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Practical Divine Wisdom From Robin Clare

Practical Divine Wisdom From Robin Clare

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Dear Robin: I have a wonderful job, a family that needs me, I contribute my time and resources to community and global concerns and YET, I feel like there must be something more to this life – like some grand purpose that I am not fulfilling. Why do I still feel so unproductive even though my life is very full? I even feel guilty writing to you. Randy from CT.

Dear Randy:
When you feel guilty, you typically are unhappy because you think that you have done something wrong – or have failed to do something which you should have done. Perhaps the challenge is compounded by having to remember to not feel guilty about feeling guilty. In fact, you may find it surprising instead that I would invite you to embrace the gift of guilt! The gift of guilt reminds us ask ourselves if how we are spending our time is where we truly want or need to be. I say embrace your guilt, for it has brought you to a place where you can seek and find answers.

My work with clients and students is based on a single premise, “When you are living your Divine Purpose, you will fulfill your Soul’s Destiny.” Through my own struggle with, “Am I doing enough?”, I have come to understand that there are two distinct – yet united – concepts living within that single premise. Please allow me to clarify these for you.

First, you may ask: “Is one’s Divine Purpose the same as one’s Life Purpose?” The answer is yes and no. “Purpose” will always have a component dedicated to serving others. “Divine Purpose” is about service to others in alignment with Divine Principles. This alignment is not about how you are serving but rather that you serve with an intention to serve with Kindness, Compassion and Integrity.

The second important concept to define is “Soul’s Destiny”. Up until quite recently, I thought destiny was a destination. Then I came to understand that Soul’s Destiny refers to an unlocking of your Divine Right to receive gifts from the Divine. The gifts shared by the Divine are Love, Peace, Joy and Abundance.

Putting it all together, when you serve others with Kindness, Compassion and Integrity (Divine Purpose), you will be rewarded with a life filled with Love, Peace, Joy and Abundance (Soul’s Destiny).

Randy, I would ask you to go back and examine with honesty how you are serving others – and in peeling back the layers you will undoubtedly discover how you are being rewarded for your service. When you inevitably find that your life does reflect Divine Purpose, then I would ask you to take a reflective moment for self-acceptance and appreciation.

On the other hand, if your honest self-assessment still leaves you with a sense of falling short and still feeling frustrated, I would recommend that you start to pay attention to not only what you do for others but also to your attitude while you are doing it. Once you start to diary these things, you will automatically develop an “attitude of gratitude” for the opportunity to serve others . . . and you will be on the path to alignment with the Divine.

What you focus on expands. Therefore, I invite you to focus on all the positive aspects of your life of service – and don’t strive to forget feeling guilty for not living your perceived “grand” purpose, embrace it with appreciation for providing you with the impetus for opening your door to real self-discovery.

“It is absolutely possible to have it all – a life deeply engaged in the energies of the Divine, while creating and living a life that embraces family, friends and service to humanity!” These are the words that grace the back cover of my second book, The Divine Keys. More than ever, I believe that is achievable for us all!

In love and light,

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