High-Vibration Foods for Your Best Life

High-Vibration Foods for Your Best Life

What does food mean to you? Is it a way to have fun, feed a need, bond with friends and family, learn about the world, or detoxify and lose weight? How often do you focus on food as a critical way to create the energy that will best serve you and your body, to give it the best fuel so you can create your best life—much the way you ensure that your car operates optimally with the proper oil and gas for long-term reliability?

Food, of course, is your body’s primary, essential, ongoing source of energy, and you become what you eat and absorb. It can be your body’s medicine or toxin. Ultimately, your diet, as one element of your lifestyle habits, contributes to how your future will unfold. Whether you regularly consume nutrient-dense, high-vibration foods or low-nutrient, low-energy, overcooked fast food, for example, will impact your mind and beliefs and whether you can create the life you desire. As your life unfolds, will you choose to live vibrantly or to struggle with weight management, anxiety, depression, insomnia, menopausal hormonal imbalances, fatigue, allergies, or degenerative diseases, including cancer?

What Is High-Vibration Food?
Vibrational energy exists in all living things and can be felt and measured. All food has an energy vibration, and eating high-vibration food raises your own vibration. High-vibration food can improve physical, mental, emotional, and spiritual well-being.

Foods with the highest energy vibrations are fresh, raw or minimally cooked, unprocessed, and organic (free of pesticides. They do not contain toxic additives like preservatives, artificial flavorings or sweeteners, high fructose corn syrup, other sugars, trans fats, or dyes.

They provide high levels of healthy nutrients like antioxidants, water, vitamins and minerals, fiber, and essential fatty acids and are low in simple carbohydrates, salt, and saturated fats.

Nutrient-dense, high-vibration foods include vegetables (cruciferous, dark green lettuces, herbs, sprouts, microgreens), wild-caught fish, organic chicken, and eggs (though some maintain that all animal-sourced foods are low-vibration), fermented foods (live probiotics), legumes, nuts and seeds, pure filtered water and teas, whole grains, spices (turmeric, ginger), and superfoods (spirulina, chlorella, tulsi, moringa, high cacao dark chocolate).

Physical, Mental, and Emotional Benefits of High-Vibration Foods
Long-term, regular consumption of high-vibration foods allows you to tap into their healing properties as they impact your body on the deepest cellular level. Studies have shown that they:

  • reduce pain and inflammation
  • support weight loss
  • reduce stress, depression, and anxiety
  • increase energy and promote restful sleep
  • improve digestion
  • support brain function, focus, and mental clarity
  • enhance immunity and prevent disease
  • balance hormones
  • detoxify

As they help raise the frequency of your energy, you can experience greater inner peace, love, joy, personal power, and emotional balance.

Spiritual Benefits of High-Vibration Foods
Your ability to connect to Spirit, your spirit guides, and angels is highly linked to the foods you consume. Scientific research has established that consuming high-vibration foods can:

  1. better connect you to the earth and your environment
  2. grant you access to higher states of consciousness
  3. enhance your self-awareness
  4. intensify meditation
  5. increase intuition

How to Use Food and Supplements to Map Your Best Life
Only you can decide what the rest of your life will look like, and the foods you consume will significantly determine your path.

No single dietary regimen works for everyone. When determining which long-term program will best promote your wellness and longevity, remember that all the program’s foods, even if high vibration, may not support you. Use a mindfulness journal to track what foods and fluids make you feel healthy/unhealthy, energized/tired, slender/bloated, happy/depressed, relaxed/tense, mentally sharp/foggy-headed, or strong/weak.

You will be most successful in modifying your diet if your adopted approach, followed and monitored in thirty-day increments, is affordable, convenient, easy to follow, satisfying (with a variety of exciting, tasty recipes), sensible and forgiving (everyone needs to cheat occasionally!), and sustainable long-term.

High-quality dietary supplements and essential oils can fill the gaps where diet modification and other healthy lifestyle choices don’t fully address health challenges. Dietary supplements are regulated as food and are relatively safe. Essential oils can be safely used topically and aromatically, and certain superior brands can be used internally.

Despite the general safety of natural therapies, remember that you, your body, and your life experiences are unique and that nutrition—specifically, the selection of supplements and essential oils—is complex and, therefore, NOT a do-it-yourself project. Many people make mistakes when choosing natural therapies based on internet research or guidance from friends, retail sales associates, or practitioners who are not well-versed in nutrition.

Working closely with a practitioner with a thorough understanding of the importance of high-energy foods will best ensure that your life will follow the healthiest path. Since food is not always a good way to address health concerns, expertise in developing therapeutic lifestyle change programs that include dietary supplements is also very supportive.

Submitted by Erika Dworkin, BCHN (Board Certified in Holistic Nutrition®), Wellness Guide and former owner of the Manchester Parkade Health Shoppe in Manchester, CT (www.cthealthshop.com), which operated for 65 years. To read more about this topic, contact Erika to get a copy of her chapter in the 25 practitioners’ collaborative book, The Energy Medicine Solution: Mind Blowing Results to Live Your Extraordinary Life.

All statements in this article are practice- or scientific evidence-based, and references are available upon request. The statements in this article have not been evaluated by the Food and Drug Administration, are for educational purposes only, and are not intended to take the place of a physician’s advice.

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