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Is Your Soul Calling for Adventure?

Is Your Soul Calling for Adventure?

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Since the dawn of humanity, it seems we have had an intrinsic desire to explore that transcends necessity and survival. We, at our core, long to see what lies beyond the next mountain range or seek a new route to travel. Whatever the reason it’s clear that humans have been on the move since we came into existence. History is rich with the accounts of famous explorers and pioneers who dedicated their entire lives to traversing new landscapes. Some of the most incredible places we take for granted are only known today because of our trailblazing ancestors. We have long since evolved from the days of trying to find out if the world is flat or round but it seems our inherent desire to pioneer, explore and have new experiences still runs strong through our soul. Stewart Weaver suggests in The History of Exploration that, “For all the different forms it takes in different historical periods, for all the worthy and unworthy motives that lie behind it, exploration—travel for the sake of discovery and adventure is – it seems – a human compulsion, a human obsession; it is a defining element of a distinctly human identity, and it will never rest at any frontier, whether terrestrial or extra-terrestrial.” While many of us know the familiar pull that wanderlust can have on one’s soul, some seem perfectly content staying close to home. I believe however that the vast majority of us have a deep desire to travel and don’t even know it.

Here are a few signs that your soul is calling for adventure and it’s time to answer.

  • You are mindlessly scrolling through social media, see your friend on an amazing vacation and feel a pang of jealousy.
  • You are burnt out. No matter how much sleep or relaxation time you get, nothing seems to help.
  • You feel ‘stuck’ or ‘antsy’ like there is something you should be doing but can’t put your finger on what.
  • You think, talk and daydream about far off lands and incredible destinations.
  • Some of your fondest memories have been while traveling.
  • You feel like your life is on ‘repeat’ and the routine feels stifling.

Now that you have heard your Soul’s call let’s find out what type of adventure YOU need. So often we get swept up in someone else’s travel plans for us. A destination wedding, a trip to Disney for the kids, a cruise your mother-in-law paid for, which can all be great but may not be what you are craving. I understand there are certain logistical constraints like time and money to consider but anyone can have a grand adventure whether you have $50 and 1 day off or $5,000 and 3 weeks to relax.

Here is an exercise to help quiet your mind and find out exactly what YOUR SOUL is seeking.

Find a comfortable quite place to relax, turn off electronic distractions and place your feet firmly on the floor. Take a few deep breaths and focus on the rhythm of your inhale and exhale. It may take a while to quiet your mind but when you feel ready ask yourself these questions.

  • Does my body need rest and relaxation or movement and to be challenged?
  • Am I longing for tranquility and introspection or to be surrounded by people?
  • Do I crave the security of somewhere familiar or the rush of somewhere new?
  • Do I feel drawn to be near still water, rushing water or the sea?
  • Is the crisp, clean air of the mountains calling to me or do I want the heat and steam of the tropics?
  • Do I want to see the beauty of forest or the arid landscape of the desert?

You can continue asking yourself these types of exploratory questions as long as you need.
Once you are confident on what type of adventure to take, it’s time to consider that pesky ‘budget’ and ‘time’ constraint many of us have. It’s ok to save up or request time off in advance, but for some these aren’t options so simply work with what you have. If you can only afford a day trip or only have time for a weekend getaway, then do that. Connecticut and the surrounding states have beaches, woods, mountains and just about any other landscape you can think of. Your soul doesn’t care or understand dollars or days, the important part is HONORING YOURSELF AND YOUR SOUL’S NEED FOR ADVENTURE.

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Jenna Stockwell is an Entrepreneur, Motivational Speaker and Writer who is driven by her passion for people and the planet. Her calling to help others heal and interest in Healing Arts led her to co-found two Holistic Centers in 2007 where she became certified in numerous Healing Modalities. In a divine twist of fate in 2009 she helped launch a Sustainable Lifestyle Company and for 8 years has been empowering and educating entrepreneurs and consumers on less expensive, more sustainable ways of life. Jenna has traveled to remote villages worldwide to participate in sustainability projects and continues to speak, train and educate people all over the world on how together we can live in harmony with each other and nature. She is excited to create a global network of people who are called to make a difference! To find out more or to contact Jenna visit: