Spiritual Health for Today’s Woman

Spiritual Health for Today’s Woman

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As I reflected on the topic of spiritual health and pondered how I would bring this message to women, I had to go deep into my own heart. What is spiritual health, and how do I translate the many years of deep exploration and seeking of my own truth and health on all levels, body, mind, soul, and spirit?

There has always been a calling, a desire to know who I was from a very young age. Due to a birth trauma I almost died from, it makes sense to want to understand why I chose life. When someone faces death at any age, it often becomes part of their life’s work or purpose to guide others to help them connect to their own divine essential nature.

Connecting with Our Spirit
The common thread that runs through all of creation is our spirit. As we grow older, we begin to lose that divine connection and start looking outside of ourselves, turning to the world. By the time we are about eight years old, our ego is already formed. From there we continue to cover our spirit and block ourselves because of both our natural desire to do so and lack of connection to our spirit. In addition, most of us—if not all of us—have had some sort of childhood trauma, which plays a huge role in contributing to our feeling cut off and separated.

In the past year, we have been challenged in ways like never before; our core has been shaken and old ways of being don’t seem to fit anymore. As I question these changes and look deeper to understand, I ask myself, “What is the wisdom we need to know at this time?” We have fallen asleep and our spirits are calling us to wake up, to go deeper, to know who we are and why we are here in these unprecedented times. It is a time to ask ourselves what is missing and what is needed to fulfill our lives in a way that brings us more joy, love, and connection and to know who we are in the deepest way.

Strengthen Your Spiritual Connection
As with any tools or practices we do on a day-to-day basis to keep ourselves healthy, we can also learn ways that nourish our spirit and soul. When we strengthen our spiritual connection, it builds resilience and spiritual backbone, which is important when faced with challenges, both personal and collective. To strengthen this backbone, we have to love ourselves; connect to our innate wisdom; develop inner strength, self-awareness, and daily spiritual practice, igniting our creativity and knowing who we are; and most importantly, we have to develop a deeper connection to the divine essence that lives inside each one of us.

Women carry a certain light that is part of creation; it is different from the light men carry. Women can tend the garden, cook a meal, heal a wound, and wipe a tear while holding the hearts of her loved ones. A woman knows how to do this innately, yet there comes a time when she burns out, loses her patience, doesn’t feel fulfilled, and is running on empty. How can we live a life that is in more alignment with who we are? To become better mothers, partners, friends, sisters, and daughters?

We must first tend to our own garden, our own wounds, and feed our spirit to receive the nourishment it needs to heal. We need to be honest and look at all areas of our life to find balance, wholeness, and truth. The time is here, and the time is now, for us to step up and heal the wounds we have been carrying our whole lives, for our ancestors and for the generations to come after us. It is time to realize our true nature is not outside of us, but inside. We have to listen deeper so we can hear the call and respond with reverence and an understanding of what is being asked of us in this moment, in this breath, in these times. Are we listening?

Please take my hand—let’s breathe this breath together as one heart. As we hold the heart of the world we form a sisterhood, a new beginning, a way to support each other as we journey through this life. The world needs healing and most of all love for ourselves, for our children, for our planet, and for each other. Women are the mothers, wisdom keepers, guardians, crones, sages, medicine women, and healers. We are being called to heal ourselves and return to who we were created to be, and from this place we can heal Mother Earth and all of her creation.

Michele Hamida Rabinowitz has been a licensed massage therapist/bodyworker and a holistic healthcare practitioner for the past 28 years. Her skill and expertise are rooted in healing the deeper layers of trauma in the mind, body, heart and spirit. Michele’s passion is helping women return to their innate wisdom and essential nature that is waiting to be “birthed.” She draws from many ancient and sacred traditions to assist the healing journey. Michele is best known for guiding her clients to understand and heal the subconscious patterns that hold them back from living a more connected and embodied life.

Michele can be reached at: info@michelehamida.com.
Visit her website at: www.MicheleHamida.com.