Spiritual Breadcrumbs

Spiritual Breadcrumbs

I don’t recall hearing the word “spirituality” until my early 20s. It wasn’t an obvious part of my upbringing. But being that religion is one of the branches off of spirituality, maybe it was, albeit a slanted perception. I went to church with my dad and we would sit or stand in the foyer, prior to the main church area. The doors were closed between the foyer and the rest of everything so we heard the mass over the loud speaker. We didn’t actually hear much, however, because the men were busy talking about their week. So, basically, there was nothing there for me. Nor was there anything spiritual about going to a Catholic school except the overt presence of the nuns.

“Hey, how did you start having a spiritual practice?” is asked of many people who seem to have found their way. Some know the exact moment, and some respond, “Hmmm… I really don’t know. I guess it just found me.” That’s me. Basically, it was pain that brought me to spirituality, as it does for many. I was going through a divorce in the 80’s and was afraid of my future. I found myself sitting with a psychic. I have no idea how I found her, but I did. My reality cracked open and I found myself embracing concepts of synchronicity, mysticism, dream worlds, energy, and the presence of powers greater than me that love and guide me, including guides, power animals, and angels. It was a brand new world and I jumped in 100% and felt at home.

I kept following the inner urgings, which were in response to the breadcrumbs along the way. (The trick, of course, is to notice the crumbs, because they certainly are there.) My very first class at St. Joe’s in 1998 required a 20-minute presentation on some aspect of counseling – addictions, abuse, codependence, anorexia. I chose forgiveness, which the teacher questioned. But after the presentation, which included a brief meditation, most of the class had tears in their eyes, including the teacher – a priest – and I was urged to “take it on the road.” This would be my first break out as a teacher of spiritually related “stuff.”

I called West Hartford Adult Ed and told them my name and that I had a 3-hour class on forgiveness. The only question the woman asked was, “What date were you thinking of?” Wow. Wasn’t ready for that. But after years of experiencing ease like this, I am committed to the notion that we are not meant to swim uphill when we are on the right path and doing what we are meant to do.

From there, I expanded into several other town systems with the forgiveness workshop and then chakra studies. I even braved offering meditation and Reiki classes at Manchester Community College in 2001. The doors swung open wide and I have been teaching 14 different spiritually based topics there for 17 years now. I have taught at many colleges, town systems, retreat centers, hospitals, and corporations. I am a board-certified Licensed Professional Counselor, professional life coach and certified spiritual healer, just to name a few of my credentials. There are many more. How did this all happen? It just did.

When the previous owner, Jon, was getting ready to transition the Door Opener Magazine many years ago, he invited me to take it over. I was not looking to be a publisher or editor, but something felt right and it clicked. Of course, the answer was yes.

My thoughts began to shift to viewing soul purpose, life lessons, and spiritual contracts as foundational pieces of my life. Fear was a given as I contacted new places to offer my classes, stepped away from my 25-year career at a law firm, and started my own counseling practice. I was met with open arms. It was becoming my new normal, but I was not used to it, for sure.

Discernment and taking the first step are always important pieces to the puzzle. However, just because something is seemingly easy doesn’t mean it’s the right thing to do. You must be the strongest participant in your own life, not sitting by the door hoping something will come knocking. Take the first step, test the waters, and see what the reception is. The ease must be accompanied by a strong sense of internal conviction, balance, and connection. If there is dis-ease, look at something a bit more and perhaps walk away, or depending on how it feels, do more work to move it forward. I walked sometimes, but continued to change and expand. I am certainly not done. More change is coming (Door Opener magazine back in hard copy maybe?). Life is fulfilling and fun. I will continue to keep my glasses on so I don’t miss the guideposts. I urge you to do the same.

Dory Dzinski maintains a private psychotherapy practice in Collinsville, CT. She teaches many spiritually related classes and is the publisher/editor of the Door Opener Magazine, now online. She hosts Soul Light Expos 2-3 times per year around CT. You can find more info about Dory at: www.dorydzinski.com. She would absolutely love to work with you to help you move your life forward.