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Healing Through Mindfulness

Healing Through Mindfulness

We live in a constant state of forgetfulness. There is a floor beneath our feet, but we are rarely aware of its being there. Looking outside, we see the blue sky but do not acknowledge our eyes for the sight of it. When we hear the birds sing, we often do not consider the beautiful gift our ears bring us. How would we feel if we could no longer see the blue sky or hear the sound of birds?

As a Reiki Master Teacher, I often tell my students that Reiki is the foundation of healing. During Reiki, we become a channel of pure light. The luminous energy of the Universe flows through us and into our clients, realigning and removing energetic blocks of congestion, stress, and tension.

Being Mindul, Present, and Aware
If Reiki is the foundation of healing, mindfulness is most assuredly the fertile soil upon which that foundation is built. Our bodies are here, but our minds are very rarely where our bodies are. When we shift our attention from forgetfulness to awareness, we become more in tune with the thoughts and emotions that govern our lives.

Being present helps us create space from the guilt, grief, and shame of the past. We become free from the spinning thoughts and anxieties of the future. In this moment, we are safe. In this moment, nothing can happen to us that we cannot handle. In this moment, we are free, loved, and limitless.

Being mindful means being present. In “this moment,” we are able to become observers. We are often unaware of the seeds our thoughts and emotions are watering. When we slow down and focus on our thought patterns and emotions, we become more in tune with what is happening in the garden of our inner being.

Thoughts of invalidation and unworthiness are simply patterns learned from childhood traumas and unhealed wounds. These patterns replay over and over again until we decide to stop them from proliferating. Mindful observation allows us to decide not only to cease poisonous and destructive thought patterns but also to plant positive affirmations to assist us in growing toward our truest nature.

Embrace the Negative to Change for the Positive
If, when we are fearful, we hear ourselves saying, “I am a failure, I hate myself,” through mindfulness, we can catch those thoughts in the net of understanding and replace them with something more positive and helpful. “I am so grateful that I am aware that I am having this thought. I don’t have to think this anymore.”

Mindful living allows us to focus on our intentions so we can grow fruitful harvests instead of poisonous ones. It assists us in processing emotion, which is needed to maintain a healthy body. Emotions are like wind blowing through the branches of our being. If we are constantly full of storms, the body’s energy reserves grow depleted and fall into decline and exhaustion. By acknowledging and accepting difficult emotions, we are free to release them and reestablish much-needed peace within us.

Developing a mindfulness practice can unwind destructive thought patterns and harmful emotions, restoring health and wellness. This practice can take as little as five minutes a day (the time it takes to make coffee). By shining a light of awareness within, we experience the calm, peaceful acceptance that grows all around us.

Bringing mind and body together through mindful awareness has limitless benefits, including better sleep, less anxiety, a more positive outlook, and releasing difficult emotions.

The seeds planted through mindful thought and cultivated emotion grow beautiful harvests. By exiting the realm of forgetfulness and stepping into each moment more fully, the doorways to true health and wellness are unlocked and opened. Open your door today.

Erin Touponse is a Mystic Healing Reiki, is a Reiki Master/Teacher, Hypnotherapist, Pranic Healer, Tarot Scholar, and student of Shamanic studies. She is co-owner of The Blackbird House in Old Wethersfield and author of Soul’s Journey—A Practical Guide to Reading the Tarot. Her goal is to help you “awaken your inner healer.” Erin offers classes including Reiki, Tarot, and Master Healer Workshops.

Marcel Touponse is a Hypnotherapist, Sound Healer, Life Coach, and Tarot Reader. He co-owns The Blackbird House in Old Wethersfield and operates Blackbird Hypnosis. Marcel’s goal is to assist you in “becoming aligned with your mind.” He offers regular workshops on Self-Hypnosis and is available for small and large group tarot readings.