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The Energy Medicine Solution Retreat – A Must for All That Ails You

The Energy Medicine Solution Retreat – A Must for All That Ails You

I sat down to talk with Jacqueline Kane, Master Energy Healer, about the upcoming Energy Medicine Solution Retreat she and many other healers from the U.S. and Canada are joining together to host this October.

The retreat is based on the Amazon bestselling book, The Energy Medicine Solution, authored by a variety of practitioners who are knowledgeable and experienced and have helped many clients change their lives without having to rely solely on traditional medicine. This includes many of the experts who will be hosting the retreat:

  • Jacqueline M Kane, RT, LMT, EFT, Master Energy Healer and Low Back Pain Specialist
  • Erika Dworkin, BCHN®, Board Certified Holistic Nutritionist, Wellness Guide
  • Lori Pieper, Reiki Master, Total Well-Being Coach
  • Vera Halina, LMT, CCH, RYT
  • Pat McGrath, Spiritual Counselor and Feng Shui Consultant
  • Elizabeth Waugh Duford, MSW, CCM, Certified Crystal Master Healer
  • Alana Heim, CPA/PFS, CFP, Certified Human Design Specialist
  • Bradford W Tilden, CMT, MM, UWT, Composer, Vibrational Healer
  • Sunshine Layne, Medium, Energy Healer, Holistic Spiritual/Soul Life Coach

The book came about due to these practitioners wanting to get to the root cause of physical, emotional, spiritual, and financial pain—not just treating the symptoms, but actually finding the source of the symptoms and addressing that source. 

The Power of Energy
Not enough people truly understand how energy impacts our health and our lives.

As we talked, the more Jacqueline explained to me what the retreat would entail, the more intrigued I became.

Like so many of us, my life has become one of extreme stress over the past few years. I prioritize work over my personal life, my relationships, and even my health. I turned 50 this year, and it’s becoming increasingly clearer that something must change. Yes, I need to work. And thankfully, I love what I do. But when that’s ALL I do, what kind of life am I really living?

Jacqueline explained that energy is the missing piece we need to heal our pain. Energy impacts everything. The energy you’ve inherited, the
energy you have within you, and even the energy
of those around you, all impact who you are at a core, foundational level.

This means, for example, that migraine I’ve had for days? Pharmaceuticals help the pain, but they don’t get to the root cause. 

An Anecdote
To this, I can speak from experience. Though I do still get migraines, they’re far fewer and further between than they used to be. I searched relentlessly for what was causing them. I cut out certain foods, certain habits, nothing worked. After a few years of this, it was my (now ex) husband who figured it out.

It was his mother.

Cliché, right? The quintessential overbearing mother-in-law who believed no one could ever be good enough for her baby boy, she played the role perfectly. I hadn’t realized that every time I knew I was going to have to see her, my migraines would flare up. I was having a physical reaction to an external influence. Her energy impacted my energy.

In other words, she made me miserable in every possible way, and I didn’t have the coping mechanisms to figure out how to deal with it. And to be perfectly honest, that’s the primary reason we’re no longer married.

It was easy for people on the outside to say I should have tried harder, I should have ignored her, I should have done this or that. But the truth is, I just didn’t have the tools to know how to do that. And frankly, I shouldn’t have to. But that’s another story for another time.

Because of that experience, the stress of my daily life, the pressure and expectations I put on myself, and various other reasons, I decided I wanted to attend the retreat. What started out as a conversation with Jacqueline to get the information I needed to write an article about the retreat turned into a life-changing decision that I can’t wait to begin.

Should You Attend? Yes!
The retreat is for anyone who:

Wants to Heal Their Body and…

  • Suffers from chronic pain, stress, and anxiety
  • Is consumed with fear connected to an autoimmune condition
  • Has experienced sudden, uncontrolled weight gain, insomnia, night sweats, hot flashes, depression, self-doubt, or fear about crippling degenerative diseases that reduce longevity
  • Is frustrated with a healthcare system that robs you of time and money while demanding repeated visits, expensive treatments, and unpleasant side effects

Want to Master Their Mind and…

  • Struggles with trusting themselves
  • Has low self-esteem and feels the need to be perfect
  • Feels powerless, stuck, hopeless, or numb
  • Believes they lack choices
  • Suffers from symptoms of emotional trauma
  • Is distracted by what others think

Wants to Expand Their Spirit and…

  • Lacks inner peace
  • Can’t balance Doing with Being
  • Feels disconnected from a power greater than themselves
  • Feels ungrounded and lacks mindfulness
  • Is not aware of how their surroundings are keeping them stuck

What’s Included
Here’s some of what you can expect at this amazing retreat:

  • Healing workshops: 15+ hours of dedicated workshops delivered by nine energy healing experts to improve your health and quality of life
  • Healing activities: Participate in a healing sound bath, group ancestral energy healing session, and much more
  • Lunch: Lunch will be provided to all in-person retreat attendees on Friday and Saturday
  • Wi-Fi and parking: Complimentary Wi-Fi and parking are provided by the venue

You will learn how to:

  • Harness your innate power to heal yourself
  • Use nutrition, herbs, and teas to help heal your body
  • Minimize the pain and daily stress you now embrace as normal
  • Love your body in new powerful ways
  • Flourish after cancer
  • Create a new prosperity mindset
  • Develop confidence that you are “good enough” and can make a difference
  • Make your well-being a priority over pleasing others
  • Connect with Spirit, your higher self, and your life’s purpose
  • Embrace your inner peace and joy

Thursday, October 12, 7–9 pm: Welcome
Day one of the retreat will be a relaxed, casual meet and greet to set the stage with introductions as the attendees are welcomed into the fellowship and community to meet the healers and practitioners.

This evening is the beginning of your three-day journey to help you awaken, activate, and trust your inner wisdom. During the evening, attendees will set their intentions for what they hope to gain during the retreat.

The hosts will also get to know the issues and challenges the attendees are facing so they can guide you to receive the most transformation in the time of the retreat.

Friday, October 13, 9 am–5 pm: Workshops
The first full day of the retreat offers healing techniques from six international experts.

Friday will start off on the lighter side, creating a safe container to develop space for you to experience transformational healing sessions where you will get to the root cause of your physical, emotional, and financial pain.

You will begin to clear your energy through a variety of techniques used to retrain your brain for optimal healing. This will include ancestral energy clearing, rebirthing, inner child healing, sound healing, meditation, and more. Using these modalities of healing, clearing, and energy medicine will have a tremendous impact on every area of your life.

Saturday, October 14, 9 am–5 pm: Workshops
The second full day of the retreat continues using these healing techniques with the same experts you worked with on Friday. With your safe container in place, you will further explore the healing modalities to clear your energy. This allows for a more comfortable place to dig even deeper into your issues to determine where you’re blocking, and why.

These techniques enable you to create the life you want, on your terms. This is the first step in your journey to living your authentic life. Whether it’s health, wealth, relationships, or all the above, we will get to the stuck crevices of your soul that are blocking your ability to receive.

There will be a focus on prosperity, feng shui and energy, Chinese herbs, teas, and nutrition, crystal healing, and more. Saturday’s session will wrap up with bonus sessions from the healers and practitioners. 

Sunday, October 15, 9 am–2 pm: Bring It Home
Now it’s time to integrate, embody, and employ all that newfound awareness. Today is about nurturing yourself and celebrating the person you have rediscovered.

You will take this day to ensure you’re grounded and have the right tools in place to bring your new container home and know how to use it, so you can transition back into your life with these new tools to help guide you.

Wonderful things can happen with leaps in awareness, which is what The Energy Medicine Solution Retreat is all about. With your awareness reawakened, you can connect with your inner wisdom.

With energy healing, every area of your life will change. You may experience days where you’re completely pain free, when you haven’t had that experience in years, or even decades. You sleep better. You have more energy.

This is very concentrated work, but it will catapult your ability to heal your body. When you do the work, you open your money channel, relationships, confidence, and more. You can just be you—without overthinking. People see you and hear you. You present more, and you are more present.

How to Sign Up and Attend
The energy medicine solution retreat is a weekend global livestream event, in-person and via Zoom! This is the opportunity for 12 months of healing in a three-day container. There is also an accelerator package for those who want more healing! Learn about pricing, location, and package options by visiting bit.ly/EnergyRetreat2023.

You will be transformed!

Lori Hubbard, MA is Editor-in-Chief of Natural Nutmeg and Essential Naples magazines, and is also a freelance editor, writer, and graphic designer.