Reconnect with Nature, Reconnect with Yourself: A Whole-Health Journey in Africa

Reconnect with Nature, Reconnect with Yourself: A Whole-Health Journey in Africa

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At times in life we lose track of the expansiveness of the universe. We sit in our cubicles hard at work, and we begin to feel that this is life: these four walls, and the immediate work in front of us. But Donna Bunte of Donna Bunte Whole Health, located in Greenwich, Connecticut, wants those of us who feel this way to recognize that we are all apart of this vast universe that extends far beyond these four walls. She believes in order to feel whole again, one must reconnect with nature, and learn to be still.

Having traveled to Africa previously on a spiritual adventure herself, Donna found the ancient beauty of the land to be an ever-present reminder of her connectedness to the universe. As such, she plans to travel back to Africa for an 8-day spiritual retreat, and she welcomes you to join her.

With 25 years experience as a Chinese medical practitioner, acupuncturist, herbalist, health coach, and Qi Gong teacher and healer, Donna looks at all aspects of a client’s health. Her whole-health approach looks from a physical, mental, and emotional perspective in order to find the best treatment plan for each individual.

As Tour Director of her new African Safari Wellness Program, Donna will lead the tour group in guided mediation with acupuncture, breathing exercises, Qi Gong exercises, and light yoga stretching, as well as private sessions. The goal is to calm the nervous system, reconnect with oneself, and embrace nature and the beauty of the universe.

In order to become fully immersed in nature, Donna has teamed up with Martin Meyer of Martin Meyer Safaris, who will be providing safari tours in which guests will get a chance to see the Big 5: lions, leopards, rhinoceros, elephants, and Cape buffalo, as well as the stunning landscapes of South Africa and Botswana. During the stay, trip participants will lodge at two camps: Kings Camp, in South Africa, and Koro River Camp in Botswana.

Kings Camp is luxury lodging located on the Timbavati Private Nature Reserve. The camp faces an open savanna plain and a watering hole and is visited often by a variety of local wildlife who come to drink and lounge. Each room comes equipped with air-conditioning, a Victorian ball-and-claw bath, in and outdoor double showers, a fully stocked mini bar, and a private verandah.

Koro River Camp is a boutique camp located in the remote wilderness of Botswana’s Central Tuli Block. Specifically, Koro River Camp is set on the banks of the Limpopo River, and has 7 en-suite boutique tents that boast stunning views of the wildlife, according to their website. Each tent comes with a private bathroom as well as an outdoor shower and plunge pool within a raised platform deck overlooking the Limpopo River.

Both camps are far removed from local villages and highlight the simplistic beauty of the Earth. They aim to help guests feel connected to the ancient world and recognize the importance of saving these sacred pieces of land, as well as the animals who call it home.

Each day of the trip will be about re-centering, and re-connecting with oneself and the Earth, slowing down, and being present. Trip participants will engage in holistic wellness sessions including guided mediation and Qi Gong exercises every morning and evening. Most evenings, meditation will be held at sunset under a baobab tree, looking out onto the African horizon and the river. Guests will indulge in healthy and leisurely local fares, with dinner served under the stars. Vegetarians or guests with special diets will be accommodated and afternoon tea will be served. Trip participants will have daily leisure time to spend as they would like. Possibilities can include relaxing spa treatments and excursions to villages or ancient sites. Additionally each day, guests will participate in game drives and walking safari tours led by expert guide, Martin Meyer.

Donna wants those interested in the African Safari Wellness Program to know that these parts of Africa feel like the way Earth used to be: ancient; not commercial; simple; spiritual.

Submitted by Alexa Morawski. If you are looking to feel centered and connected to the universe, and would like to know more about the African Safari Wellness program, contact Donna Bunte at: health@donnabute.com to learn more.

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