb (energetically) to heal wounds and cut negative energetic cords.
  • Open the channels for soul connection.
  • While on your conception journey, know that the messages and intuitive thoughts you are receiving are real. Write down your messages!

This is your journey…your path. When you approach it from a gentler perspective, with kindness toward yourself and your past struggles, you will be amazed at your transformation…and your new baby.

Mica DeSantis is a Life Sketching Energy Healer and Conception Catalyst whose featured offers include Empowered Conception/Soul Baby Connection and Creative Frequency Activation. With a background as a Reiki Master, Shamanic Practitioner, and Sound Healer, she recognizes and aligns areas that may be causing blocks. She is an intuitive who connects with soul babies to receive and share messages and signs. Mica works from an energetic and soul perspective with the goal to help women shift from “struggling to conceive” to an “empowered conception.”

Contact Mica at 203.517.7674, or mica@lifesketching.com and visit: www.lifesketching.com. Follow her on Instagram: @micablaise and Facebook. Life Sketching. Weston, CT.