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Explore Your Unique Gifts with Agnes Daddona of Intuitive Counseling

Explore Your Unique Gifts with Agnes Daddona of Intuitive Counseling

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I had the pleasure of having an intuitive reading with Agnes Daddona last month and was blown away by her authenticity, accuracy and just how amazing the process was. This is an excerpt of my reading!

First, Agnes invited my angels and spirit guides to work with us on healing and bringing divine guidance. She first asked me my birthday to find the doorway to my soul so she can view my soul history. She quickly had a vision of a river running and an intense feeling that spirit wouldn’t let her go. This meant there will be much movement and transition in my life, the message is that I cannot stay stuck, I must stay moving. I totally resonated with this as I was launching a new magazine in Florida and there were many moving parts!

Next, she told me that my inner child is a dreamer with a hugely creative imagination, the most sensitive part of me. You can ask my mother about that – she used to call me a dreamer all the time when I was a kid. Agnes said even in past lives I was always involved in a sophisticated level of creation, I spent many lifetimes teaching all kinds of different subjects. I was also a writer for many lifetimes, and there are books in me now. Totally agree, in fact I have a couple of outlines on my laptop right now for book ideas.

She told me most of my lifetimes I was a loner, doing my thing and fighting for people. I have a need for making things right and orderly and I don’t like when things are not the way they’re supposed to be in justice. She looked at my potential for healing abilities and said I had a tremendous imprint for teaching, but not hands-on healing. I would absolutely agree with that as I’ve always been drawn to speaking and teaching but never to be a practitioner or healer. She said I don’t take failure easy, (spot on there!), so I need to be set on a good path. And this was the kicker – she told me that only in a few lifetimes did I have a family – I was a loner which served me on some level. I have always had that feeling that I spent many lifetimes alone pursuing a passion or career and that it was difficult for me to figure out how to have both career and family.

Then, we took a journey through the chakras. Agnes does not do a typical chakra reading, but reads from the highest place to determine your highest potential. She used a pendulum, more for me to see where there were blockages. A blockage is indicated if the pendulum does not move at all or moves in a forward/backward way vs. circular, which indicates the energy is good.

1st chakra relates to foundation and family. There was no movement in this chakra for me which indicates a blockage or sadness that no one would ever know. While many people go into fear or anger, my energy goes into sadness when this chakra is blocked. I would totally agree.

2nd chakra relates to creativity, zest for life, and dreams. Again, there was no movement in this chakra and Agnes told me I was only using 30% of my creative potential.

3rd chakra relates to empowerment, self-esteem, self-worth, and boundaries. Here I had movement back and forth which indicates a different sort of blockage. She explained that half of my energy was collapsed from being too forceful and then lacking boundaries. I tend to go to extremes – again, I agreed and could even think of specific instances when this was the case in my life recently. She suggested this had to do with my environment and those around me who were influencing me.

4th chakra relates to the heart. Again, I had no movement – I was starting to see a pattern here! Agnes told me I had a huge loving heart, but my heart was closed for protection. She said I have a fear of losing my identity in a relationship, so I only check in a little bit. I was guarding to the extreme and needed to open my heart. She told me that my soul will always pull me to romantic love and trusting and truly melding with someone of a higher vibration. In the past, subconsciously I’ve looked for a lower vibration partner, because then I could be in control, but there was a price to pay. That totally resonated with me. Agnes said this starts with self love and that I was so tough on myself, she said, “I feel like I’m in the army!” We had a good laugh over that as many of my friends have often said I am militant!

5th chakra relates to the throat and your voice. What a shock – this was blocked too. She said, this was a shocker because I’m all about communication, that’s my gift. She told me it was blocked because it was hard for me to ask people for what I really need. I either don’t say anything and expect people to read my mind or I come out like a lion. Sadly, I think this is true too!

6th chakra relates to your intuition or your 3rd eye. Finally – here I had great movement. She told me I have big intuition and make good decisions about my life. I was so excited, until she said, “However, you’re only using 30% of your talent.” More work to be done.

7th chakra relates to your connection to spirit. I thought for sure this would be clear – but nope! Agnes said I had many questions about the universe and understanding what’s true and what’s not true. I couldn’t agree more with this – especially with what we’re all experiencing now. She told me the energy on the planet is rising so fast that we don’t have time to adjust. We don’t know what to believe because so much is happening. She said I also needed to learn to ask for help and support in connecting with spirit. My mindset is too focused on doing things myself and not needing any help. Yes, this is definitely true.

Then we moved on to Agnes doing a medical scan. This was really amazing. She asked me if I had any problem with my knees. Well, interestingly enough, two weeks prior I was out running and I tripped and fell right on my knees. She said energetically knees are my weakness, and that was something to watch.

Next, she pulled five angel cards to complete the reading. Again – no surprises here, the accuracy was amazing and exactly in line with my chakra reading.

  1. Support card: the message – you can’t do it yourself, you need to ask for help.
  2. Feminine energy card: the message – open your heart with love and creativity.
  3. Imagination card: the message – you have to visualize,
    put the full plan into pictures to put yourself in motion.
  4. Unfinished symphony: the message – you have a soul lesson in relationships.
  5. Building foundation: the message – focus on your
    1st chakra, build a new foundation for life with the imprints
    of your new dreams.

Agnes ended my session and told me I have amazing potential. Although I might feel like I’m living in a shadow, I will come out of it and the energy is big this year for manifestation and creativity. I have to say Agnes is by far one of the best intuitives I have ever worked with. Her energy is beautiful and loving and she is so passionate about what she does. This was truly a gift for me and I would encourage anyone struggling with life choices or health concerns to reach out to her. She is an angel!

Agnes Daddona, MS of Intuitive Counseling – Holistic Spa. Readings, healing sessions, and Angel Workshops are available at this time by phone or via Zoom.
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