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Give Your Mind a Detox

February 27, 2019

When we talk about detox, we typically focus on just the physical body. What about the mental, emotional and spiritual bodies? Those need to be detoxed as well. Let’s take the mind for example. The mind is virtually unlimited in its capacity, but for all of us there seems to be a lot of old garbage in its vast storehouse.

We know that every thought, whether in word or image form, affects our emotional body and in turn elicits a physical response on one level or another, whether we’re aware of it or not. What if we could clear our minds of all those old unwanted thoughts and memories so that they would be clean and have more capacity for new, more pleasant and positive thoughts, which in turn, would have a more positive effect on our overall state of health?

We don’t let our kitchen garbage go unemptied for weeks or months at time. Most of us appreciate a clean home environment, and yet most of us haven’t cleaned our mental, emotional or energy bodies in years, possibly decades or ever for that matter. Physical detox is all the rage. We even clean old data and programming out of our computers, but not ourselves. For most of us our mental, emotional and energy bodies look like the interior of a hoarder’s home.

Some folks might argue that we need all those memories. What would we do without them, who would we be without them? How could we protect ourselves from the same thing happening again if we didn’t remember the “danger” in the first place? I’m going to argue to the contrary. I don’t think we need all those old thoughts, antiquated beliefs or painful memories. I think we need to understand what lessons we were intended to learn from them, carry that learning forward and leave the rest behind.

Let’s face it; much of what we thought or believed was not original to us. They were things that people told us, or things we read in books or saw in movies, essentially the opinions of others that in many cases became our unquestioned beliefs. Other mind clutter takes the form of misperceptions or misunderstanding and distorted thinking that has gotten warped when it passed through the filters of our perception. It also includes other peoples’ stuff; their stories, their conflicts, their fears. It’s like having 10 or 20 other peoples’ possessions cluttering the rooms of our home. And those fears, instead of protecting us from that fearful event happening again, actually act like magnets instead of deflectors as we’d hoped.

I worked for almost a year on a protocol designed to detox our other bodies, tested it on myself and noticed immediately that I felt mentally lighter, like the weight of the world had been lifted. My heart felt lighter, my thinking became clearer; I could easily identify my priorities, my memory improved. I had more energy and the ability to stay more grounded and centered vs. letting life’s challenges throw me off balance. I could laugh more easily and take life and myself a little less seriously – and best of all, I felt much more efficient and productive. In short, the results were better than I expected, and I’ve been getting great feedback from clients who’ve been through the process as well.

Some folks have been a bit on the timid side about the process saying, “I don’t want to know what’s there. What if I bump into something that’s upsetting?” And I say, that is totally your prerogative, but you need to remember that whatever you bump into, it’s over and you’ve obviously survived it because you’re here. Whatever it is, it’s safe to explore – and if your subconscious mind, which is your protective mind, doesn’t feel that it’s the time for you to be aware of it – it will either tuck it back into the recesses of your mind or throw it out without your having to be aware of its content.

In my opinion, which is based on 18 years of experience, it’s far better to take a look inside, and with the help of the powerful subconscious mind, decide what no longer serves you and clean it out so that it’s not rotting somewhere in your being and causing dis-ease on other levels. You might even be surprised, as I was, and find that you start to clean your house, your garage, and your yard. Clean inside and out.

   Here’s what one client had to say:

“You made the whole process feel so easy and safe, and I’m nothing short of amazed at how I feel. Number one I feel physically 20 pounds lighter. I feel much happier; I’m calmer with my children, my husband and my coworkers. I feel so much more positive and like I can handle what I need to handle without getting all stressed out and tied in knots. I wish I had known about this decades ago.”
~ Sarah, from Guilford

Lisa Zaccheo, MA, BCH, BC, is the owner, lead hypnotist and hypnosis instructor at Mind Matters Hypnosis Centers in Guilford and West Hartford. She is Board Certified by the National Guild of Hypnotists and has numerous additional certifications in all aspects of hypnosis and the subconscious. In addition, she’s a best-selling author of “Free Your Genius, a sought-after lecturer and high-level Executive HypnoCoach. For more information or to schedule an appointment, lecture, workshop or receive training, call Mind Matters Hypnosis Center at (860) 693-6448 or visit:

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