It’s Time to Reclaim Your Health

It’s Time to Reclaim Your Health

I hope the most important lesson we’ve learned from the past few years of uncertainty is the age-old saying, “health is wealth” – a lesson I’ve been hearing since I was too young to understand its importance. There are so many ways we normalize unhealthy living; it’s constantly advertised to us how it’s okay to not be okay. Yet, while things like obesity, high blood pressure, severe anxiety, gut imbalance, and sleep issues may be common, they are anything but normal.

Over the past decade, I have dedicated my life to healing from the inside out. At a young age, I realized no one was coming to save me. Most people’s biggest fears were my reality, and I certainly didn’t have a safety net to fall back on. The lessons that brought me to my knees also taught me to stand tall and made me brave enough to scream this from the rooftops—we are in control of our health, our bodies were made to heal, and we were made to thrive.

We can’t put a Band-Aid on a river and expect the water to stop flowing, just as we can’t hide an ache in our bodies and expect our bodies to heal. There’s a reason the river flows and there’s a reason our bodies ache, both are doing what they were designed to do. Just as the earth heals itself after a storm, flood, or fire, our bodies are designed to heal from toxins, pressure, or pain. The ache is a warning, a sign of healing, a sign to slow down, something society looks down upon these days.

Essential Oils for Healing
In my own personal healing journey, I boldly stepped into Eastern medicine, away from the norms of modern society. While sometimes Western medicine is necessary, it is often designed to keep you in the hamster wheel of coming back for more. The system I was used to, the one most of us are used to, was failing me. I needed a new solution in healing, and essential oils became my lifeline.

I dove deep into reading everything I could, meeting people around the world who found solace in plant medicine. From skin issues to ailments and discomfort, from cleaning our homes to gut health, the benefits of the chemical properties of plants through essential oils are never-ending. There isn’t a day that goes by that I’m not grateful for the consistent effect of the power of oils – it is through nature itself that we can reclaim our minds, bodies, and souls.

I have helped thousands of men, women, and children guide their way to healthier living. I have made it – and will continue to make it – my life’s purpose to help women find their inner strength to heal themselves and their families through hard work, discipline, and faith: faith in humanity, and faith in ourselves. It was my grandmother, born to immigrants in the great depression, who taught me what may be the most important lesson I’ll ever learn, a woman who lived with so much at times and at times with so little: Health is wealth.

The Science Behind the Oils
Do you want to learn more about the science behind essential oils and how they can be used to support your health and well-being? If so, I want to invite you to join me on June 3 for a special event in Berlin, CT.

This event will feature expert speakers and practitioners who will share their knowledge and expertise on natural health and wellness, including the science behind essential oils. You will learn how essential oils can be used to support your health, reduce stress, and promote relaxation.

If your goal is to become the healer in your home, we’d love to have you join us. There is no better time than now to reclaim your health. Let’s get back to our roots.

Kristen Yousef is a black belt Master in Taekwondo, an entrepreneur, a wife, and a mother. She has been coaching women to obtain financial independence through her experience as an oil distributor; has helped women, men, and children find their strength through self-defense and taekwondo; and has worked with hundreds of business owners to gain confidence by helping guide them to success.

Contact Kristen at 203.623.6833, masterkristenyousef@gmail.com, or visit: kristenyousef.com to learn more!