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How the Crystal Amethyst BioMat Saved My Back

August 26, 2020

It was typical for Adrienne not to sleep through the night, but one-night last December she woke with excruciating pain in her lower back and down her leg. Through many doctor’s visits and trips to the ER, she came to learn that she had experienced 3 bulging discs and 1 herniated disc in her lower back. As an Integrated Energy Therapist, Adrienne knew that the body can be the vessel to hold many unprocessed traumas and stress. She started tapping into all the holistic approaches she could research. One of the biggest shifts came when she was able to use the Crystal Amethyst BioMat. We spent time to sit with her and learn about her experience and all the benefits she gained from this healing modality.

Liz: Where did you find out about the BioMat in the first place?

Adrienne: I have a friend with a daughter with severe physical and mental challenges. She told me about the BioMat once because she said it was the only thing that could get her daughter to calm down during some of her outbursts. My friend also used the BioMat to help her reduce her own stress and anxiety while caring for her daughter.

Liz: How did you know it would help your back?

Adrienne: Knowing it was used for stress reduction, I started researching the BioMat on and learned that not only was this considered a certified medical grade device, but that it’s backed by science to alleviate inflammation and pain.

Liz: What did you experience after the first-time use?

Adrienne: I was excited to try it. Especially after all I had heard and read. At first it was impossible to lay flat on my back due to my sciatic pain, so I had to prop myself up with pillows. Even with all the props, I was still able to feel the heat penetrating into my lower back and legs. After laying on it for an hour I felt calm and my muscles felt much more relaxed.

Liz: Did you find the benefits lasted or did you need to keep using the BioMat?

Adrienne: I was surprised to realize that even the next day after having used the BioMat, more than 24 hours later, I still had the sensation of my muscles being less inflamed and in less pain.

Liz: So would you suggest people only use it one time?

Adrienne: The significant injury that I had really required a longer recovery plan. After daily use I credited it to helping increase my mobility and decrease the severity of the pain.

Liz: Now that you’ve had clients using it, what sort of feedback have you received?

Adrienne: Each client who has tried the Crystal Amethyst BioMat therapy has returned. They are finding relief both physically and mentally. Some find the biggest benefits to be an increased feeling of calm and being granted with more patience. These clients have come in with ailments of pain, anxiety, stress and even depression. One of the benefits of the BioMat is that it helps regulate the central nervous system. It gives you a renewed sense of being able to manage life.

Liz: What is one thing you would say to people who have never tried it?

Adrienne: Personally I was in a place where I had never experienced such pain and hope to never again. The BioMat is something I trust. It’s completely safe, the time you’re on it is customizable to your needs, and don’t just take my word for it, come experience for yourself.

Simply lying on the Crystal Amethyst BioMat promotes a feeling of well-being for a healthier mind and body. It Increases local circulation where applied, provides temporary relief of minor muscle and joint pain, and supports the immune system.

Just Be in Glastonbury/East Hartford is one of the only places in CT to offer this therapy. Just Be offers stress reliever and reflection bundles to pair the healing effects of the BioMat with that of Energy Work and Massage. We pride ourselves on our unique holistic modalities.

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