How Echoes in the Energy Body Inhibit Fertility

How Echoes in the Energy Body Inhibit Fertility

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There is a specific kind of pain that results from the loss of life in the womb. Many people have experienced this nameless pain and rarely find a safe setting where they can talk freely and heal from the experience mentally, physically and energetically. Miscarriages, terminated pregnancies and intrauterine deaths (still births) can leave an “echo” in the Luminous Energy Field that sends mis-information to the physical body, sometimes preventing new life from taking root. Shamanic energy healing techniques can help clear these echoes, making room for new projects, dreams and life to find their way into the world.

What is the Luminous Energy Field?

Various cultures around the world make reference to a luminous architecture, energy body or energy field. Modern shamans compare the Luminous Energy Field (LEF) to a software operating system. The LEF contains programs for living, loving and dying. These programs are created from beliefs, inherited by ancestors and gathered through experience. This software system includes the meridians and is connected to the body through chakras and the electromagnetic pulses of the brain.

The purpose of the LEF is to collect and interpret data from the energetic/unseen world and provide information to your physical body (the hardware). Your physical body will react based upon the data it receives from the LEF.

As much as the LEF influences the physical body, the physical body can also influence the LEF. This mutual influence can create optimal health when energetic healing and awareness occur, and can create disruptive patterns when left unattended. LEFs collect data, use it, and release it when the information is no longer needed. You might walk around a corner in NYC, “get a vibe” from your LEF that says, “This street isn’t safe.” and so you turn around and grab a coffee someplace else. While you are having coffee, your physical body sends messages to the LEF that all is well and your LEF releases any data associated with that event. You might not even be aware that you chose a different route due to your energy field or its “vibe” because this sort of data transfer happens all the time and at high rates of speed.

What is an “echo” in the energy body?

When we encounter trauma, our energy bodies can hold on to data past the point of being useful, thereby creating an “echo” or energetic scar. Maybe you walked around a corner in NYC and “got a vibe” to get out of there and as your turned around to leave, a guy in a black cap whacked you on the head and stole your money. If you got up, brushed off your clothes and experienced a sense of wellbeing, the LEF would release this event data as well.

More commonly, our experience with severe fear or pain will set off a chain reaction of emotional and biological responses that in turn blast information into the LEF. At that moment an energetic scar or echo is created in our energy body. The energy field will hold on to the data, “NYC and men in black caps are dangerous.”

What is amazing about this, is that the LEF has no idea what year it is. As long as there are potential trips to NYC or men in black caps, your LEF will continuously send signals to your brain to be on high alert. As you can imagine, these echoes take up much space in the LEF. The bigger you perceive the trauma to be, the more space the echo will take up, hijacking energy that you could be using for living, loving, and creating life. Traumatic events have to be healed physically, mentally and energetically for lasting or significant change to occur.

Releasing the Energetic Babies

If you have had loss of life in the womb, you may have healed physically and even mentally. If you have truly developed full sense of wellbeing after this event, then your LEF has released the event data and any energetic echo is gone.

If however, you know all the right things to think and say about your experience and are hiding some of your deepest fear, regret, or shame, then your energy body might be holding onto the data to protect you from feeling pain ever again.

Often, these energies will appear to shamans as “Energetic Babies.” This is NOT the soul or spirit of the baby, but the “echo” of the emotional trauma surrounding the loss of the baby personified symbolically.

Case Study
My client lost a baby due to miscarriage about six months before she came to see me. She took her health seriously and through beautiful work with therapists and doctors, she came to understand that the miscarriage was not her fault and she released much of her guilt and shame surrounding the loss.

However, she and her partner had grown distant. And although they had both done work individually to heal, their connection seemed to be damaged. They both really wanted a child and were struggling to get pregnant. In this struggle, many of her fears surfaced. When I asked her to name her biggest fear, she said “I am afraid that I am too old to have a baby and that was my last chance.”

As I searched her energy body for the roots of this fear, an energetic baby appeared to be taking up much of the space around her heart and abdomen effectively blocking the flow of energy through these major energy centers. When these energy centers are blocked, loving and creating anything – projects, new life, new businesses – is interrupted.

Because at our most energetic pure nature we are compassionate, we can sometimes get tied up with these energies out of love. In this case, the energetic baby wanted to stay around to help my client feel less alone. And my client wanted to keep a tie to the energetic baby because she was afraid it might have been her only chance to love a little one. When we cling to what was, even out of love, we diminish possibility for our future creations of all kinds to take root.

I asked her to release her fear into a stone through a few different breathing techniques and in a simple ceremony, to thank and let go of this little one who came into her life for only for a brief time. She cried the last few tears and said thank you and goodbye. Totally. The release created a ton of space in her energy body and after a few weeks, she and her husband were able to reconnect in loving ways again. Their connection grew so strong that they decided their marriage would be OK even if they didn’t have a baby, and guess what? They had a baby.

Clearing the Echo

  1. Change your perspective. In order to begin the healing process at all levels, you must do this physically, mentally and energetically. Update your thinking on the event and change the telling of the story to an empowering story. Most popular stories and certainly all TV dramas include a story of the down-and-out Victim – endearing, but not possessed of her/his own power. The Bully – the one who ruined everything. And the Rescuer – the one who is coming to save the day. This story is good for TV dramas, but bad for living. In order to update your story, you have to be able to tell it to a loved one without anyone playing the Victim, Bully or Rescuer in the story – especially you.
  2. Ceremony of Thanks and Surrender. When we sit in ceremony either by ourselves or with others, we are in sacred space. In sacred space we are held by something larger than ourselves. In ceremony, our intentions are brought into brilliant focus when we are in the presence of Spirit. Create sacred space. Gongs, chanting, praying, burning sage, honoring the four directions, heaven and earth, or tapping into the wise one within are all great ways to create sacred space.
    Write on a piece of paper the loss that you wish to release. Write on the same piece of paper all of the good things the experience gave you and thank the lost one for giving you these gifts. Feel the gratitude in your whole body. If you can’t find the gratitude because the grief is still too heavy, then write down what you are grieving, and thank the lost one for the lessons that you are sure will unfold. Even if they are not yet known. Burn the paper with gratitude and surrender. Repeat this ceremony until true gratitude can come into your whole body. There is a difference between clinging to the past, and honoring and remembering. Ceremony will allow you to let go of the past while honoring and remembering the gifts.
  3. Shamanic Healing. Shamans work in the world of energy/Spirit on behalf of clients. There are many energetic occurrences that can interrupt optimal health despite your best efforts in the physical world. Shamanic Healing can complement your efforts with doctors and therapists, often discovering patterns and connections hidden in the unseen world.

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