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A Metaphysical Dive into the Dynamics of the Pandemic

A Metaphysical Dive into the Dynamics of the Pandemic

As a licensed integrative/addictions psychotherapist and spiritual scientist, I weave ancient wisdoms of psychology with contemporary philosophy to treat emotional trauma and addictive process. I believe the collective body of our world is a physical representation of the world’s internal soul’s experience—COVID-19 was “allowed” to happen because of the diminishment and loss of existential meaning (soul purpose) in the world.

Instead, EGO focus (Edging God Out) represented by money, greed, power, global elitism, technology, workaholism, substance use disorders, addiction to the Reader’s Digest view of life, toxic eating, and compulsive self-reliance became the newly glamorized “drugs of choice.” Technocrats gained power because screen/device addiction, AKA electronic brains, created more value and revenue than human beings.

Will “I Am Not a Robot” Devolve into “I Am Not a Human Being”?
Do you consider the possibility of “men behind the curtain” of conventional politics (a proverbial deep state) intent upon a Great Reset to gain full control of the human system? Or perhaps we contribute to our own slavery through device addiction and then become adolescently curious about why socializing other than virtually meets with significant resistance?

The vaccine is the popular narrative, the easy fix, the one-size-fits-all, effortless remedy—the 100-yard dash vs. the marathon. Our disinterest in the truth setting us free breeds the most dangerous drug on the planet—DENIAL. The cultural apathy about vaccine pharmaceuticals parallels our malaise concerning the ingredients and inflammatory dangers of alcohol, fast food, sugar, marijuana, and other drugs that endanger the brain, heart, gut, and lungs—they provide transient relief via antidepressants and anxiety medications prescribed ad nauseum for broken hearts and historical traumas. Grief cannot be healed with chemicals.

Have Ethical Concerns Devolved into Systemic Financial Motivations?
Our world culture is suffering from the repression of traumatized grief exacerbated by the industry’s collusion to tamp down human emotion with medications that support the system’s financial addiction—GREED. Will the vaccine’s massive implementation into our new world culture allow us to revert to a stagnated addictive existence, a relapse to the old normal to excuse us from doing the work?

The injection does not require a lifestyle change; in other words, we need not bother strengthening the immune system through regular exercise, nutritional adjustments, therapy (individual, couples, family), decreasing alcoholism and workaholism, technology, gaming, internet pornography, and so on.

Technology is a process addiction—we are gradually losing our voices; we speak and communicate from a distance with less affect, emotion, connection, concern, and empathy for ourselves and others; our brains are multitasking, creating a metastatic apathy for the needs of the heart and soul.

The Physical in the Metaphysical
Metaphysically speaking, the virus threatens our lungs, the breath organs, because they are the home for each individual life. Our spirit reminds us to heal our unsanitary container—the body. If the sacred continuum of life is represented by breath and the mask devalues our need to breathe and talk, it is ironic that the mask and virus both attack and compromise the fullness of our breath and voices.

I question whether vaccine efficacy is waning because the head of science—a vaccine detox—is an easy yet impotent cure for the loss of emotional and spiritual meaning. Every human being has suffered traumatizing family-of-origin experiences; unfortunately, trauma and addiction treatment continue to carry the stigma of shame in a world in which we are encouraged to “hide our issues in our tissues.” Complying with the status quo of “healing” using antidepressants, anxiety medications, and addictive pain relievers create a generational re-wounding.

I am questioning that if we utilize the vaccine as the detox exit from the internal experience of deep healing, how then will we cure the causative malignancy inflaming the soul of our culture—running, avoiding, distracting, pleasure-seeking? Where does our non-life-sustaining clutter reside—in our bodies, psyches, closets, garages, offices, relationships?

Our human energy is diminishing. The internal light is flickering in deference to technology, an “ism” created to minimize and devalue human life. Social distancing enables the virtual world to present as the reality of choice. Screen viruses intentionally create a “social distance” between the user and their real world. We need to remember we have no control over life and death—not pre- nor post-COVID-19. On our destined transition date, there will be only a two-part question asked of us: “How well did you love, and how well did you live?”

Healing through Unconditional Love
2021 challenges us to experience the withdrawal phase of this comprehensive addictive process and begin the real work following 2020’s detox. Is the impending need for additional boosters an intuitive reminder that we cannot Band-Aid a spiritual disease from the outside in? Grief, depression, trauma, anxiety, PTSD, bipolar disorder, and addictions necessitate “inside-out” treatment, or cause before symptom; the symptom presents a challenge to the patient and clinician to locate the cause, and not simply to continually treat the symptom ad infinitum without ethical concern for its origin.

Robert Whitaker’s Anatomy of an Epidemic investigates the biological causes of mental disorders and poses the question: Do psychiatric medications fix chemical imbalances in the brain, or do they, in fact, create them? Will the vaccine eradicate the SARS-2 epidemic, or will it increase the amount of immuno-compromised human beings on this planet? It is my belief that the biological, psycho-emotional, and spiritual pandemic is a tragically collaborative result of running scared from the individual truth of our individual traumas, the intergenerational wounding we incessantly choose to avoid and then legacy to our children, who then pass it on to their offspring, ad infinitum.

People are heard saying, “this is never going to end,” inferring that the biological pandemic seems to be easier to address and places value the physical wound, rarely tending to the emotional and/or spiritual causation. I am sad and scared to admit we need to begin a truth dive into the origin of this virus I choose to call FEAR (Face Everything and Run), now medicated by governmental and global control of freedom that was once identified as democracy.

David Brooks, a New York Times columnist, penned the book The Road to Character—the thematic comparison between the resume profile vs. the eulogy profile. The resume profile is an earthly, egoic goal composed of education and work history, awards, financial success, and so on. The eulogy profile is a meta-transitional goal required of each soul in a body to live with integrity despite an unawareness of when or how transition will occur. The Universe seeks holistic healing, asking us to love unconditionally with kindness and without judgment. Perhaps daily exercise, a cleaner diet, listening more, talking less, reading non-internet material, practicing yoga and meditation, journaling, befriending our shadow (our angers, betrayals, abandonments), practicing random acts of kindness, reducing drama and negativity, befriending nature, animals, children and the elderly, valuing wisdom over intellect, and so on, can help us to an existence of unconditional love.

Maryanne Costerella, MA, LADC, is a metaphysician, integrative psychotherapist, graduate of the Magi Fellowship Counselor Training Program, nationally certified Destiny Card Reader, and ongoing student of the Ancient Wisdoms. She utilizes the Destiny Card System in conjunction with Astrology, Numerology, and Personology to provide clients with an integrated approach on their journey to personal transformation. Maryanne holds a BA in Secondary Education, an MA in Counseling Psychology and Pastoral Counseling, and is a certified Addictions Specialist.