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The Art Behind Intuitive Design

The Art Behind Intuitive Design

I am a storyteller of souls, an intuitive who has the ability to see within the living as well as those who have passed. Whether human or animal, I share the messages I receive by tapping into the medicine of my ancestors, Mother Earth, and the animal kingdom, bringing clarity, consciousness, or, at times, even closure for my clients. My intuitive art is the ripple that derives from this gift.

Art Is Subjective
Growing up, I never fit into the traditional art class. My teachers were often frustrated with my inability to follow their instructions as I simply didn’t see art as they did. I was told what to draw and how to draw it, never quite embodying the happiness I knew art created within me when I created what I saw in my mind’s eye. I had what instructors called raw talent but was told it would never amount to anything if I didn’t have a disciplined practice of understanding and creating from the foundation of art history and following the techniques developed by someone else. To me, art is subjective and should be experienced by each individual as they saw it, not as they were told to see it. And so I put down my pens, watercolors, and brushes and went down a different path, only creating art for me when I felt called to it.

Digital Art Opened Doors, Eyes, and Minds
Decades later, digital art appeared. I didn’t jump on the bandwagon for years in fear of my lack of knowledge concerning technology – but when I finally did, it opened my world to creating the masterpieces I could only see in my mind’s eye. The ability to create without the limitation of not being able to draw what I saw was pure magic. Without thought or a plan, I began to play with elements, textures, and photos, layering them over and over and creating stories within my art for people to explore, much like an Oracle card does for those who pull them for clarity and insight.

It all began with the idea to create my Animal Wisdom candle line. Each candle includes a downloadable digital Oracle card representing the animal with a message from my ancestors received in meditation. From there, I created a greeting card line using my designs and made them into my business cards. The more people saw them, the more interest I received in my artwork and the unique process of how it’s made, ultimately leading me to offer my services as an intuitive graphic artist.

How Does Intuitive Design Work?
My process is quite simple. I go into any new project with no expectations of what I think someone wants. By bypassing conscious control, I can access a deeper level of creativity and insight as they share pieces of their stories with me in a relaxed conversation through video chat. During our call, I tap into their subconscious mind, where hidden thoughts, dreams, and memories reside, weaving a design in my third eye, assisted by my guides. From there, I begin the process of staying in the present moment, often entering a meditative state, which helps me recreate what I see, hear, and feel from the session, staying in alignment with my client’s needs.

Each piece we co-create together is a journey with the individual’s soul, often leading them to more mindfulness in their daily life, clarity to what they genuinely want, expansion of their conscious awareness to who they want to become, and in many cases, even healing of old wounds they didn’t even know still existed. My intuitive art is not merely about the art itself; it’s about the deep, energetic connection we share during our time together that expands their awareness of themselves, creating a freedom of expression and a profound journey of self-discovery and healing.

Kelly McCarthy, owner of BeyondWordsNWisdom in Winsted, CT, is a SoulReader, Energy Guide, and Intuitive Graphic Artist. She unlocks stagnant energies, reflecting others’ true selves. Her ancestral wisdom and intuitive skills expand your awareness, opening your heart and mind to life’s possibilities, personally and professionally. Kelly offers in-person and remote opportunities to work together.

Visit: www.beyondwordsnwisdom.com, email: Kelly at: kelly@beyondwordsnwisdom.com, or call/text 860.806.9684.