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Hypnosis: A Proven, No Diet, Weight Loss Solution

Hypnosis: A Proven, No Diet, Weight Loss Solution

Those long, cold, dreary days of winter are finally upon us again. The beautiful holiday lights have dimmed. The festive decorations removed. All the endless shopping seems such a long time ago. We enjoyed celebrations with loved ones and friends, indulging on delicious food and sharing conversation as the wine and bubbly flowed. The glittering ball of crystals began its descent signifying the beginning of a brand new year, a new beginning for us all. Resolutions were made but many, unfortunately, will soon be broken.

Like many, you may have promised yourself this would be the year! You vow to finally lose that unhealthy weight, to exercise more or really begin that new diet. Your intentions are good but life gets in the way. Your motivation to end the struggle to lose weight simply dissolves and fades away. Unfortunately, you are not alone.

Gain Control and Lose Weight with Hypnosis
There is good news for those who want to combat obesity, gain control and lose weight. Hypnosis is a natural, relaxing, easy and successful solution to finally lose weight without surgery, without deprivation and without dieting. You may be unhappy with your reflection in the mirror and the numbers on the scale but it may seem impossible to gather the willpower needed to lose weight. Cravings, emotional eating and portion sizes cause you to feel completely out of control. We promise we’ll really begin that “diet” on Monday but the sabotaging behavior continues and “dieting” doesn’t work. Sometimes it feels as if there is a good angel and a bad angel on your shoulder and the bad angel is in control!

Hypnosis can harness the power of your own mind to end weight loss sabotage and you can think yourself thin. Imagine, simply closing your eyes and relaxing as you listen to soft music and the gentle sound of the ocean as a trained Hypnotist guides you into deep and peaceful relaxation. In this day-dreamy state your subconscious mind can easily and naturally accept the positive suggestions for the changes you want to make. It may sound too good to be true but Hypnosis works!

Self-Sabotage and Emotional Eating
The subconscious mind is very much like a computer but it may be running old, defective or unwanted programs. Many have developed unhealthy relationships with food over the years. We eat when we’re sad, angry, lonely, stressed and even when happy. Many have developed the habit of overeating and using food to satisfy emotional issues. We’ve learned to use food as a drug to modify our feelings and emotions.

Consciously we try over and over again to stop that sabotaging behavior but fail miserably blaming ourselves for our lack of willpower. We diet and deprive ourselves and become more unhappy and many actually gain more weight. This habit can gain strength over the years to become an automatic response the subconscious uses to address any stressful situation. It’s not your fault.

Studies have shown that the subconscious mind manages over 90% of our behaviors. Logically, it doesn’t even make sense that we can change something on a conscious level when the subconscious is in charge. It’s obvious that simply using willpower is just not enough. Therefore, if you want to change a habit or modify behavior it can naturally and easily be changed by using Hypnosis.

What is Hypnosis?
Hypnosis is widely recognized by scientists and researchers as a very safe, natural and enjoyable state of deep physical and emotional relaxation. It is a well-established fact that hypnosis can be used as an effective tool for everything from weight loss, smoking cessation, behavior modification, success and motivation, healing and even pain control as well as many other issues. It can help to alleviate negative thoughts, feelings and beliefs as well as eliminate the emotional and psychological blockages preventing one from accomplishing personal goals. Hypnosis can finally end the old sabotaging behavior and help your mind work for you instead of against you. Hypnosis has the ability to help you stop the emotional eating and regain your willpower to eat consciously and healthfully so you can finally lose weight without deprivation.

Virtual Gastric Band Hypnosis
Traditional Therapeutic Hypnosis has been used very successfully for behavioral changes and weight loss for many years. However, the Virtual Gastric Band Hypnosis weight loss program was recently developed in Europe. This program gives the subconscious mind suggestions that the stomach is the size of a golf ball as if a gastric band were surgically installed. The suggestions prevent over-eating and encourage smaller portion sizes resulting in measurable reduction of body fat and inches. This technique is a safe and healthy alternative to weight loss surgery and is designed to replicate the effects, results and benefits of the gastric band, or bypass surgery, without going under the knife. Best of all there is no hospital stay, no diet and no deprivation.

Hypnosis, whether Traditional or Virtual Gastric Band, may very well be the solution for those in search of a natural and healthy method to lose their potentially unhealthy, excess weight. Hypnosis can naturally help people make better food choices and lose weight without the high cost, risks and side effects of invasive surgery. Hypnosis may just be the answer for those searching for a way to finally be in control of food choices and portion sizes without feeling deprived of favorite foods or dieting.

More than 93% of patients benefit from hypnosis after only 6 sessions. According to American Health Magazine, most clients only show a 72% recovery after 22 sessions of Behavior Therapy, and 38% recovery after 600 sessions of Psychoanalysis. Anyone who has made a personal commitment to change behaviors or improve their health understands how difficult it can be to introduce and continue positive improvements in today’s stressful and chaotic world. Hypnosis has proven to be an effective, safe method to create the healthy and positive changes needed to naturally lose weight, without dieting, without deprivation and without surgery. Hypnosis can naturally help empower you to overcome the mental or emotional obstacles preventing you from living life to its fullest.

Diane Bahr-Groth, CH, TFT-Adv, Director of Mind-Body Transformation Hypnosis Center in Stamford, CT with more than 28 years of experience in Mind-Body therapy, is a registered Consulting Hypnotist, certified by and a member of the National Guild of Hypnotists and certified in the Virtual Gastric Band Hypnosis Programtm, Thought Field Therapy™, and Advanced Thought Field Therapy. Diane specializes in fast, easy and effective holistic methods to help establish healthy eating, weight reduction, body sculpting, smoking cessation, stress reduction, pain reduction, success and motivation, sports performance, public speaking, fear and phobia elimination as well as assisting clients in effective life changing methods and programs. For more information call 203.595.0110 or go to: www.mindbodytransformation.com.