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Meet Psychic Agnes Daddona! An Interview with Dr. Di

Meet Psychic Agnes Daddona! An Interview with Dr. Di

I recently had the opportunity to work with Agnes Daddona, a Psychic whose Holistic Spa and Intuitive Counseling services are based out of Avon, CT. After that incredible experience, I decided I wanted to reach out to learn more about her background and her practice (my comments are in bold).

How are you different from other psychics out there?
I am not only a psychic. I am also a Medium, Counselor, Healer, Life Coach, and Spiritual Teacher, so I can help my clients in many ways. I have a unique gift of intuition, which has run in my family for generations, from my grandmother to my mother to me.

Another factor that makes me different is that I am highly educated. I got my master’s degree in sociology in human behavior. My other areas of study are psychology, art therapy, and theology, and I have earned over 30 healing certifications in healing arts. All of this allows me to have a good therapeutic foundation for my clients.

I worked with you, so I can attest to that for sure! From my perspective, what makes you different is that compared to other psychics I have been to, sometimes they will only give you the information. And with you, there is healing, soul lessons, and teachings. You are helping that individual to integrate things and grow.

That’s for sure! I specialize in removing the roots of traumas, blocks, and fears. I also love activating my clients’ soul purpose, gifts, and full potential so they can manifest their biggest dreams. I offer my clients a kaleidoscope of enhanced services, treatments, and products to help them continue their healing journey.

What’s the difference between a psychic and a medium?
A psychic is a gifted person who can see the future. A medium is someone who can communicate with loved ones on the other side. I am lucky to have both these skills.

Why are your Intuitive Readings so popular? I know you have a thriving business based on word of mouth.
From the very first moment, I focus on answering my client’s biggest questions and connecting them to their angels, spirit guides, and loved ones on the other side. To clarify, every soul has this Divine support.

I use a holistic approach, addressing physical, psychological, emotional, and spiritual levels. I look into my client’s soul history, soul purpose, soul lessons, wounds, traumas, and gifts. By doing that, my client can gain a bigger picture of themselves and their life journey. The healing and transformation can happen much faster this way. It’s important to know how it looks on the other side to navigate this one better.

Why do you do your work?
I am an old soul who received a calling to help people (and the planet) heal and thrive. I love people! My work is my passion and joy. I have experienced many hardships, so I understand what my clients are going through. People come to me not only to ask about their future but also to find solutions to the issues and problems in their lives.

How do you help your clients succeed?
My clients are both women and men, and I also work with teenagers and children, especially sensitive ones. My clients gain clarity about their life, activate their higher soul purpose, heal, manifest soulmate relationships, find a better job, make more money, balance their life, and most importantly, manifest their dreams and a happier life.

What do your new clients need when they come to a reading for the first time?
I always recommend that my clients write their questions down to prepare for an Intuitive Reading. I offer in-person sessions at my spa in Avon. I also do phone and Zoom sessions. During the phone or Zoom sessions, I only need my client’s date of birth to access their energy. In-person and virtual sessions work essentially the same way.

Agnes Daddona is one of the best Psychic/Mediums in New England. The gift of intuition runs in her family for generations. For more than 20 years, Agnes has worked with thousands of people worldwide through Psychic Readings, Mediumship, Channeling Angels, Counseling, Healing, and Teaching in English and Polish. Agnes has transformed many people’s lives to meet their dreams. She continues to solve the most difficult issues when it seems no one else can help.

To book your Intuitive Reading, contact Agnes at: www.AgnesDaddona.com, email at: agnes@IntuitiveCounselingllc.com, or call 860.941.2667.