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Is 2018 Your Year to Finally Find Love?

Is 2018 Your Year to Finally Find Love?

Do you dream of finding love? Someone to hug, kiss and snuggle with? How would life be different if you had a partner who has your back and makes you laugh? One thing I know as a dating coach for 15 years is that it’s never too late to find love! However, to find love you’ll have to DO something about it. Just like getting a new job or redecorating your home, there are steps to make your goal a reality.

Here are 10 steps to find love this year:

1.Clear the Past: If you are ready for love, start by cleaning up your love energy. Burn old love letters and toss journals. Unfriend old beaus on social media. Give away gifts from past lovers. These are powerful ways to release the past and create space for a new man.

2. Boost Confidence: Men find confident women sexy (and vice versa) so how can you boost your confidence? Lose 5 lbs. and exercise more. Write a list of all your accomplishments and feel proud of yourself. Become more interesting by taking a class, reading more, or listening to live music. Learn a new skill or visit a museum. Self-improvement is fun and gives you new conversation topics.

3. Polish Your Looks: When was the last time you updated your hairstyle and makeup? Get a new haircut, highlights or change your color. Refresh your makeup and buy a new lipstick. And if you don’t wear makeup, start with blush, mascara and lip gloss. You might also buy a new outfit that you feel FABULOUS in. Give yourself some pizzazz and wear something sexy to feel desirable and present an alluring package when you meet men.

4. Take a Vow of Friendliness: How friendly are you? If you are anything less than 7 on a scale of 1- 10, take a vow of friendliness. Smile more at people every day, especially men. Strike up a conversation with someone in line at the grocery store or cleaners. Your entire life improves when you build social skills. But, it sure is easier to meet men when you are friendly and approachable.

5. Schedule Time to Meet Men: If you don’t have time in your busy calendar to meet men, you don’t have time for love either. When you make time in your calendar, you are more likely to follow through. The best way to do this is to look up singles events, Meetups or other events you want to attend. Put them in your calendar and go!

6. Learn What Works with Dating Sites or Apps: I realize online dating is common knowledge, but do you know how to make the most of this digital tool? It’s more than just posting a profile so men find you. Invest time and money to learn how to make the sites and apps work for you. Just do it as the Nike tagline says because finding love is WORTH IT.

7. Get a Dating Buddy: When you have a single girlfriend as your dating buddy, you are more likely to keep your commitments. Hold each other accountable to get online, try apps and go to live events together. Encourage each other to stick with it and regain composure after disappointments. This is a highly supportive way to stay positive on your journey.

8. Meet One Man a Month: Seriously, if you want to find love, you’ve got to meet new men regularly. Set an intention to meet at least one man a month and one a week would be even better. There’s no wiggling out of this if you want to find the lasting love. You can meet 12 men or more this year so get on it!

9. Write a Letter to Yourself: Why do you want to find love? Do you want companionship, romance and someone to travel with? A partner to sit in front of the fire and snuggle with? Get clear about what love will add to your life and why you want that. When you know why love is important to you, the effort to meet new people will make more sense.

10. Smarten Up about Dating: What do you really know about midlife dating? Have you read any books, taken a class or tried private coaching? These options open your eyes to what works. Midlife dating is not the same as when you were 22. Things have changed girlfriend and you’ve got to know what works to succeed!

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Ronnie Ann Ryan is the Dating Coach for women over 40 helping single gals with hot careers but chilly love lives find the right man. Award Winning Blogger and Bestselling Author of Is He the One?. Ronnie will write an engaging online profile that gets noticed and conveys the real you. https://nevertoolate.biz or get her free book at: https://nevertoolate.biz/gift.