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Where Are Your Angels in This Challenging Time?

Where Are Your Angels in This Challenging Time?

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Where are God and Angels during this challenging time? Aren’t Angels supposed to be helping humanity, especially now? Many of my clients recently asked me, “Agnes, is this year going to be better than 2019?” I remember seeing the vision in November of last year, given to me by Angels, of a huge energy shift approaching our planet. I started telling my clients that the year 2020 will be an evolution for humanity. I said,“Well, it is like giving birth to a child, there is the struggle, but the outcome is a new life!”As a bonus, we get an entire upgrade. Our DNA is being transmuted as we speak so we can graduate to the next level and become more intuitive, angelic, and start experiencing higher levels of consciousness as well as enhanced creativity and manifestation powers.

I mentioned that the year 2020 would humble us and take us to our knees but also improve us and ultimately make us better. It is just designed this way. Nothing that is happening right now is happening for no reason. It has to be that dramatic; otherwise, we would never change. Higher frequencies of light are raining on us and shifting us into more divine beings.

So, all in all, Angels are still here. They are talking about the birthing of a new earth. We are all going not only through a significant transformation but transmutation. On a human level, we might feel uncomfortable as we are creatures of habit. We want our safety and comfort, like wearing our old slippers. Now we have to put on new sophisticated shoes and we need to learn how to walk in them. On a spiritual level, we get an extraordinary opportunity to grow. We are invited to bless and release the old traumas, painful emotions, and behavioral patterns. We gain a chance to reset and start new. Angels talk about cleansing not only baggage from this lifetime but past lives as well.

What do we do in between releasing the old earth and birthing the new earth? How do we survive? Simple little things:

  1. On the soul level: Meditations to connect with Angels, visualizations of what you would like your new reality to be, daydreaming of who you would like to become in the process of this transformation.
  2. On the mind level: Being present and connect more with yourself and others and not buying into a story that we are separated. We are all one and we are coming together more strongly than ever. Surrounding yourself with beautiful things like flowers and listening to beautiful music. Watching funny movies and reading uplifting books. Starting a gratitude journal. You have so many things to be grateful for…the sun, the rain, spring, birds singing, a cup of coffee in the morning, a neighbor’s smile.
  3. On the physical level: Connecting to nature, taking walks, doing a few yoga poses, sleeping and eating well, drinking lots of water.

Things which are meant to “keep us in our bodies” so we can notice and experience fully the higher level of consciousness, which is swiping the planet right now.

Our mind is trying to keep us in the fear. We begin to doubt in a better future as everything is breaking around us. Our soul is keeping the energy of safety. Our ego is trying to tell us that we are separated and alone. Our soul is reminding us that we are assisted, helped now more than ever before. Our heart is in pain and it is hard to trust that we will ever feel good again. Our Spirit is aligning us with Angelic help and puts on us a warm security blanket made out of light. We can silence our mind and heart and listen to our soul. The entire world was stopped to do just that. The planet is transmuting from the lowest vibration: frequency of fear to the highest frequency of love. We are on the journey to discover that we are light beings, like Angels, created to love and be loved, and the purpose of our existence is to grow and learn about our power to create, and this time around, create from love and light.

So, please take a moment to try to connect to your Angels and ask for help. Please ask for your Angel’s assistance with spring in your heart. Not a prayer of “God help me” or “God save me”. Speak from your heart and be yourself. Angels are happy to help you with everything, small or big, so please use their help and make sure you thank them. Angels love gratitude!

Submitted by Agnes Daddona, MS of Intuitive Counseling – Holistic Spa. If you would like to find out more about how to connect with your personal Angels and learn how to create a new beautiful life with them, please contact me. I would love to assist you!
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