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Why We Need to Heal vs. Cure

Why We Need to Heal vs. Cure

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I learned a long time ago that there is a big difference between “healing” and “curing.” In our Western mindset of wellness, we look to “curing” as the ultimate and best result. Although it is definitely the outcome we all want, the very word “curing” is itself limited, charged, and problematic.

As a Professional Healer, I have seen many instances of people being healed on a deep level, not to mention my own experiences. However, not every experience or session is a cure, and in fact as a healer, I’m not really in the business of curing people. There is a pressure and expectation when seekers come looking for a cure, which can actually limit growth and wellness. I personally love the word “healer.” To me it sums up beautifully what I do, and how I help people. However, not everyone comes with the understanding of what a healer is, or what the process of healing involves.

What is Healing?
For me, healing is a multidimensional experience that encompasses all, supporting not only the physical body, but also the emotional, mental and spiritual aspects of ourselves. As for many healers, it is our job to help direct and guide the client through the process of becoming whole, allowing the body to do what it does naturally, which is to heal.

As people, we have become really good at resisting healing, when it means something needs to change. Perhaps that includes changes to diet or the addition of an exercise routine. But eliminating harmful chemical substances and food from our lives isn’t always the most challenging step to take. Sometimes healing occurs when eliminating certain people, situations, and beliefs to create a better environment for ourselves.

What is Curing?
When we think of curing, we think of surgery, medicines, and treatments where something is removed or cleared up and we are well on our way. Yet for many of us, we have to deal with things where there isn’t an easy fix. Grief, anxiety, chronic illnesses and pain are examples of long-term issues that don’t always have a quick cure. That’s where a healer can step in. A very wise teacher of mine, Priscilla Bengston, talks about having to function with “our new normal.”

Our New Normal
Seeking healing is essentially learning how to adjust to your ‘new normal’, the new situation of where your mind and body are functioning in their current state. We then work holistically with the whole person to help create change and move them in a direction of health and wellbeing. For example, for those who are dealing with the grief of losing a loved one, the healing can be about helping them find peace with their loss. Or to help someone manage their chronic pain, by naturally giving them the tools and support to minimize their pain and create a maintenance plan so they can begin to feel better. Like our cars, if you don’t keep up with the oil changes, tire rotations, and addressing the smaller problems, the car won’t function over time. We are the same, except we don’t always pay attention to our warning lights when they start to flash to alert us to a problem.

For me, one of the biggest secrets in the success stories of my clients, is that in coming to see me as a healer, they in fact initiated themselves into the role of healing themselves. The clients of mine who have shifted, made changes in their lives, faced their shadows, and had a willingness to seek change, all created an environment that has allowed healing to take place, and for some a curing did occur as well.

There is so much to life these days, and as our lives become more complicated, a one-size-fits-all solution to wellness becomes problematic. Healing is a process, the journey to balance in living our life. It never really ends, it’s a continuum and adventure many healers are happy to help navigate and explore with you.

Healing and curing will always go hand-in-hand with each other and many healers are wonderful compliments to doctors, surgeons, and other medical professionals. We are a team, whether people realize it or not, a support network to help you discover your own healing in the many shapes, forms and ways this may occur. May you find your path to healing and curing!

Dan Lupacchino, LMT, RMT, IET, MI, has over 10 years experience in the field of holistic healing and wellness. As a Massage Therapist, Healer and Teacher, his goal is to help you live and feel the best you can be. He is also IET® Master Instructor Trainer, Medicinal Aromatherapist, and Intuitive Coach. dan@integrativemassageworks.com, 860-716-2740.