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A Divine Approach to Fulfilling Your Destiny

September 8, 2017

One of the most common lessons we all learn on the spiritual journey is that we have lived many past lives and that we are here in this lifetime to heal traumas from those past lifetimes. This common lesson certainly brands our life in a negative light. Yet, what if the main reason you are here is to generate positive outcomes? A life of positive outcomes requires you to set positive intentions, have a positive attitude and initiate positive actions for yourself, your family, your friends and our world. This journey of your positive outcomes is the fulfillment of your Soul purpose or destiny. On the path to fulfilling your Soul’s destiny, you recognize the need to heal the traumas of your past because these traumas may be blocking your greatest potential.

When I first heard of the concept of Soul’s destiny and healing the traumas of my past, I began to wonder where is the information from these past lifetimes stored and how can I get access to the information? This quest for knowledge of my Soul’s unique journey led me to the Akashic Records – a library of our past, present and future lifetime information. According to Linda Howe, Akashic expert, “The Akashic Records can be understood as the “Cosmic Chronicles of You”: an energetic archive, or dimension of consciousness, that tells the story of your Soul’s journey through space and time as a Human Being.

Past, Present and Future
There are basic universal truths that are consistent across all clients, as well as abundant information that is unique to the person’s records. An example of a universal truth is how the Akashic Records defines the past, present and future of our life. Our past is defined as one second ago and before. In each lifetime, we live a past lifetime every 18 years. Most of the information comes from our time in the lifetimes from this incarnation. The Akashic Records define the present as this exact moment in time. Much of the information shared is designed to help you make decisions that impact your life right now. After all, the present moment is the only moment we know for sure is possible to make changes in our life. The future is defined as one second from now and forward. The messages about your future lifetimes in this lifetime are designed to help you plan and accomplish your Soul’s desired destiny for this lifetime. A future incarnation will only be shared within the Akashic Records if you or a loved one will have a direct impact on the future of humanity.

Soul’s Collective
Information from your Akashic Records is shared by a group of non-physical Beings called your Soul’s Collective. These loving Beings are assigned to help you achieve your destiny in this lifetime. Your Soul’s Collective is comprised of Ascended Masters, Spirit Guides, Angelic Beings, Mystical Teachers and Deceased Loved Ones. For sure, you are not alone in this lifetime!

Because we are a Soul Being having a Human Being experience, it has become quite apparent that our Soul has been leading us on this incarnation as a Human Being. If that is true, then why isn’t life easier? Spiritual expert Caroline Myss has shared that, “Self-esteem is our actual core powers that is essential to our evolutionary progress. Your potential for success in life is determined by how greatly you esteem or value who you truly are.” Therefore, low self-esteem can lead to undermining your own life.

Your Soul’s Collective desires for you to understand why the same unsettling patterns appear in your life or why some relationships work and others don’t or why you are not meeting your own success goals. Another universal truth that explains these obstacles is applicable to each one of us, “Until you understand the gift of any situation, you are destined to repeat it.” Your Soul’s Collective is ready, available and anxious to share with you many “ah ha” moments. Your Soul’s Collective will make suggestions for improvements in your personal and professional life in a constructive and practical manner.

What would your life be like if you knew your Soul’s desired destiny and you understood the gift of your life experiences? Would you be more relaxed, creative, have faith in your own inner wisdom and excited about your future? When you connect the dots of your past and present experiences with a knowing of your future destiny, it is possible to live a life in alignment with the unlimited resources of the Universe available to you always.

Robin Clare is a channel for the Ascended Masters, an advanced Akashic Record Reader and a highly regarded spiritual teacher and community leader. She is the author of Messiah Within and the Amazon Best Selling spiritual book, The Divine Keys. For over a decade Robin has served an as ambassador between the Divine realm and our day-to-day world. By sharing her gifts, Robin enables her private practice clients to fulfill their Soul’s destiny in both their personal and professional life. To learn more about Robin, please go to: or call 860-232-3331.
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