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Writing a New Script

Writing a New Script

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A lot of us are on healing journeys. We are seekers striving for better health, life and wellness. It can sometimes take a lot of courage to step out of the known, the familiar, and what feels safe. It’s not always easy experiencing new ways of being, but although it may be scary, there is so much reward.

Changing our beliefs and perceptions about ourselves and the world around us can be an ongoing task. Working through layers upon layers of programming, the internal script that our mind replays over and over again, can drive us nuts, yet all the while keeping us hostage in who we are, rather than helping us to become who we want to be. When changing attitudes, beliefs, and perceptions, it’s not always as simple as “just think positively” “or just believe in you.” Right? Sometimes these statements can feel like empty words because we haven’t experienced the reality they try to convey.

When we try to shift, change, and heal, we have to work through not only the physical aspects of ourselves, but also the emotional, mental, and energetic components. Our beliefs and habits tend to run core deep, and their influences can be stored down to the cellular level, an energetic form of muscle memory. We may try to shift and change, but doing it on our own isn’t always the most effective or beneficial. Our own work with the healing system of Integrated Energy Therapy or IET® has been a major tool, for not only supporting our clients heal, but also our own growth and evolution.

An IET® healing session can be a powerful tool for transformation, offering you the opportunity to receive loving angelic support to let go of all the junk, funk and energetic attachments we all have from our beliefs and experiences. IET ® helps to connect deeply with angelic energy, to allow angelic influences and gifts to permeate our being and provide us with comfort and support as we engage in the world. This helps us to create the experience of the lives we wish and address the energetic foundation, the core of our “issues” that we consciously and subconsciously hold in our body. The body is believed to hold onto memories and impressions of all of the experiences we have in this lifetime, both those that we label good and not so good. It is in working through the imprints that are not so beneficial to our health and mindset that we find freedom and change.

With IET® we can look at the body like a computer. It has saved and stored so much data, and sometimes we need an upgrade to the software. For example, if we were raised in a household where we were taught that children should be seen and not heard, that rule may have turned into a belief about ourselves, and as adults we may feel we have no right to speak up or out against authoritative figures or stand up for our beliefs and feelings. During an IET® session, the practitioner will help release any energetic attachment you may carry to such beliefs, to the extent you are ready to let go. The Angels will then offer a new frequency, a new energetic script which empowers us and helps us to change. We are then able to speak up and out whenever we wish, stating and living our truths.

We are not the people we were five years ago. Our work has helped us shift and change our own awareness of who we are and what we want to be in this world. It has also allowed us to shift and re-engage our bodies and minds to step away from beliefs, situations, and habits that no longer serve us. Although we have come far, we both know that we are works in progress. Changing our beliefs and habits is an engaging process on many levels. It requires us to face truths, and find the support we need to make changes for the better. Working with Angels through IET ® is one way of creating this change.

Dan Lupacchino, LMT and Christine Cart-wright, LMT are both Integrated Energy Therapy ® Master Instructors, as well as skilled and talented Massage Therapist and Healers, running their perspective busi-ness out of The Healing in Harmony Center in Glastonbury, CT. Where they practice, teach and heal on a daily basis. Dan also contributed the chapter, “My Hands Lead Me Here” to the Natural Nutmeg’s most re-cent anthology, “Essential Healing for Your Spirit and Soul.”

To contact please call Dan at 860-716-2740 or visit: integrativemassageworks.com, and Christine at 860-716-2248 or blueheronhealingmassage.com.