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Liberate Yourself from Employment Shackles – Discover the Freedom of Work Independence

Liberate Yourself from Employment Shackles – Discover the Freedom of Work Independence

Owning my work and embracing the value of my income has been a challenging journey. I’ve had to unlearn deeply ingrained lessons and remind myself that I deserve more than just meeting expectations—I deserve to exceed them. One of my greatest struggles to overcome has been placing others’ opinions above my own, constantly striving to please everyone instead of expressing myself in my unique way.

Work Doesn’t Have to Be a Four-Letter Word
The word “work” evokes a deep sense of dread in many of us, as explored by Jeremy Seabrook in his article, “The Language of Labouring Reveals Its Tortured Roots,” published in The Guardian. Seabrook highlights the historical connection between work and persecution, evident in the Gothic word wrikan, as well as the definition of work as “toil,” which conveys the notions of fighting and struggling.

It wasn’t until 2015, when my virtual bookkeeping business began to flourish, that I finally started feeling a sense of worthiness and strength. The ability to carve my own path, shielded from the onslaught of opinions disguised as facts that often accompanied traditional workplaces, allowed me to take charge and be the decision-maker.

Be Your Own Boss – Even if You Already Have One
Now, as I embark on my journey as a Life Coach, I remain acutely aware of the perils I faced in office environments. There, the voices of others dictated how I should be, what I should do, and when and where I should do it. Even today, I find myself falling into the habit of following rather than confidently standing in my own power.

Just yesterday, I unconsciously succumbed to the pressure of writing this article in a manner that didn’t align with my natural style. Throughout the process, I felt a growing sense of annoyance, yet I persisted despite the misfit. It wasn’t until this morning, during my meditation session, that I allowed myself to truly listen to those feelings. They served as a reminder that I was falling into the same trap once again – prioritizing the voices of others over my own. I had forgotten the true purpose of my writing, drowned out by someone else’s opinions dictating what they believed I should write.

Discovering independence within your work sets off a profound chain reaction, unlocking new and exhilarating dimensions in every aspect of life. In my journey, taking the leap to start my own business in 2012 became the catalyst for transformative experiences. It empowered me to achieve physical fitness, cultivate a chosen family, and delve into activities I truly loved. The freedom of entrepreneurship allowed me to explore realms previously unattainable while operating under the rules of a traditional employer. Back then, I couldn’t have fathomed the extent of my accomplishments by simply following my own guidance instead of adhering to someone else’s playbook.

Work no longer feels like a constant struggle; it can be approached in a way that aligns with your inner wisdom. Let me be your guide in honing the invaluable skill of tuning in to the resounding voice within, eager to break free from its limitations and lead you toward a life overflowing with fulfillment and joy.

If you’re stuck in a job that no longer serves you, don’t hesitate to reach out. I offer transformative workshops and one-to-one coaching sessions designed to help you navigate your options and embrace a life of empowerment. Sign up for my free resources and stay informed about upcoming events by visiting: www.raylifecoaching.com/free-resources.

Ray Beyor, owner of RAY Life Coaching, provides her clients with resources and practices that clarify their values, set steps toward their purpose, and master confidence while facing fears with patience, compassion, and accountability. Ray’s training in attachment theory, codependency, yoga, meditation, polyamory, consent work, dance, and astrology is used to guide her clients into their authentic and abundant selves.

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