A Mom Who Healed Autism and ADHD

A Mom Who Healed Autism and ADHD

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Several years ago, my youngest son was showing signs of being severely autistic and my older son had PDD (and probably more had we tested him before we began holistic healing strategies). Fast forward to today. Both have healed completely of autism and PDD. My oldest son is cleared of everything, has several friends, plays team hockey and is comfortable in school. My younger son is well liked, plays basketball, baseball and tennis. He currently has a learning difference and yet is still growing academically through teacher/ school support and holistic strategies.

The “big” question I get from parents is, “How did you do it? How did you heal your sons?”

While I certainly can’t answer that in one article, I can certainly share a few strategies I followed to help them out.

Strategy 1: You must DECIDE it’s possible for your kids to improve and that it will happen.

Without ‘deciding’, you can make some progress, and then watch them regress or plateau with improving. Why? Because you haven’t gotten clear this is possible. Your thoughts and energy impact how your kids show up…quite bluntly, you get what you expect.

The science behind it, stemming from quantum physics, is the understanding that everything is made up of energy. Even your thoughts are made up of energy. Scientists can measure brainwaves which are the measurement of thoughts. With quantum physics, the science is such that like energy attracts like energy. Therefore, like thoughts attract like thoughts.

For example, notice when you have an “off day,” you may feel angry or frustrated, as a result, you begin to experience more than one thing to feel angry or frustrated about. For example, you stub your toe and then sit in traffic on your way to work. Conversely, when you have a “good day,” you tend to feel content and happy. Consequently, you end up attracting more situations to feel happy and content with.

To bring this back to your kids, when you think they can’t or won’t improve from whatever behavior or “issue” has arisen for them, then you will be right. You’ll watch as your son or daughter seems to get stuck. That’s ok. We’ve ALL thought like this before! Here’s the thing though, once you DECIDE and get clear this is what you want and it’s going to happen. Period. Then it will.

Don’t skip this step. It’s what many people overlook when helping their kids with any condition. We tend to look outside of ourselves for answers to heal. When actually, one of the most powerful things you can do is decide you will have what you want. Kids who thrive.

Strategy 2: We are what we eat, therefore eat REAL food

If your kids are eating lots of junk, they will act like junk and eventually feel like junk. Their emotions and interactions with others may be affected, acting in a way that you would consider like junk! What qualifies as lots of junk? Foods with artificial flavors, food colorings, preservatives and food chemicals.

What foods do you want to help your kids eat more of? All natural, organic foods, fruits and veggies (and there are ways to slide veggies into meals, in soups, mixed in with sauce and pasta, mixed in a fruit shake). Antibiotic and hormone free eggs and animal protein, also gluten free whole grains like brown rice.

When we feed our kids less to zero preservatives and serve them gluten free whole grains, we are helping their bodies, specifically their digestive tract to heal and repair itself. Their gut has been impacted by processed foods, pesticides, vaccinations, and antibiotics. These sources have in turn, possibly impaired the digestive enzymes and typical functioning in their intestines. What this translates to are kids who are eating foods which their bodies have a difficult time digesting and absorbing. When this happens, kids will lack nutrients, often causing them to “act up,” feel more emotional or anxious, lack focus and more.

These behaviors and conditions don’t have to be forever. They can be altered. Real, unprocessed whole food is healing and repairing and when eaten consistently, I’ve seen some
amazing results!

It is possible for our kids to feel better and thrive. We can do this. Together you and your kids can do this. Wishing you and your kids the best on this journey.

Submitted by Andrea Anderson, author, speaker and coach for families with ADD, ADHD, autism, sensory issues, IBS or Crohn’s. Author of the book: “I Healed My Sons of Autism and You Can Too: The 7 Keys to Clearing Your Child of ADHD and Autism Naturally.” You’re invited to schedule a private or group Health Food Store Shopping Session. Andrea meets with clients at the store, showing them what specific foods they can eat to bring more healing to their conditions, which foods to skip and new healthy meal ideas that match the type of foods they prefer to eat. Interested? Email: andrea@IHealedMySons.com or text 860.485.4118 with your appointment request. www.Ihealedmysons.com