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CT’s Top Holistic Spa and Massage

CT’s Top Holistic Spa and Massage

Holistic estheticians are guided by a therapeutic model of prevention. They maintain a practice and philosophy to provide services that never alter the biological integrity of the skin. Holistic skincare is mindful to the functionality of the skin and what may stress the health of the skin. Stress and anxiety significantly impact the skin, worsening problems like rosacea and eczema and even triggering acne. Holistic estheticians believe in a non-invasive approach to skincare and treat the client’s whole health, advising them on their nutritional and emotional needs.

Brie Grosse, Licensed Esthetician: Revive Skincare and Spa
Brie Grosse I’m Brie Grosse, an ethical, results-driven Connecticut-based Licensed Esthetician working out of Revive Skincare and Spa located in the heart of Unionville. My mission is to help each one of you look and feel your best by embodying a holistic lifestyle approach for healthy skin, mind, and body. My strong passion for health and beauty drives me to share my extensive knowledge of the skincare industry.

My personal struggles with my own skin growing up took a devastating toll on my self-confidence. I was determined to find a natural way to get myself off the countless prescriptions, many ineffective. I came to realize I had an underlying, undiagnosed genetic allergy that was causing my skin to flare up. My issues were far more than skin deep – they were stemming from my stomach. To alleviate these issues, I eliminated a major food group from my diet ten years ago.

Today, my body and skin are balanced and healthier than ever. As the largest organ in the body, your skin is a big deal – give it the respect it deserves. Good skin starts from within! Practicing good skincare habits is important for not only the present, it can also soften the effects of aging in the future. It’s time to feel confident in the skin you’re in. Let’s work together to develop a highly customized skincare routine for you to see and feel amazing results! To connect with me, visit @skinby.brie. I’m available six days a week to accommodate flexible scheduling.

Brie Grosse, Licensed Esthetician • Unionville, CT • Revive Skincare and Spa • 860.717.0537 • briegrosse@gmail.com
Emily Selden, Licensed Esthetician: CT Center for Natural Health
Emily Selden Your skin is your body’s largest organ. Unlike some animals, humans don’t shed our skin to reveal new and better skin. Because of this, we must take care of what we have. I believe good skincare products and skin care treatments are an investment and should be treated as such. By using a clean, natural, results-driven product line and getting regular in-office skin treatments, you can slow down the aging process, address any concerns you have, and help your skin to be the best it can be.”

Emily has been a licensed esthetician since 2009. She had worked in the allopathic dermatology field doing administration for many years, during which time she learned much about skin health and what we can do to keep it healthy. She started working with the Rhonda Allison Skincare line in 2020 and never looked back.

This line has transformed not only her own skin but is constantly making positive changes in the patients she treats – anything from acne or rosacea to pro-youth, anti-aging concerns, and the results have been fantastic! Emily recommends monthly in-office treatments coupled with a customized at-home regimen tailored specifically to your skin care needs.

To schedule an appointment with Emily, you can simply email her at: Emily@yournaturalhealth.com or call the office at 860.347.8600, option 5. Glowing skin is just a click or call away!

Emily Selden, Licensed Esthetician • Middletown, CT • The Connecticut Center for Natural Health • 860.347.8600, option 5 • emily@yournaturalhealth.com