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Practical Divine Wisdom From Robin Clare

March 1, 2018

Dear Robin: I have tried many diet and exercise plans to lose the 30 pounds that I have gained over the course of my adult life – but I just can’t seem to do it. The most frustrating part is that I am well-educated about the adverse impact this extra weight has on overall health, and yet I cannot find the stamina to maintain a program to finally take the weight off, keep it off and regain my health. I am so frustrated. Could there be a spiritual or energetic reason for my holding on to the weight?

    ~ Roberta from CT.

Dear Roberta:
Yes, it’s very likely there is a spiritual or energetic reason for your holding on to the weight. Over the years, I have had well-meaning spiritual teachers say to me about the weight I hold on to, “When you are ready to lose the weight, it will magically come off.”

The “magical” solution begins in a practical approach to finding the right combination of foods and movement that makes your body burn more calories than it stores as fat. However, your question “Could there be a spiritual or energetic reason for my holding onto the weight?” relates to the emotional and spiritual aspects of weight.

I often wonder if we consciously (or unconsciously) rationalize our weight as a suit of armor, like a kind of protective device for the Soul that is housed within our body. Perhaps we tell ourselves that we use our layers of excess weight to “shield the brilliance of our inner Soul” or to “protect the beauty of our heart”.

Many spiritual seekers focus spiritual healing on the higher energy centers of our energetic fields, or chakras. We focus on the heart chakra (to access our divine nature), the throat chakra (to speak our truth), the third eye chakra (to connect to angels and spirit guides) and the crown chakra (to connect to higher dimensions).

I would like to propose that a major key to weight release is to broaden our practice to focus equally on the lower chakras including the solar plexus chakra (for activation of self-esteem and intuition), the sacral chakra (to unite our feminine and masculine attributes) and the base chakra (for safety and security).

When there is a history of abandonment, trauma or abuse, it creates dis-ease in our energetic field, our first line of defense. We may believe that the weight acts as a shield to protect us – but what if that weight is putting a drag on our physical and spiritual potential?

By fortifying our lower chakras, we open an energetic pathway to enable our Kundalini (our life-force energy) to rise through all seven of our chakras and expand out into the Universal Oneness. This activated divine connection enables us to access our greatest talents, experience our greatest joys and achieve our greatest levels of abundance.

Now, if you combine this chakra healing strategy with a plan for healthy eating and exercise – one that truly motivates you – then your weight will come off. However, to have sustainable weight loss, it’s imperative for you to explore and heal the emotional trauma patterns that are associated with your weight gain.

Part of this exploration involves asking difficult questions. What past traumatic experiences might you be protecting yourself from? Do you have a fear of success that is impacting your present and limiting your future? Are you haunted by a cultural or familial standard of beauty undermining your self- esteem?

If you have difficulty asking yourself these questions, then I am here to help you reach a greater level of inquiry and self-love. I invite you to take advantage of my coupon below to experience healing methods which address the spiritual and energetic aspects of holding on to excess weight. Let’s get started!

In love and light,

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Robin Clare is an Advanced Akashic Record reader and a certified 13th Octave La Ho Chi energy healing practitioner. Robin won 2nd place in Natural Nutmeg’s Readers Poll for exceptional energy healers. She is the author of Messiah Within and the Amazon Best Selling spiritual book, The Divine Keys. Robin guides her clients and students to fulfill their divine purpose, remove their success blockers, optimize their relationships and find greater happiness in their lives. Robin is available for Practical Divine Wisdom group events or to share her signature talk, Divine Living with your community.

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