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How To Boost Your Bone Strength While Building A Better Body

How To Boost Your Bone Strength While Building A Better Body

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Our bones continually develop throughout our youthful years, forming the foundation of our body for our adult lives. When we were children we had nagging parents ensuring that we drank enough milk or avoided excessive bone-breaking activities. But now our bone health is entirely in our own hands and often we overlook the importance of maintaining them. Whether we are guilty of sneaking a few unhealthy snacks into our meal plan or stick to habits that only hinder our strength, as we grow older our bones begin to take strain. We only have one set of bones so it is best we look after them. After all, our bones play a pivotal role in our overall health. The bones have an intrinsic relationship with our immune system in the same way that our brains can dictate the health of our skin. Therefore, ensuring that both systems are performing at their optimal state will help us build a better body that is more dependable with age. In doing so, we can take advantage of life for years to come and appreciate every moment as if we were a child, experiencing the world for the very first time.

Follow these simple tips to boost your bone strength while building a better body.

1. Stack Up On Quality Supplements
Supplements offer an easy and affordable way to source essential vitamins and minerals that positively impact your overall health. Many of these vitamins and minerals, found in the formulas of quality supplements, are vitally important for building stronger bones. As we age, our bodily processes don’t work as they used to. Supplements can ensure that they do. Whether your doctor has prescribed certain medications or not, it is up to you to look for the right supplements to strengthen your bones. Remember to be on the lookout for quality indicators suggesting supplements will be effective. These include an impressive ingredient list, affordable price, manufacturer guarantee, and recognized manufacturing processes supported by a cGMP certification. For detailed reviews on quality supplements on the market, take a look at Review Critic. They will help you find the right bone supporting supplement in no time. We have outlined a few essential substances you should keep your eyes peeled for when scouting out the many product options on the market.

  • Calcium: This mineral is the building block of bone health and sourcing calcium is increasingly important with age. The bones and teeth are made up of calcium and the body will begin sourcing this mineral from these areas if it does not receive enough from your diet.
  • Vitamin D: This vitamin is primarily responsible for ensuring that calcium is efficiently absorbed into the body and used. The supplementation will thus prevent the body from using the bones and teeth to source its calcium needs.
  • Magnesium: This mineral regulates calcium levels in the body. It also works to transport calcium throughout the body across cell membranes and supports the structural development of bone tissue. This ingredient should not be overlooked.

While these ingredients can be sufficiently sourced through quality supplements, be sure to purchase products that contain substantial quantities of the above-mentioned substances when visiting your local grocery store. Never say no to nutrients!

2. Get Your Train On
Over and above receiving the right nutrients, maintaining a fit lifestyle is key to prevent bone deterioration and conditions like osteoporosis. Your weight can play a role in the onset of these conditions so ensuring that you hit the gym or get out for a run will help you sustain a better and more dependable body. Bones act just like muscles in the way that they get stronger with exercise. Adopting weight-bearing activities will encourage cell production in the bones and in turn make them stronger. If weights are not your scene, then aerobics and fitness classes can be a great way to achieving a banging body supported by healthy bones.

3. Take Out The Toxins
Cigarettes and alcohol are primary contributors of toxins in the body. These harmful chemicals and substances play an extremely detrimental role in your bone health. Research has indicated that smokers have lower bone mass which increases the risk of deterioration and fractures while drinkers suffer the risk of bone loss. In an ideal world, these could just be given up. But, it is not always as easy as that. Try reducing your habits until you are able to quit. Everything in moderation!

Looking after our bones is essential for an improved body and overall health. If you are after a youthful body and stronger bones, adopting these simple tips into your lifestyle is a surefire way of achieving just that! What are you waiting for? Source a quality supplement, step into the gym and cut those filthy habits.

Penny Brown, a Physical Therapist with a degree from Columbia University, passionately believes in the importance of bone health, at any age. You can find her regularly competing in triathalons along with her partner, Breanna, and their 2 children, Roxie and Joe. When she’s not working or training for her next race, she enjoys swimming, hiking and reading nonfiction writing.