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Inspire Your Gifts: Heart Path Therapy®

Inspire Your Gifts: Heart Path Therapy®

Although this time can be challenging, it is a time for change, hope, and evaluating what is really important in your life. Let your spiritually guided leaders and healers show you the spiritual path. It is an opportunity to dive deeper into your own healing and awakening to discover who you are and why you are on this earth. No matter what theories you see and hear about the coronavirus, whether conspiracy, lies, or other, listen to the elders of the sacred traditions and indigenous ways that hold a deep truth. They say this virus came due to universal laws of nature being disobeyed; making reference to the horrors of what we have done to animals, and to each other in word, thought, or deed. Instead of anger, they suggest we send prayers toward our political leaders to wake up—for ourselves and all of humanity. We hold the key to our healing and awakening and getting released from this virus.

By changing our own lives, we can inspire our own hearts to release the things that have been harmful. What has caused society’s ills to unconsciously be feeding ourselves, negative emotional as well as physical “food” that does not serve us or the environment? Looking deeper, we see that most people carry childhood trauma, which has been passed down from ancestry causing us to forget who we are and the gifts spirit has given us.

Heart Path Therapy®
Inspired to create Heart Path Therapy®, I have helped many to heal the earlier wounds that cause the fears, addictions, and attachments to things that get in the way of living life with love, honor, and gratitude and an inspired sense of purpose.

Heart Path Therapy® is an integration of transformational approaches that get to the source of what is needed to heal, in early childhood and ancestry, but also teaches the spiritual ways to create peace and harmony in your life from the sacred traditions. The practices of praying a few times a day, yoga, meditation, singing sacred songs, and honoring the elements of air, earth, fire, and water daily, inspires healing and insight into your gifts and hearing spirit’s voice.

Attachments & Addictions
All attachments and addictions, including to relationships, cause suffering, as emphasized by the Buddhist tradition. They are always a temporary and limited way to happiness along with their associated illusions and unfulfilled expectations. When we heal, pray, and serve from the heart, a more profound happiness is felt from within as opposed to finding it outside of us. All our attachments are being challenged, as our lives have now been limited by this quarantine and force us to take time to reevaluate life’s deeper meaning.

All crises and suffering are a gateway to healing and growing. I have had the pleasure of witnessing hundreds of clients gain their own wisdom as they heal the trauma that has caused the attachments, addictions, relationship struggles, anxiety, and depression. They become freed to serve with their own creative gifts with love. Whether a healer, an artist, a musician, or yoga teacher, you can help awaken others with your gifts after you have awakened.

The degree to which love was compromised in your earlier life, is the degree to which your struggles and illusions will be created and repeated. Take time to heal whatever love was missing. Pray to go deep into the infinite ocean of love as that is where the healing, wisdom, and intuitive voice of spirit exists. Take responsibility for your struggles and with the guidance of a gifted therapist or healer, allow the pain to be a gateway to look deeper into yourself and your healing. With tools like inner child work, Family Constellations (work with ancestral trauma), guided imagery, and energy psychology, I intuitively help others release their suffering. They then see the beauty of who they are and why they are here, and become inspired to serve and help others with their heartfelt gifts. Together we can learn to live in peace and harmony within ourselves, with each other, the animals, the earth, the heavens, and feel a deep sense of unity and gratitude with all things.

Debra Franklin, LCSW has 33 years of psychotherapeutic experience. Her training in inner childwork, guided imagery, Family Constellations, and energy psychology, and her spiritual teacher, Maestro Manual Rufino, and spiritual community, the Golden Drum inspired her creation of Heart Path Therapy®. She offers a Heart Path Therapy® online group in meditative healing and spiritual practices and trains therapists and practitioners.