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CT’s Top Holistic Psychotherapy, LCSW, and Life Coaches

CT’s Top Holistic Psychotherapy, LCSW, and Life Coaches

Holistic psychotherapy uses traditional methods of psychotherapy along with nontraditional approaches to accomplish the deepest level of healing possible. The mind, body, and spirit are viewed as one unit, working in harmony and seeking integration and balance.

Life Coaches guide you to specific business and personal goals and transitions in many areas of your life. They help you grow by analyzing your current situation, identifying limiting beliefs and obstacles you face, and devising a custom plan of action to help you achieve your goals.

The Enlightenment Counseling Center
Enlightenment Counseling CenterThe Enlightenment Counseling Center is a clinical group practice made of licensed psychotherapists that provide a holistic approach to improving and healing your mental health.

Mental and emotional wellness is our goal. It is our mission to help our patients heal—mind, body, and spirit. Each clinician on our team offers their own unique blend of magic by combining traditional psychotherapy with complementary and alternative medicine. To address your mental health needs, we provide clinical interventions such as EMDR, DBT, TF-CBT, CBT, and IFS.

Our clinicians are certified yoga instructors, Reiki practitioners, mind–body and energy medicine trained and certified expressive arts therapists, and mindfulness-based stress reduction teachers. All these modalities support the calming and resetting of the central nervous system.

We understand that our mental health is heavily affected by unprocessed emotional wounds and painful life experiences that have continued to impact our lives and decisions unconsciously. This leads to depression, anxiety, PTSD, and many other mental disbalances.

As integrative psychotherapists, we focus on empowering our clients with not only clinical support and stabilization but, ideally, in supporting them in making lifestyle changes that nourish and sustain the healed versions of themselves. These lifestyle changes may center around nutrition, integration of affirmations and positive self-talk, working with the law of attraction and manifestation, increased body movement, meditation, yoga, and breathwork.

The ECC is here to help you clinically and by using complementary and alternative medicine to help you find inner peace, joy, and happiness. We are currently accepting new clients in our Hartford and West Hartford offices. Please call the referral line at 860.729.3284 and check out our website for more info: enlightenmentcenterct.com.

The Enlightenment Counseling Center • 998 Farmington Ave, Ste. 125, West Hartford, CT 06107 • 860.729.3284 • Enlightenmentcenterct.com • Accepting new patients in the fall

Ray Beyor, Life Coach
Ray BeyorAt just 5 feet 2 inches tall and weighing nearly 200 pounds, I escaped an abusive work environment with an annual income barely reaching $35k. As I drove home, dread consumed me, knowing I was returning to an unsupportive, passionless marriage. My circumstances had plunged me into a deep depression, making me understand why people contemplate drastic measures. Change was imperative; I needed to find something that would reignite my zest for life.

Despite looming feelings of failure, I took a scary leap toward a new life to avoid a perilous path of depression and chronic pain. This pivotal decision transformed my life. Starting my own business during the hardest time in my life led to autonomy, financial success, and rediscovering my passions. Additionally, I began to feel amazing, be my healthy self, build a supportive community of friends, and find so many loving relationships once I came out as polyamorous.

Over a decade later, I am now a Life Coach, drawing upon my personal journey and diverse background as a yoga instructor, sculptor, dancer, entrepreneur, and recovering codependent child of alcoholics. My coaching approach acts as a catalyst, rekindling self-confidence and self-love within my clients. They express a newfound vitality, a refreshed connection to their unique qualities, and the courage to take bold steps in sharing these gifts with the world.

If my story resonates with you, please explore my Free Digital Training at raylifecoaching.com/free-resources. There, you’ll discover tools like “Don’t Shut Up, Just Stand Up: Confidence Toolkit for People Pleasers” and “Get Out of My Way, I Got My MOJO Back, Baby! Become a MOJO Magnet.” I also offer workshops and one-to-one coaching sessions for those committed to their journey of transformation.

Ray Beyor, Life Coach • 860.966.5677 • reneebeyor.comray@reneebeyor.com

Mischa Hadaway, LCSW, CD (DONA)
Gentle Mama Counseling

Mischa HadawayThere are a few moments in your life that take your breath away. Moments that live in your memory, your heart, and your soul forever.

Think back to your first kiss, senior prom, or graduation day. Purchasing your first home or your wedding day. Your child’s first steps, their first birthday, or the day of their birth.

Of these moments, how many of them did you have control over? How many of them were you ready for? How many are you still thinking about? How many of them would you do again if you could?

The experience of childbirth, we’re told, is supposed to be positive and full of joy, but for some, it’s the opposite. You prepared for the baby, read all the books, and bought the gear Now, baby is here…and you realize nothing is as you expected. You’re so tired, feeling isolated, lonely, scared, and worried. For many, there is no pregnancy “glow,” no “I love being pregnant,” no “I got pregnant on the very first try.” The unknown is anxiety-provoking.

You worry you’ll never feel like yourself again, and you don’t know what to do to feel better. Nothing you’ve tried is helping. Taking time for yourself wthout feeling guilt or shame seems impossible. You want to feel supported and confident that you’re a good mom and partner, even on what feels like your worst day. However, the weight of the never-ending to-do list and “mom brain” take hold, and self-care seems like a luxury you can’t afford.

That first step toward getting help may feel overwhelming. To get here, you need a safe and secure place to talk about how you’re feeling. That’s where I come in. I am a perinatal therapist, meaning I’m an expert in all things pregnancy, childbirth, and postpartum, working with clients who are planning a someday family, currently expecting, recently postpartum, or grieving a loss. This includes families who are managing their journey through fertility, birth trauma, and parenting with or without a partner.

I provide virtual, one-hour individual sessions. We will work together to normalize your situation, process the trauma, and devise a plan to address what feels unbearable. Consultations are free.

I have a flexible schedule with evening and weekend appointments, and I accept most insurances.

Mischa Hadaway, LCSW, CD(DONA) • Gentle Mama Counseling • 860.215.4710 • West Hartford, CT • gentlemamacounseling.com

Jenny Alzate, LPC, LLC, Integrative Psychotherapist
Jenny AlzateJenny Alzate is a Hispanic Integrative Psychotherapist, LPC, Certified Mental Health Integrative Medicine Provider, and Reiki practitioner. She’s been working in the mental health field for 25 years, with a clinical focus is on women’s issues, mood and stress disorders, family therapy, and childhood trauma. Jenny uses an eclectic clinical approach to help heal and restore the mind, body, and spirit. Jenny is trained in mindfulness-based stress reduction, mind–body medicine, Eden energy medicine, aromatherapy, emotional freedom technique, and trauma-focused yoga.

Jenny teaches her clients how to deactivate the physiological stress response and activate the relaxation response found within the body by using natural holistic medicine modalities. Jenny has been in private practice for 14 years and, in 2017, co-founded The Enlightenment Counseling Center. An integrative group practice and wellness center. She manages the ECC and her private practice, Jenny Alzate, LPC, LLC—Integrative Psychotherapist.

Jenny brings respect and admiration for her clients. She understands that facing ourselves and doing the work is both challenging and beautiful and believes everyone has a birthright to be well
in this lifetime.

Jenny promotes well-being by helping clients transmute painful experiences into conscious life lessons and opportunities to find their true selves behind the stories. Jenny is a very intuitive healer and is not only the therapist but also a lifelong client, always learning and expanding herself.

She continues her personal healing and empowerment journey while helping many others on theirs.

Jenny Alzate, LPC, LLC, Integrative Psychotherapist • 860.729.6138 • JennyalzateLPC.com • 660 Prospect Ave, Hartford, CT 06105

Susana Padilla, Certified Hypnotherapist, Hypnosis Haven
Susana PadillaWhen it comes to managing anxiety and stress, many people don’t think about Hypnotherapy as an option for a natural treatment to calm their ails. More often than not, it is only dismissed as a form of entertaining a crowd; but the clients of Hypnosis Haven can tell you that Susana Padilla, Certified Hypnotherapist, will tell you they have seen amazing results after just a few sessions.

Clients have come to see her for cases of extreme anxiety, varied addictions, sugar cravings, smoking cessation, weight management, recovering from the loss of a loved one, erectile dysfunction, IBS, stroke recovery, bladder control, unresolved emotions, grudges, nighttime eating, obsessive thoughts, fears, childhood trauma and so much more.

Life is complex, and many times the challenges are wrapped up in other emotions and ideas from imprints of the past. The subconscious mind is holding on to those ideas and with Hypnotherapy, we can clear those “stuck” feelings and move on into a better mental frame of life.

No matter what challenge the clients have, they are all given a personal treatment in the session and Susana works to resolve the matters at hand while making sure no “substitute symptoms” appear. Treatment is adapted to each individual and they all receive additional recordings to help reinforce the work done in session.

As one client who came in for bladder control and gaming addiction said, “She wants to help you solve your issues and does not want you to keep coming back”.

Visit Hypnosis-Haven.com

Susana Padilla, Certified Hypnotherapist, Hypnosis Haven • New Milford, CT • 949.53.HAVEN (949.534.2836) • Hypnosis-Haven.com