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Luxury. For Your Soul.

Luxury. For Your Soul.

Are you ready to change the way you think, create a stress-free, happy, healthy lifestyle, and live a life you love? Do you want to let go of your past, open up to opportunities here in the present, and activate your future, one that you want? Is it time for you to be inspired to evolve and become the person you are meant to be? If you answered yes to all of these questions, you’re ready. The proof is right here.

But knowing that, at your core, is no different than scaling Kilimanjaro. It’s hard to pull it off alone. Floundering back and forth on your whys, or listening to people who don’t have your best interests at heart keep you stuck, not knowing just how extremely ready you really are. You have to let go. You have to search for the evidence. You have to be sure of who you are. And Juliette’s work is the place you want to begin. She helps you find your path to cups-of-coffee-on-the-veranda-in-the-silence-of-the-morning kind of happiness, to unrelenting joy, and to contentment that’s contagious and spreads from the ends of your locks to the core of your soul.

Juliette Taylor is a transformational life coach and shamanista. The LifesPath™ processing she designed, is modeled after her Huguenot and African ancestors, healers, wise women, and shamans.

LifesPath™ is the single most comprehensive path to health, happiness, and love and that’s why she created it for you. She’s guided hundreds of clients to breakthrough their blocks, to disprove the beliefs about themselves that are holding them back, and to find the strength to live lives they want to wake up to each morning. She helps you maintain your focus and attention on your goals by creating successful routines that include powerful visualizations, calming meditations, daily spiritual rituals, and incorporates a plant-based diet. Her approach isn’t about eating well or meditating daily. It’s about the whole package. Because you are multidimensional, her approach is multi-faceted. LifesPath ™ is about creating a whole new you wrapped in a blanket of bliss, having relationships that serve you and make you feel fabulous about yourself. It means the whole of you is aligned the way what feels best to you, to your desires, and to your beliefs.

Juliette’s coaching is separated into four phases; discovering your inner core, unlocking your potential, reaching the pinnacle, and creating your personal blueprint.

Offering discovery intensives, Taylor leads you through a series of questions that reveal what your true issues are, so she can set a strategy into motion for you. When you hang up at the end of the 90-minutes, you’ll have a whole new sense of clarity about your struggle. And you’ll be able to manage a solution that will help you begin to overcome it.

You’ll get the answers you need to conquer the boardroom, to finally find that special person that completes you, or to just learn to be happy with who you are. You’ll be open to receive the gifts the Universe has waiting for you. That publishing house you want to start? Consider it done. The resort you want to open that rivals anything the Salamander Resort ever could be? Yours. The surfing school for special needs children you want to open? Yes! Once you know what’s holding you back, you release it of its power over you and become unstoppable.

By offering retreats, Taylor gives her clients a chance to work like mind-seekers. With time away, those on the retreat can develop mystery, magic, and luxury in their lives. Taylor designs these highly personalized retreats so that clients will not only learn how to apply her teachings in real life, but will also transform their minds and souls.

Cooperative teambuilding workshops allow clients to work with others, be inspired by their team members’ ideas, and also gain leadership skills. By gaining a mental edge, competitive drive, and communication skills, members in the workshop learn how to connect with their team in an intimate way so that the change is sustainable and creates a positive momentum.

The workshops focus on getting your employees on board to working together, seamlessly. They learn to be mindful of how they perform their jobs, how to release and let go of stress in a healthy way, how to eat the foods their bodies need and crave so they can maintain peak performance. They become in sync with themselves and their environment. And when they’re in sync, your business flows (not ebbs) and creates overflowing growth and revenue.

Along with being a transformational coach and shamanista, Juliette is also an intimate speaker. She often performs speeches dealing with the topic of loving yourself, how to use meditation, and the impact of food on your thoughts, body, mind, and soul. She had the honor of speaking on a panel with the First Lady Michelle Obama at a Women’s Summit on Empowerment and Poverty.

Learn more about Juliette Taylor, visit her website www.JulietteTaylor.com. She is also open to emails with questions, comments, or concerns at Juliette@juliettetaylor.com. To schedule truly begins the rest of your life, visit her website today!