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Winning the Inner Battle

Winning the Inner Battle

Do you ever feel like you are in a war against yourself to create the change that you desire? Do you want to lose weight but can’t resist the sweets? Do you want to kick a bad habit but have tried countless times with no luck?

From a Hypnotherapist’s standpoint, this is not your fault. This inner conflict happens because your conscious desires are fighting against your subconscious programming. What most people don’t know is that your conscious mind, where all of your thinking takes place, makes up only 12% of your mind; the other 88% is made up of your subconscious mind.

When I first tell clients this they are baffled. How could their 60,000+ daily thoughts make up only 12% of their brainpower? It all comes back to automatic behaviors and thought patterns. You live the majority of your life on autopilot. You do not have to put a lot of thought into performing daily tasks like driving your car or performing your morning routine. These are automatic; you do them without thinking. All of your automatic behaviors and thoughts are stored in your subconscious mind.

This deep part of your mind also stores your knowns. As humans, we are motivated towards what we already know because it is usually an easier option that takes less energy. You are more likely to take your usual route to work rather than taking a new direction every drive.

Automatic behavior and having stored knowns do make life easier. If you had to relearn routine tasks or what you liked and disliked daily, you would not be able to function efficiently. However, we often have stored information in our subconscious mind that no longer serves us. This is where the 12% of your mind (conscious mind) fights the more powerful 88% (subconscious mind). If you are fighting someone seven times more powerful than you, do you think you have a high chance of winning?

An example of this 12% vs. 88% battle is a woman who grew up with parents who gave her a chocolate treat whenever she was upset, sad or lonely. Throughout her childhood, she loved these treats because in the moment they gave her joy and a sense of relief. After repeating this pattern for years, it became a part of her subconscious programming without her even knowing it. She now automatically goes for the sweets whenever she is experiencing a negative emotion. Growing up, this behavior didn’t affect her weight, but now that she’s older the chocolate treats seem to be the main culprit for her weight gain. She consciously wants to lose weight, be healthier, and feel more attractive, but she can’t stop eating sweets no matter what she does! This inner battle drives her crazy and she feels like she has no willpower and negatively judges herself. The vicious cycle of losing a few pounds just to put them back on keeps her trapped in a frustrating reality.

Can you relate this scenario in any area of your life? Have you ever had a deep desire to create a positive change but felt like you were your own worst enemy? In one way or another, this story relates to all of my Hypnotherapy clients. Most people want to expand and develop themselves but are struggling against deep, subconscious programming that they are not even aware.

There is an easy solution to this inner battle. It is natural, pain-free and highly effective. Hypnosis is the ultimate state for creating permanent change at a subconscious level. In this relaxed, peaceful state the subconscious mind easily accepts new, positive suggestions that align with your conscious desires. Once the positive suggestions are accepted, the battle is resolved. 100% of your mind is on board with your goals and deepest desires. This kicks willpower out of the equation and makes positive change easy and automatic. It is time to end the war against yourself and utilize the power of hypnosis to become the happiest, healthiest version of you.

Megan Moriarty, Certified Hypnotherapist considers herself a professional belief
enhancer. Through hypnosis, she guides clients to break through limiting habits and beliefs. After working together, you will embody the belief that you are the powerful creator of your life that can manifest anything you desire. 860.808.4672.